Set of 3 Magnetic Decorative Eyeglass Holders

Set of 3 Magnetic Decorative Eyeglass Holders
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This unique set of magnetic eyeglass holders includes three decorative designs that look like beautiful brooches though they have a more useful purpose. Thanks to a strong magnet, the fancy holders can be placed on your clothing without tearing the fabric. Simply hang your glasses from the ring and you'll never have to search for them again!

  • Includes heart-shaped magnetic holder, circle magnetic holder, and flower-shaped magnetic holder
  • Not safe for children or those with pacemakers
  • Measures 2-1/4"L
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

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A DISAPPOINTMENT these do not hold on with the magnet. I really wanted this to work out but it did not. I sent it back 02-17-09
GREAT IDEA I purchased these eyeglass holders because I was getting tired of looking for my glasses when I needed them. Unlike other comments, I found the magnets to be strong enough, but I am using on Tee shirts and blouses. The holders are not made to use on a sweater or jacket. 12-10-08
I Like The Concept The eyeglass holders are beautiful to see, and I thought the concept was wonderful, but the magnet is not strong enough to hold together unless you wear something very lightweight. 12-02-08
maybe as pins I was looking for the eye glass holder. I previously purchased them from Linda Dano and they were pins. Worked beautifully, still use it. I think these would work better if they were pins also. I have been searching to buy more. My boss wanted one! Maybe could make some in unisex. After the reviews, I would not purchase this item. 11-18-08
Poor Purchase I too found the magnets too weak for holding glasses and everything just slid down the front of my shirt. I think the idea is great but needs a much stronger magnet. I have'nt decided if I'll return because I have creative ideas and may find a different use for these. 11-18-08
dont waste your money!! the magnets dont stay in place...I lost the magnet, several times!! 11-18-08
WEAK MAGNETS I value reviews on products as it helps guide me when making a purchase. Loved the idea but found that the magnets are very weak and DON'T hold on to any fabric. I would save my money but hope some day the product is improved as the look and concept are great! 11-18-08
Magnet useless Like most other writers it was not long before I realized this was not going to work. As long as you are not putting glasses on or taking them off the ring, the magnet works ok, but that kind of defeats the purpose right? I too found the magnet in my bra within seconds and I also thought this would be a great gift idea for my mother and sister . . . NOT! Because the purchase was only $19.00 I don't know if it is really worth sending them back. They would be so useful if not for the weak magnets. Maybe I will be lucky and find another magnet that will work instead of the ones that came with the purchase, maybe not. For these reasons, I recommend no one else make this purchase. 11-17-08
Don't even bother I wore it just in the house for about 5 minutes before my eyeglasses fell to the floor and the magnet into my bra. I thought they would be great gifts for the other women I work with who use reading glasses so I bought 2 sets. They went right back the next day. I should have read the reviews first. What a waste. 11-15-08
Cute Idea; Poor execution As someone who doesn't need to wear their glasses all the time..only when I want to see, lol but seriously I thought this would be a great alternative to those necklace/cords that you would hook your glasses onto. You know what I mean, right ladies? I won't wear those and thought these eyeglass holders were just what I was looking for. As previous reviewers stated, the magnet is not strong enough for me to feel secure hanging my glasses on. On thinner clothing the weight pulls your blouse and makes it all look unattractive. Save your money, these were a great idea, but they just don't work Back they go! 11-13-08
Weak magnets I bought this product hoping for a solution to always misplacing my glasses, and hoping to give one away as a gift, but unfortunately, the magnets were not as strong as they should be. When I used one of these holders while wearing a thin-weight sweater, the inside magnet fell off every time with minimal body movement. I will have to return these and hope they can be made better with stronger magnets. 11-13-08
Poor magnets I just received these and will have to return. Magnets will not hold. 11-13-08