Slatkin & Co. Set of 3 Gourmet Triple Wick 14.5oz. Candles

Slatkin & Co. Set of 3 Gourmet Triple Wick 14.5oz. Candles
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Welcome the decadent aromas of favorite sweets into your home. This set of three gourmet scent triple-wick candles is a guilt-free treat to enjoy all year long. With the fragrant aromas of creamy nutmeg, vanilla shortbread, and kitchen spice wafting through your home, you may never want to leave. From Slatkin & Co. Home Fragrance.

  • Includes three triple-wick candles in clear glass containers with metal lids
  • Creamy nutmeg: blend of ground nutmeg, vanilla pralines, and dark rum scents
  • Vanilla shortbread: blend of Madagascar vanilla, sugar cane, cinnamon, yellow cake, nutmeg, and sweet cream scents
  • Kitchen spice: blend of nutmeg, allspice, and caramel scents
  • Burn time is approximately 40 to 65 hours each
  • Glass made in China; Candles made in USA

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Reviews & Community QA

H168102 - Slatkin & Co. Set of 3 Gourmet Triple Wick 14.5 oz Candles 2.8 5 38 38
What happened to Slatkin? I have purchased many Slatkin products and am not at all thrilled with the last order. The triple wick candles are not the same quality I have to come to expect from Slatkin! The candle wicks don't seem to burn correctly and smoke in the beginning with a very poor flame after that initial flare up! What has happened to Slatkin quality control? 01-16-12
disappointed fan I regularly burn Slatkin candles bought from Bath & Body Works and haven't had a complaint with any of them. However, with this 3 pc set, so far, the 2 I've tried to burn, are hard keep lit and have little to no scent. Also, the wicks do not "bulb" up when extinguished either and in this set the wax makes 3 pools and doesn't completely melt like all the other Slatkin candles. I just burned the store bought Kitchen Spice that smelled great and had no trouble getting it to stay lit. I'll see how the QVC Kitchen Spice burns... I am so disappointed...these barely burn and smell like cheap one note candles which is uncharacteristic for any Slatkin product. 10-18-11
Would Never Order Again I am very disappointed with these candles. The smell is not very strong and the wicks are a pain to keep burning. Sometimes having 3 wicks is NOT an advantage!! Will never order again and will be returning these to QVC...waste of money and time!! 10-09-11
winner please bring these wonderful scented candles back. I love them and everyone that visits wants to take one home with them. They are great. 10-02-11
Wicks Have Problems Love the scents of these candles, but, unfortunately, you have to "work" with the wicks to make them keep burning. They certainly don't burn as shown on TV. 09-27-11
Only Slatkin for me! I'm a candle lover, especially those with a wonderful scent that I can really notice all over the house. The only ones I've found over the years is Slatkin candles. The scents are so wonderful, and they do fill my entire house! They also look pretty while they're burning, especially those with three wicks. I had the same trouble as others when I first bought them. I trimmed the wicks, and of course, I discovered that they wouldn't stay lit. But then I discovered that if you just let them burn, and leave them alone, they will always light the next time. I am now enjoying these fall scents, and have had no trouble. If I want to buy candles, I buy only Slatkin. The others just don't make the grade when it comes to giving you the wonderful scents you truly want. 09-10-11
great candles, if you know how to burn them I wasn't sure if I should get these after reading the negative reviews, but I love fall/baking scents and thought I'd try them. I am very, very happy with this set. I am burning kitchen spice right now and my whole house smells like I've been baking all day. Some important tips on how to burn these candles successfully: Do Not trim the wicks. I know, that's what we all do with our Yankees, etc, but you do not need to with these. Also, with any candle, you can't light them and then blow them out soon after because this creates a well in the wax. Once you have a well, you have ruined your candle and the only way to salvage it is to use a warmer if you have one. The general rule is to burn for one hour for each inch of diameter of the mouth if the jar. With these being triple wicks which burn hotter, you won't need one hour per inch, instead I would say one hour or so at least each time you burn it. Any less and you will have a well and the melting wax will snuff out your candle. Get these and enjoy, I would even order these a second time. 09-03-11
Love These Gourmet Candles!!! I also read all of the reviews. And I resisted trimming the wick! They burn fabulously! Very evenly and what great scents!! I let the wicks burn with that little blue flame and the wax melts releasing wonderful aromas from the oil! Just remember to not trim the wicks, even on the first burn! 09-01-11
LOVELY FRAGRANCE, POOR WICKS The way this candle is designed, as the wax melts it snuffs out the wicks very quickly once you have a bi tof wax in the jar.I have to keep blowing the one wick that may still be left burning out, drain the wax and relight all three wicks.. Nuisance! That said, I do love the fragrances. to bad. 09-01-11
Wicked Wicks I just got my Candles yesterday and iam having problems with the Wicks! they burn for a short time and then they become submerged in wax and you have to blow them out, let them harden and then light again, Why is this problem happening? these candles are suppose to be top of the line, i disagree. Now i will have to spend close to 15 dollars to return them, but i WILL NOT put up with poor quality. The smell is very good, please fix your Wicks. 08-24-11
PLEASE DO NOT TRIM WICKS! I keep reading all of these reviews complaining about the wicks, but Harry Slatkin advises in every show NOT TO TRIM THE WICKS, which is why the wicks are drowning in melted wax. These candles smell incredible and burn very evenly, but you can't trim the wicks, even though most candle manufacturers advise you to do so.l 08-23-11
Lovely candles......but They made me sneeze! They are now on my porch where I light them at night and in open air. 05-30-11