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Enter the new, effortless-cleaning era when you steer this lightweight upright vacuum across your floors. The versatile vac is paired with Lift Away, a detachable canister, for whole-house cleaning. Best of all, the flexible system is designed for no loss of suction as you move from room to room, reaching under furniture and up to ceiling fans. A large capacity dust cup that empties from the bottom captures dust, dirt, and debris and frees you from purchasing vacuum bags. From Shark.

  • Includes vacuum with removable Lift Away canister, 11" crevice tool, dust brush, turbo brush, large particle bare floor nozzle, and dust kit
  • Quiet motor
  • Powerful suction
  • Motorized brush
  • Swivel steering
  • HEPA system reduces allergens
  • Measures 47"H
  • ETL listed; 5-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China


General Information

Q: Why is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away better than traditional vacuums?
The Shark Navigator Lift-Away offers a superior cleaning experience with true "Never Loses Suction" technology in an ultra-lightweight and steerable upright vacuum, and at an affordable price. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away features a unique detachable canister and an ultra-quiet system that allows you to clean anywhere, anytime. The Premium tools include an interchangeable hard-floor nozzle for large and small particles and a variety of tools that provide superior pet hair pickup.

Q: What's the story and technology behind "Never Loses Suction"?
Other vacuums use filters or bags that clog and lose suction. Shark Navigator features a large-capacity dust cup design with patented technology that spins air at high speed keeping dirt and dust away from the filters so it never loses suction. Over time, the filters stay cleaner longer, resulting in steady suction and airflow. This means the vacuum maintains its suction power so you never lose cleaning power.

Q: What are lifetime belt and filters?
These parts last the life of the product and are covered under normal use for the warranty period:

"Lifetime Belt" — Shark Navigator's intelligent electronic system will shut off the power nozzle motor to avoid belt wear if you block the brush roll with a large object such as a sock or carpet edge. Simply turn off the power, remove the obstruction, and then return to vacuuming — with no belt maintenance or replacement costs to worry about!

"Lifetime Filters" — Shark Navigator's filter system will last the life of your vacuum, with minimal maintenance and zero replacement costs.

Technical Information

Q: What is the total cord length?
25' power cord.

Q: What is the weight of the vacuum?
Only 12.8 lbs (full unit); 7.5 lbs (canister alone).

Q: What are the dimensions of the vacuum?
45.2"H x 11.4"W x 12.4"D.

Q: What is the vacuum made of?
The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is produced with a combination of durable ABS and PP plastics, along with some metal and rubber components.

Q: Does the Shark Navigator Lift-Away come in multiple colors?
It comes in Shark's signature cleaning system color, lavender.

Q: Where is the product manufactured?
The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is manufactured by our high-quality vacuum manufacturing partners in China.

Q: What is maximum dirt capacity for the NV350 dust cup container?
The dust cup holds 1.2 dry quarts (to the fill line) and 3.0 dry quarts (real usable capacity). It has an easy, bottom-empty design for quick removal of debris.


Q: What accessories come with the Navigator Lift-Away?
Shark Navigator Lift-Away is a No Loss of Suction upright vacuum with cleaning attachment for all of your vacuuming needs:
(1) Bare Floor Nozzle is ideal for hard-floor cleaning and great at picking up large amounts of debris quickly and effortlessly. Low-profile, clear front design allows you to easily access any area and to see all the dirt and particles being sucked up.
(1) Dusting Mop removes dust from hard floors, furniture, ceiling fans, blinds, and other delicate surfaces.
(1) 11" Crevice Tool for reaching deep into narrow spaces and cleaning between cushions, under radiators, baseboards, and in hard-to-reach crevices and corners.
(1) Dusting Brush with soft bristles to gently dust shelves, televisions, lamp shades, window blinds, books, furniture, and other upholstered household items.
(1) Accessory Tool Holder designed to hold the 5.5" crevice tool and dusting brush and provide quick access to these tools while vacuuming and cleaning around the house.
(1) Premium Large Turbo Brush for fast and easy removal of pet hair and ground-in dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.
(1) HEPA Filter with Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology traps over 99.99% of dirt and allergens inside the vacuum, not into the air you breathe.

Q: What is included in the Dusting Kit?
The Dusting Kit is a dusting mop and vacuum in one. It includes a dusting head with a removable microfiber pad and extension wand which connect onto the handle of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away. The duster is the perfect way to capture and remove small debris from all those hard-to-reach areas such as around table legs and chairs. Its swiveling head makes it easy to maneuver on hard surfaces such as wood floors, ceramic tile, and stone floors. The duster is also ideal for dusting high areas such as light fixtures, the tops of furniture, ceiling fan paddles, blinds, etc. The removable microfiber pad is made of durable polyester and is designed to last through many washings. Cleaning the pad is easy. Simply pull the hook-and-loop pad away from the duster head and wash pad by hand or in washing machine.

Note: Do not use bleach or fabric softeners on the dusting pad as this can degrade the material over time and shorten the life of the dusting pad.

Q: Where can I purchase new filters or replacement parts?
You can purchase replacement parts and other accessories on sharkclean.com or through customer service at 1-800-798-7398.

Q: What is the Warranty Coverage?
EURO-PRO Operating LLC warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of (5) years from the date of the original purchase, when utilized for normal household use, subject to the following conditions, exclusions, and exceptions. If your appliance fails to operate properly while in use under normal household conditions within the warranty period, return the complete appliance and accessories, freight prepaid. Return contact details are included in the Instruction Booklet shipped with the Shark Navigator Lift-Away as well as on the product website sharkclean.com.

Using the Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Q: How do I turn the power on?
Turn the power switch to the "I" for bare floors and above floor cleaning or "II" for brush roll on carpets. The "O" position is off. You may move the power switch from "II" to "I" position to disengage the brush roll.

Q: What is the "Bare Floor" setting and when should it be used?
Use the bare floor setting when you are on delicate carpets or hard floor surfaces. It's also the setting to use for above-floor cleaning.

Q: What is the "Brush Roll" setting and when should it be used?
Use the brush roll setting when you want to deep clean your carpets as well as when you want to pick up hairs, pet fur, and fibers.

Detachable Canister Mode

Q: How do I use the detachable canister mode to clean floors?
This cleaning mode is a lightweight alternative to vacuuming floors in traditional upright mode. It also gives the flexibility to quickly and easily vacuum under low clearance furniture. Separate the detachable canister from the floor nozzle, remove the extension wand from the vacuum, and then reattach the wand directly onto the desired floor nozzle. Vacuum the floors while you carry the detachable canister around the house with the other hand.

Note: Either floor nozzle can be used in detachable canister mode to clean floors; however, the rotating brush on the Motorized Floor Brush Nozzle will not spin in this mode.

Q: How do I attach/remove the floor nozzle?
Place the floor nozzle on a level surface, align the tube of the floor nozzle with the tube on the detachable canister, and lower until you hear the two pieces click into place. When attaching the motorized floor brush, ensure that the latching mechanism is fully locked in place to ensure electrical connection has been made.

Q: How do I use the detachable canister mode to clean "above floors"?
This cleaning mode allows you to use your vacuum anywhere. Simply remove the canister, then remove the handle or handle with extension wand, add the desired tool onto the end, and begin cleaning. Hold the handle in one hand while you carry the detachable canister around the house with the other hand.

Q: How do I detach the canister to clean "above floors"?
From upright vacuum mode, first remove the cord in cord clip, depress the floor nozzle release button on the bottom side of the canister, gently step on the floor nozzle as you hold the handle on top of the canister, and lift it away. Next, remove the handle or handle with extension wand, add the desired tool onto the end, and begin cleaning. Hold the handle in one hand while you carry the detachable canister around the house with the other hand.

Q: How do I remove the handle to clean "above floors"?
Remove cord in cord clip first, then press the extension wand release button halfway down the backbone of the vacuum, gently pull up on the handle to remove the wand, add the desired tool to end of the wand, and begin cleaning.

Q: How do I remove the extension wand to clean "above floors"?
Press the handle release button, gently pull up on the handle to remove from extension wand, add the desired tool, and begin cleaning.


Q: Which tools store onboard the Shark Navigator Lift-Away?
The Shark Navigator Lift-Away was designed to hold the short crevice tool and dusting brush onboard the vacuum so you have quick access to these at your fingertips. A specially designed accessory tool holder keeps these on the extension wand of the vacuum. The other tools can be stored in the accessory bag included with this unit (on certain models only).

Q: How do I attach the accessory tool holder and store the onboard tools?
With the handle removed from the extension wand, align the rib on the top back of the extension wand with the groove on the accessory holder and slide the accessory holder over the extension wand. Press down until it locks in place. Install the handle back on the extension wand. Install the upholstery brush on the top post of the accessory holder, and then slide the crevice tool (either 5.5" or 11") up onto the bottom post below the upholstery brush.

Q: What is suction release and when should I adjust it?
Due to the tremendous suction of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum, the suction release feature has been added to allow you to adjust the amount of suction to optimize push and pull on high-pile carpets and area rugs. For instance, if you're cleaning a small area rug and it is being pulled up by the floor nozzle, simply turn the suction release collar located at the base of the handle to the right to release excess air from the unit. This will lower the amount of suction at the floor nozzle making it easier to push and pull the vacuum over the area while still getting your carpets clean. When you need maximum suction or when using the turbo brush, ensure the suction release collar is turned all the way to the left. It is recommended that you use this suction release on small area rugs and delicate fabrics.

Care and Use

Q: How do I remove the dust cup?
To remove the dust cup, undo the latches on the sides of the dust cup by lifting them up and outwards. Pull dust cup up and away from the motor housing.

Note: The dust cup should be emptied each time you vacuum and periodically during cleaning, when the dust cup appears full.

Q: How do I empty the dust cup?
Hold the dust cup over the trash and press the bottom door release button. Tap gently to empty contents. Press the door shut again until it clicks. If needed, turn the dust cup upside down over the trash and press the top door release button. Tap gently to remove contents or wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Q: How often do I have to clean the dust cup and filters to optimize performance?
Dust cup: Empty when the dirt reaches the MAX FILL line.
Pre-motor Foam Filters: Under normal usage rinse and air dry (for 24 hours) every 3 months.
Pre-motor Felt Filter: Under normal usage rinse and air dry (for 24 hours) every 3 months.
Post-motor HEPA filter: Under normal usage, rinse and air dry once every 2 years or as needed.

Q: How often should I wash the filters?
For optimal performance, wash pre-motor foam and felt filters every 3 months under normal use. For optimal performance on the post-motor HEPA filter, wash and air dry once every two years or as needed.

Q: How do I wash the filters?
Rinse filters under running tap water until the water runs clear. Squeeze filters and let air dry for 24 hours before replacing. Do not wash in dishwasher or washing machine.

Q: How do I clean the pre-motor filters?
Remove the dust cup, pull the two filters out from the top of the motor housing, rinse the filters thoroughly in lukewarm water until the water runs clear, squeeze out excess water, and let air-dry for at least 24 hours before replacing. To replace, put the felt filter in first, then add the foam filter.

Q: How do I clean the post-motor filters?
HEPA filter: Remove the filter cover from the front of the vacuum by pulling up on the tab and pulling the cover away from the vacuum. Take out the HEPA filter by pulling it straight out, turn the filter over so that the dirty side is on the bottom, and vigorously tap it clean against a trash can to remove any dust. Wash the filter under the tap using lukewarm water with the dirty side face down until the water runs clear. Allow the filter to air dry for 24 hours. Once the HEPA filter is dry, replace it back into the vacuum, and then replace the cover by inserting the two tabs into the holes at the top and then swinging the cover down until it clicks into place.

Trouble Shooting

Q: How do I know when the filters need to be cleaned?
Vacuum is not picking up dirt, or airflow is restricted, or if you notice lighter or no suction.

Q: What if my vacuums' airflow is restricted?
Possible solutions: 1. Check for blockages; see Checking for Blockages in Instruction Manual. 2. Check attachments for suction strength; clear blockages, as required. 3. Clean the dust cup and the filters.

Q: How do I check for blockages?
Dust cup air duct:

  • Stand vacuum into upright position.
  • Remove dust cup assembly and empty dust cup, if necessary.
  • Disconnect the super stretch hose.
  • Check air duct behind dust cup for clogs; clear before replacing dust cup assembly.
Intake opening behind the brush roll:
  • Lay the vacuum flat to expose brush roll.
  • Check opening behind the brush roll for clogs.
  • Clear the opening.
  • Clear the brush roll; use scissors to carefully cut away threads, hair, or other debris that might be trapped in the bristles.
Floor power nozzle hose connector:
  • Lay vacuum flat.
  • Remove nozzle hose and check for clogs.
  • Push the hose connector back onto the floor power nozzle.
  • Stand vacuum upright.
  • Remove hose from both the unit and cleaning wand end.
  • Inspect both ends and the length of the hose for clogs.
  • Return the hose to the unit.

Q: What if my vacuum is not picking up dirt?
Possible solutions:
1. Check and clean the dust cup.
2. Check and clean the foam filters.
3. If the dust cup and filter don't require cleaning, check for blockages; see Checking for Blockages.

Q: What if my vacuum pushes scatter rugs (lightweight, movable rugs) on Power Switch position "II – Brush roll on"?
Possible solutions:
1. Move power switch setting to position "I – suction only" to disengage the brush roll.
2. Open the suction release.

Q: What if my brush roll does not turn on?
Possible solutions:
1. Make sure the nozzle is flat against the floor and the handle is tilted back.
2. Select Power Switch position "II – brush roll on."
3. If red light is illuminated on the floor power nozzle, see Checking for Blockages.
4. Remove any excess hair that has wrapped around the brush roll. Carefully cut anything wound around the rotating brush with scissors. Avoid damaging or cutting the bristles.
5. Check that the nozzle release button is locked in place making the electrical connection complete.

NOTE: In canister mode, the brush roll will not turn on.

Q: What if my vacuum will not turn on?
Possible solutions:
1. Check to see if plugged in properly.
2. Check circuit breaker/fuse.
3. Check On/Off switch.
If vacuum still does not run, see Resetting the Motor Thermostat.

Q: What if my vacuum turns off on its own?
Possible solution:
Motor Thermostat needs to be reset; see Resetting the Motor Thermostat.

Q: How do I reset the Motor Thermostat?
To reset the Motor Thermostat:
1. Move the Power Button to the "O – Off" position.
2. Unplug the vacuum.
3. Check for clogged hose or filter; unclog hose and replace filter. Refer to Checking for Blockages.
4. Wait 45 minutes for vacuum to cool; then plug in the vacuum.
5. Turn the power switch to the "I – On" position to start the vacuum.

Note: If vacuum still does not start, contact Customer Service at 1-800-798-7398.

Information provided by Shark.

About Shark

About Shark®

Shark® is one of several housecare brands developed by Euro-Pro Operating LLC. Euro-Pro is a pioneer in innovative cleaning solutions and small household appliances with the goal of giving today's busy consumer better and more efficient products that fit their lifestyle. By providing appliances that are not only highly functional but also innovative, Euro-Pro has rapidly carved out a significant market share in the house\wares industry, becoming one of the leading companies in this sector. From cutting-edge, chemical-free steam mops to state of the art kitchen appliances, Euro-Pro products bring relief to the daily chores of consumers, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life. Euro-Pro also markets products under the Shark®, Ninja® and Euro-Pro® brand names.

Euro-Pro's roots in home appliances date back more than a century, originating in Europe, then moving to Canada before finally settling in Newton, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

Mark Rosen, CEO of Euro-Pro, is the third generation of his family to lead the company and is passionate about developing innovative, effective products that are also a good value. Mark is familiar to many from his frequent appearances on television demonstrating first-hand the quality and efficiency of Shark® products.

Filling a gap in the industry, Shark® strives to provide easy-to-use, innovative solutions for fast cleaning of life's daily messes. Some of the company's most successful products are the Shark® line of Sweepers which have revolutionized the way consumers' clean messes in their kitchens and other areas of the house. These lightweight sweepers pick up what vacuums can't, from soggy food to glass, replacing the need for bulky, heavy vacuums on a daily basis.

Today, Shark® is recognized as the market leader and pioneer of steam-cleaning technology with its introduction of the wildly popular Shark® Steam Mop, a powerful steam cleaning tool that replaces the need for harsh chemicals. According to the National Environmental Trust (NET), chemical household cleaners rank among the top five products containing neurotoxins, carcinogens and reproductive or developmental toxins. Euro-Pro has taken on a leadership position in making alternative cleaning solutions available to consumers, eliminating the need for harmful toxins.

Euro-Pro prides itself on innovation, ease of use and competitive pricing.

Information supplied by Shark

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V30952 - Shark Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum with Accessories 4.7 5 448 448
5 Months I loved my vacuum. Had it 5 months and it just quit working, couldn't turn it on. QVC was so helpful though! Gave me the number to Shark to help troubleshoot. Nothing helped though :( 03-30-13
Shark This is an awesome investment. Wish they still had this product available, I would buy one for my mother. I can't believe the powerful vacuum suction. I give this product a 5 star rating for sure! 02-27-13
Incredibly powerful! Can't live without!! Wow oh wow...do I love my Shark. In fact it is so easy and fun to use that my husband actually vacuumed tonight! Ladies-I was in shock. Watching the amount of dust/dirt that this machine can conjure out of seemingly clean carpet is a miracle to behold. A bonus was getting all of these neato accessories! I'm hooked and so is the family. Thanks QVC! 01-25-13
Excellent Purchase This is an affordable version of the more expensive vacuum we all know. I have both and for the money this little vacuum is very powerful and designed well. My only suggestion is on the extender wand would be to make it a little more flexible . When you get it completely extended it turns the vacuum over. 01-20-13
I love this vacuum clearer I have purchased so many vacuum clear this the best please don't hesitate purchase it You Will love it my family do .......... 01-19-13
Dirt cup dilema - more work not less! I rarely leave a review of a product, but I felt it necessary for this one. I really don't understand the overwhelming 4 & 5 star reviews of this product. Yes, it was fairly easy to assemble, but really top heavy and would fall over easily. No, it wasn't hard to steer, but the cleaning path was only about 10" wide. I bought this because of pet hair. I need an excellent product to pick up after my three cats. The pet accessory was supposed to be great on stairs and furniture. I found that I not only had to keep emptying the dirt cup, but I had to clean the roller brush too. On the postive side it never lost suction, and it did pick up even the smallest particles of dirt - only to puff them back into the air in a cloud when the dirt was emptied into the trash can. I'd say wrap a trash bag around the dirt cup before you empty it, but that sort of defeats the purpose of bagless doesn't it?? Overall too much work with the extra dusting, vacuum roller 'de-hairing,' and awkwardness of the machine. 01-13-13
Disappointing This vacuum has great suction and really cleaned up after my other vacuum. I did the "test" of vacuuming with mine first and then following up with the new Shark and was amazed at how much dirt and pet hair was picked up after I thought I had cleaned. BUT, this vacuum has a top-heavy problem and is constantly tipping over and slamming to the floor. Also, the handle becomes very heavy when you are using the attachments in the hand-held mode particularly when doing overhead jobs like ceiling fans and ceilings. It is going back. I'm glad I got this during the holiday extended return policy because it really gave me the chance to give it a good trial. If Shark comes out with a different design that addresses my issues I would purchase another Shark because it does an exceptional job in the suction department, but I can't live with the tipping problem and the heaviness issue. 01-11-13
AWESOME!!!!! I am completely in love with this powerful but lightweight Vaccum"!!!. It works wonderful and I am so glad i got it when I did. The suction control makes this vacuum easy to handle and it's small enough to store. I love the fact that it swivels. Great investment!!!! 01-10-13
Best Vac I've ever owned!! Our hoover went and we needed to purchase a new vacuum and heard about the shark. After reading reviews online we decided to purchase this model. One person said they got two canisters full of dirt on the first run. We didn't believe it but tonight we were proved wrong. We were all disgusted how much dirt was in our new carpet. I will never own a different vacuum and highly recommend it to anyone. 01-07-13
Fantastic I never write reviews but when we received this item I found I had too. We have been using the Dyson Animal for the past 6 years....this Shark, at much less money beat the Dyson Hands down. We have a pet which means lots of hair....this picked up all the visible hair plus what had been pressed down into the carpet over time. Great product and worth twice the price. 01-06-13
AMAZING! I've had this vacuum for over a month. It's just amazing. I have a 5' x 8' black and white rug that attracts every piece of lint that flies through the air. Usually, it takes about eight minutes to remove all the white flecks from the black border. The Shark had the entire thing clean in less than forty seconds while simultaneously pulling up at least a quarter cup of sand that was, unknown to me, embedded in the carpet! The rug looks as good as when I first purchased it eleven years ago. I just can't say enough about the performance of this product. I'll never again be without one! 01-06-13
A MUST BUY!!!!! Purchased thus product last week and just received it today. This was the best investment I could have made. If you want a vac with a powerful suction, then this is a must buy. 01-02-13

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