Set of 5 Talk-to-Me Treat Ball Dog Treats

Set of 5 Talk-to-Me Treat Ball Dog Treats
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Talk-to-Me Treats are the perfect size for your pet's Talk-to-Me Treat Ball. A nutritionally superior recipe helps clean teeth and freshen breath with a great taste that dogs can't resist. Low in fat and high in protein, the treats have no by-products, artificial flavors, or colors. This kit includes five 4-oz bags of bone-shaped Talk-to-Me treats.

Ingredients: wheat gluten, glycerin, natural flavor, powered cellulose, mono and diglycerides, titanium dioxide, parsley, dill weed, spearmint, and sodium metabisulfite.

Made in USA.
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M9295 - Set of 5 Talk-to-Me Treat Ball Dog Treats 4.5 5 15 15
The Best Dog Treat This is my review , these treats are great , my puppy loves these , I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE NOT CARRYING THESE ANYMORE! My puppy will be so sad . 03-30-10
Crazy for them! My dogs go crazy for these treats - they act like cats do when they get cat nip! I don't know what is in them, but they sure love them! 01-22-10
Love 'Em My dogs love these treats, they get them multiple times a day. They've turned away from other treats, but never these. 12-02-09
My doggies loved these, and they had nicer breath! I got a small pack of these with a talk to me glow ball QVC had a few years ago. The toy was a nice ideal, but they didn't like it. They DID like these treats though- a lot! They aren't big on most treats I've given them, but these were a hit. The treats also give them a little hit of breath freshening, which I loved. These are worth a try if your dogs are picky towards most meat treats for sure. I couldn't find them anywhere else! 12-02-09
BEST TREATS EVER!!! My Yorkie won't eat anything but these treats.They keep his breath nice and easy to take with you in car.....I got them from pet store for couple years and was told they stopped making them...BUT QVC was there and came through for me...THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH for restocking these. Please don't ever stop!! 11-15-09
CAN'T be without these!! Like most of the others..... PLEASE!!! and I'm down on my knees, don't EVER discontinue these again!! I looked all over to find someplace that carried these and I FINALLY did, but it was A BEAUTIFUL DAY when they showed up again on QVC! My little Yorkie thought he was being punished for something. These precious little guys can't speak for themselves, but I know what he was thinking----------- "*&^%$#@#$#$%^%$---I WANT MY TREATS"!!!!!!!!!!! 03-21-09
Would not eat! My Yorkies will not eat them at all. I got them to put in the Talk to Me Treat ball and both items leave my pets cold. Big disappointment! 03-14-09
bad purchase I couldn't wait to surprise my little one with a new treat, but I was surprised that he didn't get excited at all! he sniffed... tasted... and that was it! I cant get him to eat them... m.mora of O'side CA 03-12-09
The Best Treats...EVER! I have a Maltese dog and he goes crazy over these treats!! It's like he's addicted to them. I can get him to do anything for them..ha! ha! At one point I came back to reorder and they were not offered, I couldn't believe it! QVC...please keep these stocked! I usually order two sets at a time. As much as he loves these....its a definite plus that they make his breath fresh smelling :) Thank you for this excellent product. 01-29-09
Back for More! I have now ordered three sets of treats, so that tells you something! My dog goes crazy for these in her Talk-to Me treat ball. I tried something different from the store after I ran out of the first set, but there was no comparsion and my dog didn't want anything to do with them. That is why I ordered two sets at one time the second time around, to make sure I have plenty on hand! 01-16-09
My Dog's Favorite Treat My little dog was "addicted" to these little treats. I purchased them along with the ball and each time I filled it with five or six treats, she retrieved all the treats out of the ball and begged for more. Then I was so dissapointed, and so was she, when we could no longer find them on QVC. I tried substitutes from the pet store but they weren't the same. Please QVC keep these in stock! 11-16-08
Thanks QVC! I found these once for my Chihuahua, then had trouble finding it again..much to my pup's disappointment. She'd eat almost any treat, but she loves these to distraction. They're each very small, but I still break them in two, so she thinks she's scamming me. So glad to be able to get these delivered...please-never discontinue them! 04-04-08