Raw Color Soft Focus Illuminating Skin Perfector 1 oz.

Raw Color Soft Focus Illuminating Skin Perfector 1 oz.
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What is it: Skin care, luminizer, and foundation all in one! Soft Focus Illuminating Skin Perfector promotes balanced, even skin tone and imparts a natural radiance to help give you a flawless and glowing complexion. Lightweight and moisturizing, it absorbs quickly while active botanicals work behind the scenes to invigorate your skin, helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a firmer, more refined look.

Who is it for: Women of all skin types who want to put their foundation to work while using a natural product--without sacrificing performance! It's perfect for those who want to achieve an even, airbrushed complexion while nourishing skin with active botanicals.

Why is it different: Natural antioxidants and active botanicals help protect your skin from environmental damage, while smoothing the appearance of fine lines, energizing the skin, and promoting natural luminosity. All Raw Color formulas are free of parabens, petrochemicals, and artificial colorants, and are never tested on animals.

How do I use it: Pump out a small amount, using your fingertips or a sponge to dab onto your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Blend over your face, repeating if you desire deeper coverage.

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A74862 - Raw Color Soft Focus Illuminating Skin Perfector, 1 oz 3.9 5 19 19
AMAZING stuff once you get the knack, it works beautifully. I finally mixed it with my moisturizer and found Success! I'm olive complected so it gives my face an even tone without wearing any makeup. best part? it's all natural, and at 50 that's what I'm looking for. love the 100% pure line too... 09-03-08
Amazing Product Recently I have been looking to purchase some sort of bronzer. Something to give my face a bit of color or summer glow. I saw this product one evening on QVC and just had to give it a try. I did and I love it! This product is amazing! My complexion is on the fairer side but my face does have some color since it is the summer. The color of this product was PERFECT for me. Those of you that felt the color was too dark could have been using too much. I found that with my complexion, I needed less than a dime size to cover my face lightly and achieve a nice sun-kissed glow. This product goes on smooth with just the right amount of coverage to give you that natural glow. I have already recommended this product to my best friend. Another winning product to add to your list QVC!! 09-01-08
Great color to mix with moisturizer I love using Dr. Denese's moisturizer with sunscreen, but the color of it is too light for my skin. I mix a drop or two of this with the sunscreen, and the two together make a perfect foundation. Its adds color, evens out my skin, moisturizes, and protects my skin - all at the same time. It would be great to have one product that did it all, but this makes it close. 08-22-08
AMAZING I will be returning this to get another because my delivery person said that it got dented in transit, however, I TRIED IT AND LOVE IT. I AM IN MY 60'S AND NEVER HAD A PRODUCT THAT REDUCED THE MARIONETTE LINES IN MY FACE LIKE THIS DOES. I am now not so interested in the color effects as other people were. I am just happy with the reduction in my lines. great product. 07-24-08
Love It! I have been using this for a while and I absolutely love it. It makes your face feel so smooth and gives you just enough color to cover any and all age spots. I put this on when I am working around the house so I won't feel like I have no make up on at all and add a little bare minerals on top and you are set to go! I also use this every single day as part of my daily make up regime. I would recommend this to anyone that has the beginning of a tan and for those who don't like to tan their face in the sun. This compliments your tan on your body by making your face have a wonderful glow and color like you have been in the sun all day! 05-28-08
Just Not For Me I have a medium skintone face and used just a bit of this product and it made my face look dirty and dry. I tried mixing it with a moisturizer to see if it would take away the dry, dirty look, but then it didn't stay on my face. However, it did come off on my blouse. Maybe if you have a darker skintone, this might work for you. If you get the Raw Color discovery kit, there is a smaller version of this in it, plus a wonderful coverup and a moisture rich lipstick. If you are at all hesitant and want to try it before purchasing the larger version, I suggest getting the kit. 05-02-08
Slightly Disappointed I am a light brown (with olive undertones) complected African American woman. I am actually quite lighter than the AA model they used to demo the product (whom it worked very well on). Unfortunately, this product did not work very well for me. I love the concept, but for all over use.....it was a disappointment, it made me look ashy as if the color was too light for me, which was really confusing, since as I mentioned it looked great on a model who has darker skin than I do. Oh well......Sometimes, when I am in a hurry I'll use it as an undereye concealer, but that's all. 04-24-08
Excellent product I suffer from eczema and acne breakouts, and this product agrees very well with my skin. I'm a medium tone so this gives my skin a beautiful glow. This works great for mineral foundation primer, but looks great worn alone. I've been using this for about two weeks and notice smoother, more flawless skin. I would not recommend for fair skin tone...would make them look dirty. Very great product and I'll definitely purchase it again!!! 03-16-08
Nice Subtle Glow Finally! Im a light skin yellow undertone African American woman. When I saw the color demonstrated on QVC, I KNEW this would would work for me. I wear it alone, or with light powder. NICE. Not too shiny or glowing creates healthy looking skin. Just right. Unfortunately the majority of cosmetic lines that create for dark skin women are usually too dark for me which is VERY frustrating. It is either too RED or ORANGE. But they never consider YELLOW undertones for the lighter to lightest African American woman. The only one who does is BOBBI BROWN! Yes. She knows. As a matter of fact all her cosmetics are yellow undertone based as I was told by a makeup artist a cosmetic counter in a department store. 03-14-08
Great design, awful formula I really wanted to like this product- the concept is great but the execution is very poor. supposedly great ingredients in the formula but the color is so orange/brown that it just does not look natural. rubs off on your clothing also. it's really a high-tech bronzer for those who like a heavy bronzer-look. I would say skip it unless you have super dark skin, not for light to even olive complexions(me). 03-13-08
High hopes but..... Had great expectations for this but it was very dark. I am not tanned at all and wanted to even out my complexion (just started back wearing makeup recently) without buying a lot of cosmetics. This product is just to dark (I have medium to light skin), I even tried it as a bronzer with another foundation and it looked blotchy, this also defeated the purpose of why I purchased it to begin with. If you are very tanned or have dark skin, this is a great product (why I said yes to "recommend to a friend"). It is easy to apply (no problem with pump), very smooth and you DO only need very little. Good moisturizing feel, not overly greasy and did not rub off on my clothes. If they offered it in lighter shades for us "pale" faces, I would definitely buy again but sending this purchase back. 02-19-08
Excellent Product I'm a 32 year old new mother. I purchased Soft Focus because the idea of "treating" my skin to natural and anti-aging ingrediants while wearing my make-up appealed to me. What I wasn't expecting was to love the look and feel of the product so much! I only used 1/4 of a pump and got great, sheer and natural-looking coverage, with a beautiful hint of a "glow." It felt like silk going on my skin. I finished it off with a little pressed powder and was ready to go! 08-29-07