Savvy Caddy Slim Design Identity Protection Leather Wallet

Savvy Caddy Slim Design Identity Protection Leather Wallet
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Be safe when you're out with this identity protection leather wallet. Security flaps cover up to 16 credit cards when they're not in use, shielding them from prying eyes. The patented design--which holds cards like a photo album--makes all your plastic easy to see and retrieve. From Savvy Caddy.

  • Flexible design for comfort when carried in back pocket
  • Measures approximately 5-1/4"W x 4"H x 1/2"D
  • Body 100% leather; lining 100% polyester
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

A92372 - Savvy Caddy Slim Design Identity Protection Leather Wallet 3.8 5 13 13
Rating of billfold I find the billfold too wide. It is very hard to remove from the back pocket. Would return it if it is permitted. 12-10-11
It's About Time! That's what my husband said after using this wallet. He was able to put all of his credit cards in and it's still very comfortable. He likes the privacy covers, too. I can't get him to add any cash in there, though. He still uses a leather money clip which is wearing out (hey, QVC, work on that, okay?) but he likes having cash in a separate place. I can't get him to change a lifetime of behavior. 08-12-11
Husband loves it Got it for my husband for Christmas and he loves it. He says it is so comfortable in his pocket. It is so soft. He did have to prune down and leave out 5 cards that he was carrying but they were shopping cards anyway so no loss. We went to see family for Christmas on 5 hour drive and shortly after we start the trip he usually has to take his wallet outnof his pocket because it is uncomfortable to sit on it for extended time. Not this time. He even commented on how comfortable it is. I am thinking I need to order another one in case something happens to this one since he loves it so much and he is so picky. 12-31-10
Big Money - Big Bills I received this wallet yesterday. Not what I expected. It DOES NOT HOLD CREDIT CARDS. At least the one I received does not. The size will accommodate larger foreign paper money. The design is good. The quality of the leather is good. Yes, it is soft. However, this new batch must have been manufactured by a different company than the ones from 2009. Reviews from 2009 were high. Reviews from 2010 are not so high. I really like the concept, not the finished product so much. Would send it back, but the hassle is not worth it. 11-03-10
Nice Wallet This wallet is well made and the size is nice if you need something this size. I would prefer that there be only 1 leather cover for the cards. This would do away with more of the thickness. Overall a nice wallet. 09-13-10
Great Idea! I bought this wallet for my husband for Christmas. He had always complained about the big knot in his pocket from regular wallets and how he hated sitting on them. He looked at it and I could tell he didn't think he'd like it at first. I told him to try it for a few days and see what he thinks. Well now he loves it. You can't even see it in his pocket and he said it is much more comfortable to sit on his wallet now. He asked me to order him another just in case QVC stopped carrying the wallet. He does not want to go back to the hard rock wallet. 01-08-10
A Bottom Saver! My father suffers from a lot of siatic problems due to his bulky wallet that he has carried around for years. When I got this wallet in the mail I laughed and thought that I was going to send it back. It was so big. However, I gave it a shot and it turns out to be one of his favorite presents. He forgets that his wallet is even in his pocket he says. He said that this wallet is really comfortable and a winner gift. So glad I did not return it. For thsoe who are unsure about giving it because of the size...give it anyways...you will be loved! 01-04-10
Recommend with reservations I didn't realize how BIG this wallet was. I know my husband would not like the size of this. No matter how soft or supple the leather may be, I know his taste, and he'd be turned off by the larger-than-normal wallet dimensions. The inside security flaps are also not anything that he'd be especially in need of. So, long story short, if you need a LARGE wallet with security flaps as two important features, then go for it. This wallet just wasn't what I was looking for. I bought another wallet for him for Xmas and will be returning this one. 12-25-09
Who designed this "Loser"? I need input from you other reviewers. I must have received a defective wallet or else I'm missing something. The leather is indeed soft and supple and actually does fit in a man's back pocket. BUT CREDIT CARDS DO NOT FIT INTO THE CREDIT CARD SLOTS (AND AS FAR AS I CAN SEE THERE ARE ONLY ENOUGH SLOTS FOR 8 CARDS). HELP!!! This would be the perfect wallet for someone who doesn't carry credit cards!!! 12-15-09
Best wallet I have ever had I can't believe how comfortable this wallet is. I don't even know I have it in my back pocket. I carry a large amount of bank, gas and credit cards with me, as I travel a lot. It always was uncomfortable to sit on my wallet with the cards in them. Some cards would even begin to bend over time. This wallet keeps them flat all the time in my pocket. I only wish they had one with an extra sleeve for cards, totaling 24. It was just a few slots short for all my cards. It still is the best I have ever seen. I would love to know if they come out with one that has an extra row of sleeves in it. 12-04-09
Incredible Men's Wallet--FINALLY "This is a great men's wallet that doesn't look bulky in your pants pockets. Also it contains plenty of pockets similar to a front type checkbook where women could usually enclose all their pertinent, frequently used cards. When I saw that the pockets actually are flexible so as not to bend cards and NOT have the magnetic strips rub together and thus some deactivate themselves, I KNEW this was the wallet for me. I had previously spent over $100 for designer wallets that would only hold some many card and then the wallet would just bulk up. WELL, I ordered two, just in case I fill up one of them. I recommend this wallet to all guys, who either want to carry the wallet in their back pocket, or preferably the front pocket (because it is easier to feel if someone tries to pickpocket you.). Guys and Ladies, buy this wallet for yourselves or your spouse. AND if QVC offers this again in an enhanced version then will buy that also and give my old one to my sons. Thanks." 12-03-09
Great Wallet! I bought this wallet for my husband and he loves it! I holds a ton of cards and is not really thick like his old wallet. Now, for the first time, my husband actually smiles about his wallet instead of complaining about it. I'm planning on getting one for my Dad and son for Christmas. 11-20-09