Set of 2 Addalock Portable Steel Door Locks with Travel Pouches

Set of 2 Addalock Portable Steel Door Locks with Travel Pouches
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Installed and removed in mere seconds on almost any hinged door that opens inwards, these portable locks work in conjunction with a door's existing lock for added peace of mind. They adjust to almost any door thickness and are ideal for travelers or college students. From Addalock.

  • Includes two portable door locks and two travel pouches
  • Chrome-plated carbon steel
  • Made in China

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V28867 - Set of 2 Addalock Portable Steel Door Locks w/ Travel Pouches 4.9 5 14 14
Great product I travel alot. As a single woman traveling, it is nice to have the extra security of an additional lock for my hotel door that no one can open. It is very easy to use, easy to lock and unlock. Lightweight and easy to pack. TSA has even questioned me about what it was. When I told them what it was, they asked where I got it so they could get one! 11-21-10
Discontinued?? This is the best little lock that anyone would hope to have to add to door when you are inside your home! They are wonderful! Why would you discontinue them? GET THEM BACK! 02-13-10
5 STARS IS NOT ENOUGH I purchased this product a few years ago and loved how it works. The security it gives you is great. I have given this as gifts to family members and they all said WHERE DID YOU GET THIS, I WANT ANOTHER ONE. I agree with other reviews, this lock is like fort knox! At one point qvc was not selling this anymore. I wrote and asked them to please bring this back. I'm glad it came back. I have purchased more. When you first use this practice a few times to get the hang of, after that you won't want to be without it. 01-19-10
One of My Favorite Purchases This is one of the best things I have ever bought on QVC. I've looked for it on .com but couldn't remember what it was called, so I couldn't find it. My side door leads to the basement stairway landing. The stairs go down to the basement ('natch) and up to an inside door leading to the kitchen. I have always felt that this kitchen door was vulnerable. Ever since I put this lock on the door, I feel as if it is the safest in the house. Now that the baby birds have flown the nest and I am alone in the house, I wanted another one to keep in my bedroom in case, God forbid, I heard an intruder in the house. This would keep me safe in my room while I called 911. I am SO happy I found it again! 01-12-10
Really works I have ordered several sets over the last 3 or 4 years and have one in each suitcase. Also one on my two unsecured doors and really am happpy to have found them. If you are thinking about these, you should be sure to practice using them a few times until you can load and unload them in a hurry incase you need to get out fast . 12-21-09
Best Security Ever!!!! I purchased this from QVC TV when they first came out and used it when I traveled. Keeps your hotel room secure without fear of someone walking in. Then, I visited the QVC Outlet and bought more. Right now in my home, they are on every door, including the garage door. It is like Fort Knox!!!! I was afraid inside but when I locked myself out, we could no way break in. That made me feel secure. The locks work. I used them when I lived in an apartment and didn't want maintenance knocking quickly and just walking in. If you live alone, it is well worth the piece of mind. I am ready to buy another set and have it dropped shipped today to someone today. What a great gift for someone - The gift of safety!!! THANK YOU QVC AND ADDALOCK~ 12-17-09
Ordering more These are the most convenient locks that provide security and peace of mind of anyone's safety. I had my brother (a police officer) look and judge the lock himself and he was amazed. I'm ordering a set for my niece who shares an apartment with other college women. She's not able to a fix any permanent security lock on the door so these would be perfect! I take them along when I travel. I used to count on my big dog for security but since he passed away, these make me feel safe. I would highly recommend. BUT.....in tight places where you have a wall right next to the door, it can be tricky to get it in there unless you have small hands, double jointed or can manuever your hand in. Also, the chain broke off quite easily but it still works fine. 12-15-09
I just ordered my third set! These are great for making sure your doors are secure! I have been traveling with these for over a year to make sure my hotel doors were secure but I never thought of using them at home until our friend showed me how eazy it was to get into my own home when I locked myself out! Now I use them at home every night too! 11-05-09
So worth getting I have had the add a lock for a few years now. they work great. You feel so safe with them on your door's. So easy to use. I'm so happy they still have them. 10-29-09
Great Product This is a great product for safty and protection. I would recommened this product for anyonr looking to be safer while at home or even at motels,etc. It would be great if someone ever breaks in your home while you were there. You could run into another room, attach the Add A Lock, and be safer. And QVC prices are really good. 10-16-09
Peace of Mind !!! I love these. I have two sets and I'm ordering my third. Our house is all windows and doors in the back and then an added sunroom with threes doors, so I need them. When I got these I put them on without reading directions and even locked my 19-year-old son out one night with his door key in hand. He couldn't get in!!! Ha!! They really give me some peace of mind when I lay down. I think it would take some racket to get through these. I wish they made them for windows or something similar. Thank you so much QVC!! Awesome product and I would highly recommend to anyone. 10-15-09
Not for My Old House My home was built in 1936 and still has the beautiful original front door as well as many other original doors throughout the house. I thought these portable locks would be added security on the front and basement door, more for peace of mind than anything else since the doors are sturdy and already have substantial locks. Sadly, the portable locks do not fit. The locking mechanism in both the outside and inside older door is too large to pass through the opening in the portable lock. (That's the reason for the three star rating.) The back door has a newer lock and it fits and works just great there. I like the idea for travel, so will keep them because they all contained in a neat package ready for the trip. They will probably work well in most places, just maybe not a historic B&B. 10-08-09