Samsung S390 Prepaid Tracfone 3G WiFi, 1350 Min

Samsung S390 Prepaid Tracfone 3G WiFi, 1350 Min
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What makes the Samsung S390 Tracfone special? Not only is this phone capable of text and picture messaging, but it also offers mobile Internet access so you can surf the Web when you're on the move.

What can it do for me? When you're driving or your hands are full, the Bluetooth technology is sure to help out. You pay for the service up front, and with this package, you get 90 days of service/1,350 total minutes to use--but, you also get triple minutes for the life of the phone, which means you gain two additional minutes for every single minute you purchase!

What's in the box? Samsung S390 Tracfone, colored skin, car charger, 1,350 minutes/90 days of service, and triple minutes for life. From Samsung.

Wireless capability may require a network connection, additional accessories, and/or a service connection fee.

Use of Bluetooth technology may require Bluetooth software and compatible accessories.

  • Includes Samsung S390 Tracfone, colored skin, car charger, 1,350 minutes/90 days of service, and triple minutes for life
  • Text and picture messaging
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • MP3 player
  • Mobile Internet access
  • Measures 4-1/2"H x 2-3/8"W
  • UL listed charger; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

Samsung S390 Prepaid Tracfone 3G WiFi, 1350 Min 3.1 5 17 17
Love this phone!! Had an LG 840 that drove me mad, sent it back and dug this old phone out of a drawer,had a new sim sent to me,number ported, no problems, NEVER has this phone dialed 911 or ANY number by itself. I can be BLAZING FAST with txting. Simple,browser DOES eat up the minutes so I don't use it,have a P.C. at home. But I do wish Tracfone would update smart phone selection as this is my only choice for prepaid except for Verizon who want a 125.00 deposit. 11-23-13
Randomly dials 911 This phone has called 911 three times. I don't have it saved in contacts....and the screen unlocks randomly. Today it went on line and used over 300 minutes before I saw it was on. So now I am out of minutes!!!!!!! 11-22-13
No more contracts...EVER!! After 6+ years with AT&T, I bought out my contract and bought a Tracfone. I spend, on average, about $10 every three months for my phone now as opposed to bills sometimes as high as $130 a month with a contract. I feel comfortable recommending Tracfone. If you need to call Tracfone for any type of customer service, I suggest using your home phone as opposed to using your minutes on the cell phone as you may be on the phone for a while depending on your issue. As for the phone, it is great for texting. I charged the phone overnight when I got it and I haven't had to recharge it in a week. So far, mine hasn't auto dialed anyone as other reviewers experienced. I would recommend that Samsung send an owner's manual with this phone, as the features can be somewhat tricky to use and/or find without some type of instruction. I gave it a 4 out of 5 because it's a decent phone; I've had phones I liked better, but I have also certainly had worse! 09-29-13
Love Trac phone! This is my third TRAC PHONE In about 10 years. I ordered this phone and love the free internet. I was really surprised at the pictures on the camara phone because they look so nice and the video recorder works well also. I sent my sister in Florida a pic. of a beautiful snow fall and my voice was nice and clear. I use the text all of the time and I have never had a call drop EVER !!! I don't talk on the phone a lot but I do text often and I have cut my cell phone bill down to about $120.00 total last year due to the triple min of the plan. Also every time you add minutes it adds another 90 days to the whole first year that they included when I purchased mine. LOVE MY TRAC PHONE. 09-25-13
My kids love this phone My kids are 15 and 18, and they both love this particular phone. In fact, my son's battery was starting to give him trouble, so I just bought him a whole new package deal on QVC with a new phone and minutes as it is cheaper than just buying a 1-yr card ($100). This phone alone is $50 on the Tracfone website. The kids like this keyboard for texting. They never have a problem making or receiving calls. I know there are "trendier" phones out there, but the kids love this keyboard for texting and for Facebook. We are a very practical family, and it barely costs us anything to all own Tracfones. The nice thing about this phone is that the kids get free WiFi in any internet hot spot or at home with our router. My son lives in a dorm and gets free internet with this phone and around campus---how amazing. Just think about how much other people are paying to be connected to the internet with monthly plans. If you DO need internet for some reason when you aren't able to connect for free, you can do that too--you just use some of your minutes. We got my dad to purchase this phone. He likes it, but has a harder time with the keys. My husband said he would have a harder time with them too cuz he has a hard time seeing the letters on them. So..that could be an issue with some people, but not with my kids--they really like this phone. Tracfone is the way to go. I have been a customer for years. I had a contract for a while, and it was a waste of money for me. My husband had a contract, and figured it truly wasn't worth the money for him either. For those of you who do not understand Tracfone--it's the easiest prepaid to use. It costs as little as $20 to keep your phone going for 3 months. When you add an extra $20 card, you never lose the units you already have--they roll over. With a phone deal like this--you are all set for 1 year with nothing else to do. If you don't use up all the time, it carries over the next time you add a card. It's an excellent value. I personally have the LG800 and like the touch screen. If you want a very basic, easy phone, look into the Tracfone Big Easy on this site. This would be good for someone who doesn't use a lot of minutes, and would be good for someone older or someone that prefers bigger keys that are easier to see. Hope this helps.... 09-22-13
Another Great Tracfone! For the past 10 years or so, I've purchased only Tracfones. This is the first Samsung I've had, and I love it. Tracfones are super easy to activate (just follow the step-by-step instructions). Whenever I've needed customer service, they've been extremely helpful and polite. They are so inexpensive to use - I don't know why anyone would have a contract anymore! 08-08-13
Best deal around I have had this phone for over a year and love it! I don''t understand the negative reviews at all. I have never had a problem. 07-08-13
I HATE this phone! I can't tell you how much I hate this phone. Samsung, Tracfone, QVC-STOP selling this phone! Screen constantly locks. Have had to call several times because could not unlock without assistance. Prompts you to dial 911 (SOS) frequently. dialed once by mistake. When texting, it capitalizes words inappropriately, adds periods inappropriately, changes the spelling of words typed as if it is thinking that you mean something else. Also, the screen is sooo small I can't really see clearly and therefore don't use the phone for anything other than making phone calls. DON'T BUT THIS PHONE!!! TRACFONE, PLEASE START SELLING THE MOST UP TO DATE PHONES WITH YOUR SERVICE AS SOON AS THEY ARE AVAILABLE AND NOT ALWAYS A GENERATION BEHIND. THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE WANT. YOUR CUSTOMERS NUMBERS WILL GO THROUGH THE ROOF!!! 07-02-13
TRACFONE'S BEST I have had many Tracfone's over the years and they all have worked well, was just looking to upgrade then I found the S390, in my opinion this is the BEST PHONE FROM TRACFONE... Don't know what the other reviews are talking about, MY PHONE HAS NEVER DIALED 911 BY MISTAKE, as for the locked screen, it can be unlocked , just go under the settings, it's that simple.... GOOD JOB TRACFONE.... 06-30-13
This phone dials 911 by itself. I am really exasperated with this phone dialing 911. Samsung or Tracfone or someone needs to address this issue and give us a way to make it stop. Otherwise, this phone would be ok. Mine just dialed 911 5 times in a row while it was sitting in my purse and locked. 06-10-13
Alexander Graham Bell would be mortified!!! This phone is the most exasperating piece of electronics I have ever owned! As the other reviews have mentioned...it has a mind of its own and dials on its own! I have had calls from 911 wanting to know my emergency....I have browsed when I didn't want to browse....and it does take several minutes sometimes to get it unlocked! I've had several callers hang up with me trying to get the darn thing unlocked to answer. I would love to just go back to my old flip phone...I don't like texting and if I want online, I use my laptop. I'm not trying to be difficult, but when you reach 70, life should be easier, not more difficult...especially with something as mundane as a cell phone!! Just my take, folks! 05-26-13
Love it!! I had a tracfone, this phone is an upgrade for me. I am very happy with this phone, it was easy to transfer my minutes and service days. Getting my 1350 minutes was also a simple process. I did go on line to figure out a couple of things on my phone as it is a newer model than I had. I do really like this phone, I have only had it for one day but have had no problems as stated in other comments. I like tracfone, I mostly us it for txting but I don't have to pay a monthly bill, I only get minutes when I need them!! Very nice and I have never had problems getting a signal to txt or call out. Once again QVC you have come through for me with easy pay!! Thank You 05-09-13