Solar Powered 24" Prelit Winterberry Wreath

Solar Powered 24" Prelit Winterberry Wreath
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Make the season bright--without the hassle of extension cords, wires, or outlets. Designed with red winterberries and pinecones and decked with 50 ultra-bright white lights, this solar-powered wreath glows merrily when placed in nearly direct sunlight. Consider it a Christmas gift to yourself!

  • Includes wreath, LED light strand, rechargeable NiMH batteries, solar cell/electronics box, mounting brackets, and instructions
  • Stays lit for eight to 16 hours
  • Built-in light sensor turns on/off automatically
  • LEDs rated at over 100,000 hours
  • Measures 6"D x 24"Diam
  • Made in China

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Lovely! Although I have not yet tried the solar lighting feature, this graceful wreath is designed beautifully. The few berries that might fall off during shipping is not a concern at all. I am looking forward to using it in a paneled den. 05-27-09
Beautiful but This wreath is beautiful but if you bought it because of the solar light feature you are in for a big disappointment. I read the negative reviews and the positive ones which suggested replacing the batteries before use with new ones. This is what I intended to do when I ordered 7 wreaths and 2 matching garlands. Unfortunately I have NOT been able to remove the screws in the battery casing so I CANNOT change the batteries. The lights are blue not clear and bright. Also as reported previously the berries fall off with the slightest handling of the wreath and some of the leaves look blatantly artificial and unattractive. I plan to return this purchase for a refund. Even at a clearance price, it is not worth the cost. 11-28-08
poor quality I hated this wreath I Just got so busy and didn't send it back. It's quality poor, lights were so faint could hardly see, hated the blue tint, didn't go with the rest of my lights, the berries fell off. I just didn't like the wreath. I would not recommend it. Sorry Lisa 01-14-08
It Does Work!! This wreath is wonderful for my front door. I have had no trouble with it staying lit throughout the night. It also looks beautiful during the daytime. The LED lights are not as bright as regular lights, but the slightly bluish color look fantastic with my other decorations which have regular bright white lights. If anyone is having trouble with other light interference, they need to tape over the sensor and the wreath will stay lit. I am thinking of buying two more to replace my other wreaths that are beginning to show wear. Oh by the way I live in RI and you can't get more Northeast than that. 12-09-07
Batteries Just a thought on Charging the Batteries, Charge them in a AA Battery Charger BEFORE you install them in the the wreath. I do this with all my solar landscape lights at the beginning of each summer season and have no problems with them here in NE Ohio. 12-07-07
Poor Design The lights on my wreath are dim, too. My front door is southern exposure, so it gets the most light available to charge the solar battery. But, I also have a city street light in front of my house that apparently interferes with the wreath lights. Having the light sensor and the solar panel in the same box makes no sense to me. You have to place the solar panel in a location to get the best daylight, but the directions also say to place the light sensor out of any porch or street light. That's pretty much impossible to follow both instructions when they refer to the same 3" box. 12-05-07
Disappointed I, too, am very disappointed with this wreath! Don't get me wrong, the wreath is beautiful and very full, but the lights are extremely dim. My neighbor (across the street) keeps asking me when will she be able to see the wreath lit up!!! The funny part is that I live in SOUTH FLORIDA and we have had plenty of natural sunlight, but, still the lights are dim, small and not what I expected. 11-29-07
Product needs reinvented The presentation of this product on the show indicated this solar panel would work with bright sunshine or ambient light exposure (which is exactly what you get in this region of the Northeast). It sounded great! The directions that come with the product say otherwise and the directions are right-it only works with bright sun exposure and at that the longest it worked for was 2 hours after a full day of exposure. If there is ambient light we might see pale light flickering which looks blue with the LED lights. Also, any miscellaneous light at night can interfere with the function and shut the wreath off. Another review indicates that the batteries can be replaced and the wreath will function but why should you have to incur additional expense on a brand new product? Maybe this works great in a sunnier state but skip it for these mostly cloudy Pennsylvania regions. 11-29-07
Great Purchase These really do work without any hassle of searching for an electric outlet or setting timers. After charging, if the lights are still not bright, all you need to do is REPLACE the solar batteries that came with your solar product. Kudos to the developers who finally designed a solar Christmas product that works and saves time, effort and money. They are beautiful and really do work !!! 08-28-07
issues with solar regardless of how much sun you get - often what you have to do is get a 150 watt halogen bulb and sit it RIGHT NEXT to solar cell for several hours. Esentially charging it. This can also be the case even with new batteries. I don't know why... but it works. It's just sometimes what it takes to get them going. Before I did it, mine hardly glowed at all, and if so, only for very brief periods. Now they work fine and have done for many months! 08-25-07
Solar Powered Wreath I thought this was a great idea! Solar powered wreath - No Cords - WOW! Unfortunately the lights are very dim eventhough I have had it charging in the sun for three days now. If direct sunlight can't give it a good charge I worry that cloudy Ohio days throughout winter will cause it to not light. I would have liked to see brighter and stonger bulbs so you can see them lit. I am very disappointed as I bought two - one for me and one for a gift. They will be returned unless someone can offer any suggestions on how to make these bulbs brighter. Do you charge them in the "off" or "on" position on the switch? 08-11-07
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