Scrape-A-Round Set of 4 Cone-Shaped Ice Scrapers

Scrape-A-Round Set of 4 Cone-Shaped Ice Scrapers
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Who knew ice cream wasn't the only thing a cone was good for? These cone-shaped ice scrapers are brave enough for the toughest of winters. Just place the cone against your car windshield and move it in a circular motion to remove ice, frost, and snow with incredible ease.

  • Includes four cone-shaped ice scrapers
  • Flexible; can be used in any direction
  • Measurements: Cone 4"H x 5-1/2"Diam; Cap 3/4"H x 2-1/8"Diam
  • Made in USA

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What an excellent innovation! These things are excellent and break through ice and frost like nothing else I've used in the past. I highly recommend them! You get 4 cones and 4 tops in the box, and the tops snap right into place. I found that I didn't need the top part as the round scraper "bit" right through thick frost/ice. I encourage others to purchase this product...you won't go back to a flat scraper ever again! 02-28-09
Missing parts I purchased this product twice and both times the large round section that scrapes the ice was missing. I received the cones and the small end cap. I was very disappointed when I wanted to use it on my icy windshield. 02-19-09
Wonderful I purchased these for my family as stocker stuffers. My 18 year old son looked at me like "oh, another gadget Mom bought"! Anyway, yesterday he came home from school and told me that he was sorry he didn't try this sooner. He is out of the house 7am and he said this got the ice off his car so quickly and efficiently! He then text message his sister and told her to take the ice scraper off her dresser and to use it...."it's one of the best things Mom has bought"! Maybe next time they will all listen to the wisdom of Mom! Thank you QVC for a great product! 01-31-09
it really works! Hubby laughed himself off of the couch when I told him what this was. I gave these as stocking stuffers to most of the family, and they all thought it was a "dumb idea". We finally are geting winter weather, and what do you know, they all are amazed at how well they work! Don't hesitate to try these. For those of us with some manual dexterity challenges, I think it is easier to grip than a scraper with a handle, you have more control on a slippery surface, and I think it takes less effort to clean the window. Plus they are great to give to the "hard to buy for" people in your lives. 01-27-09
This is a WINNER! I live in SW Ohio and we've been getting some ice and snow. I saw these on QVC and thought, "They can't work that well in real ice & snow". I ordered them just to try; I am SOOO happy I did. I've got some arthritis in my hands and holding onto a regular scraper or brush is not always easy, but my Scrape-A-Round is easier to hold and use, even with ice! Very simple but a great product. 01-15-09
You Won't Believe It!!! My b-i-l gave me my first Scrape-A-Round in 1999. I have used it ever since, and have fought off total strangers who wanted to use it - oh, but you can't trust anybody around your Scrape-a-Round. I had no idea they were still even being made. It makes mincemeat out of all the ice & snow here in central Indiana - and since there was no website listed on the old, almost-completely-worn-off sticker, I thought I'd forever be stealing it back from my husband who stole it from me, of course. From the teeniest glaze of frost to the thickest ice & everything in between, the Scrape-A-Round gets it quick and with hardly any fuss! I couldn't believe, not only that I could even find them again, but that here they are on QVC. This should be your product of the decade!!!! 01-12-09
WORKS GREAT Living in the Buffalo area and experiencing a couple of days of freezing rain I put this item to the test. Use the small spiked end to make a break in the ice and wow does this clear everything fast. I gave these as stocking stuffers and will buy more for gifts. I think I might add a coffee shop gift card, or hand warmer packets to make it a bigger gift but these are great! 01-08-09
Absolutely Amazing I am a fool when it comes to new items that seem useful, so I purchased these for myself, family and friends. I used this for the 1st time today & am surprised that they work as well as indicated in the video presentation. I am buying more for the people in my life.This product has my vote!! 01-07-09
My Friend Loves It I gave the scraper as a stocking stuffer to my friend. I told her that it was a revolutionary new ice scraper that she would love. She asked me if I had used, and we both burst out laughing when I said no! (She knows that I am a sucker for gadgets and gizmos.) But, I assured her that I had read reviews and other people loved it. She, of course, didn't think it was going to work. The next morning, her car was covered in ice so she reluctantly decided to use it, but kept her old scraper as back up -- back up she was sure she was going to need. Low and behold, she said it worked great! It got the ice off her car much, much faster than any other scraper she had ever used. She actually called to thank me for it. So, now that I know it works, I can't wait to use it myself! 12-28-08
Awesome Ice Scrapers I purchased these at a craft show 2 years ago and gave them to family and friends. At first my family and friends just gave me a weird look, but the first time they used these they were sold. They scrape so much better than the traditional ice scraper. These scrapers go right through the ice on your windshield in one swipe and they do not scratch the window at all. It makes clearing your windshield of ice a lot easier and faster. The nice bonus is that the spiked cap on the end can be used for breaking really thick ice or it can be removed and the scraper can be used as a funnel. 12-18-08
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