Samsung T301 TracFone with 1,000 Minutes Car Charger and More

Samsung T301 TracFone with 1,000 Minutes Car Charger and More
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Stay on the line. Whether chatting with friends, coworkers, or that special someone, the T301 TracFone slider mobile phone allows you keep the conversation going for longer thanks to an included 1000-minutes of airtime, good for one year, as well as texting and photo messaging capabilities.

Best of all? You simply pay as you go, with no contracts or commitments to sign! And whenever you purchase more airtime, you'll receive double the minutes from TracFone--for life! So, forget about those inflated monthly bills and enjoy double the chatting, texting, and messaging whenever you need it! From Samsung.

To use your included airtime minutes, please see Activation Instructions above.

Access to and use of the Internet may require payment of a separate fee to an Internet Service Provider, DSL line, or more.

Use of Bluetooth Wireless Technology requires Bluetooth software and Bluetooth-compatible accessories. Additional accessories may be required.

  • Includes T301 TracFone, one-year/1000s minutes of TracFone airtime, car charger, wall charger, lithium-ion battery, case, and manual
  • Voicemail/Call Waiting/Caller ID capabilities
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Hands-free speakerphone
  • Phonebook with 100 entries
  • MMS picture and text messaging
  • VGA camera
  • Color display
  • TracFone Airtime Balance display
  • 20 polyphonic ringtones
  • Downloadable ringtones
  • Vibrating alert
  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator, stopwatch functions
  • Keypad lock
  • M-3 hearing aid compatibility rating
  • GSM technology provided on the TracFone network
  • Up to four hours of talk time/up to 14 days of standby time on full charge
  • Measures approximately 3-7/8"L x 2"W x 1/2"D
  • UL listed AC charger; 90-day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

E167163 - Samsung T301 TracFone with 1,000 Minutes,Car Charger & More 3.5 5 42 42
Really good deal I got two of these. Easy to set up. It's like getting the phone for free because the minutes are worth the price.IT DOES HAVE A SPEAKERPHONE. Just hit the OK BUTTON when you are on the call. Not the best if you're a big tester, but other than that great phone for the price. 07-16-11
Defective Phone After 3 months of losing most of my calls, I finally tried to reach Tracfone to have the phone replaced, and I was on hold for over 30 minues with their customer support. After almost losing it, they said they would send me a phone to replace this one that would give me "the best signal coverage" in my area. After waiting 4 days for the phone, I opened the package and they sent me the same exact phone. After calling QVC's customer service (which is the best ever) they were so helpful, and gave me a full credit for this purchase. Tracfone is definitely not a carrier or product I would ever consider again......back to AT&T for me...........along with their equipment., Thank you QVC for your great customer service.............. 07-16-11
Excellant Phone & Plan I purchased two of these phones. Had no problem transferring our numbers from other provider. Had no problem with activation or getting started with the promotional minutes. Just, FYI if you are transferring your number from another provider you will need a new SIM card other then the one that comes with the phone. Other then that it was fast and no problem. Phone works just as good as other phones we've had. 07-10-11
It is what it is! After reading the reviews, it seemed like folks either love it or hate it. I saw this special last year and waited until now to purchase. Transferring the number was said to take 7-10 days and only took me 10 minutes. That part is incredible. The call center and poor english speaking support not so good. Have only used phone slightly and sound quality isn't perfect. I am just looking forward to not having that $100 per month bill for two phones with minutes we didn't use. This is one of those items where it is what it is. If you are willing to go through some hassles, you can save money. If you are an avid texter or phone user, it isn't for you. Time is money and great service costs. 05-27-11
Fantastic Purchase I purchased two of these phones in April. My husband & I have not had any problems activating them, or using them thus far. There is one exception...you must be careful not to hit the "browser" button (located in a bad place) or you will use minutes you didn't intend to use. You catch on to that error fast! I would recommend these phones. It's great not having a large monthly cell phone bill and contract committment. Try it for 30 days! It's worth it!! And they will double your minutes? What's not to like? 05-20-11
Poor customer service, expensive to use I did a lot of research before purchasing this phone and still erred. Sound quality is good, but the readability of the display, especially the text, is below average and not adjustable other than to change the text size. There are few options for customizing the display. No speakerphone. With the volume on high, it can still be not quite loud enough in some situations. It gets tiresome having to scroll through menus to use your Contacts. If you make a lot of calls, a touch screen would be better. No keyboard, so texting is also tedious. Camera quality okay, but needs sufficient external light. Customer service at TracFone is extremely poor. The call center is not located in the U.S., and everyone has an accent, plus there is a lot of noise in the background making it even harder to understand. Email messages simply refer you to the call center, so no help there. Problems using the web page are referred to the same call center. If you want to use this phone a lot, Tracfone is more expensive than several other national prepaid plans. However, this phone does make international calls, while not all prepaid phones do. 05-18-11
So easy to set up "GREAT BUY" Received my TracFone today.I dont understand where people are getting this is so hard to program and receive minutes.That's probably because they didn't read the instructions properly.I activated my phone no problem and added the 1000 minutes and received them within in hour.Thanks QVC for offering this great product.I would recommend this to everyone looking at this phone.Have a great day! I'm off to enjoy my Brand New TracFone.... 05-10-11
YES,! YES! BUY THIS PHONE! Buy this phone if you are like me and only need to make a few calls a week or for emergencies! VERY EASY TO SET UP IF YOU FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! It tells you step by step in the welcome guide. STEP 1 - I went online to tracfone to get my new phone activated and phone number (serial number is on the red activation card,they will ask you for this number) STEP 2 -called the number they give you to add your promotional minutes (I called after 10 pm) MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR PACKING SLIP! THEY WILL ASK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER NUMBER! within 20 min i had my minutes and service days left! So if you don't need one of those fancy phones with the high phone bills,this is great! 05-10-11
Pros and Cons This will be less costly than our previous contract phone. I like the double minutes feature. I bought two--1 set up within a few minutes, the other took a few hours. We had to contact our previous carrier to get a password in order to keep our numbers--too complicated. Minutes are deducted when you set up voice mail, and when you hit the browser--just trying to figure out how the phone works costs minutes. Customer service is bad--it sounded like there were 100 people talking at the same time--had to yell to get him to hear me. If you don't use a cell phone too much and want to save money, this may be a good deal--time will tell. 05-09-11
Noooooo DO NOT BUY!! This purchase has been the most frustrating, stressful and disheartening I have experienced. 6-8weeks later still have not received the 1,000 minutes. 05-07-11
NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!! I have been shopping at qvc for over 20 years , without a doubt worst purchase ever. i made over 9 phone calls and still my phone is not working , of course they managed to shut off my att phone with no problem ,that was four days ago but still no tracfone ;( . BITTER, YOU BET !!!! phones have come along way in the past 10 years , not this one i feel like im back in the 80" wearing toes socks . sorry to rant , this is my first review, Save yourself hours of grief , keep your cell phone, give up coffee or magazines or gum ! 05-07-11
PHONE UP AND RUNNING First I activated the phone online... Very Easy... But, since I already had a Tracfone with lots of minutes, I had to then call Tracfone to get those minutes transfered.. Now I called late at night (11pm) and did not have a long wait time and once I talked to someone, it only took 10 minutes to transfer my time left.. He asked if I wanted to also transfer my old phone number but since I only use my phone to talk to a few people, I just kept the new number.. Goodness, easy to find YOUR new number! Then I called the Wireless Center to get my 1000 promotion minutes... That was all automated but it did say to KEEP YOUR PHONE ON until you receive the minutes.. Couldnt believe that 10 minutes later, while I was exploring the phone, my new minutes popped up along with a year before it expires... Think I like the slider phone better than my flip phone. If they still have this deal next year, I will just get another phone.. In all, cheaper than buying a years worth of time from tracfone! I dont use a cell phone much so this is perfect for me.. I dont text either! 05-03-11