Proactiv Solution Acne and Oil Control 5-piece System

Proactiv Solution Acne and Oil Control 5-piece System
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Get started on the path to healthier skin with this awesome line of skin care products. The five-piece Proactiv(R) Solution system was specially developed by dermatologists to control oily skin and manage acne. It deeply penetrates pores to eliminate, control, and reduce the number of acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads and white heads--all without overdrying. In time, it could drastically improve the look of your skin.

Made in USA.

  • 4-oz renewing cleanser
  • 4-oz revitalizing toner
  • 2-oz repairing lotion
  • 1.7 oz oil-free moisturizer with SPF 15
  • 1.7 oz daily oil control
  • 1-oz bonus refining mask

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Reviews & Community QA

A57696 - Proactiv Solution Acne and Oil Control 5-piece System 3.6 5 14 14
Religious User I have been using Proactiv for several years. I think it continues to be a favorite of mine because it's non-drying, and it does what it's suppose to do. I don't have any issues that I'm living with in using the product. My acne has always been mild to non-existent. In continuing to use the product - my face continues to be free of acne. 01-12-10
Not Sure this is good for pre teens I purchased this product for my 11 year old and I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't work for pre-teens going through puberty. My son was really breaking out bad on his face, neck and back but then would just disappear in a day or so except for the really stubborn pimples. I bought Proactiv for him to hopefully eliminate the problem, but I don't think even this can fight the inner body chemical imbalances going on at this time in his life. He broke out even worse the few week or so, which I hear can be normal, but he hasn't had a slow down at all in his breakouts. And he has blackheads that he absolutely cannot get rid of at all. He can't use the product in the morning because he sweats during the day at school and we found that all his shirts were getting a "bleached out " look all around the neckline and sleeves. When I did some research, I found that is the chemical in the product that causes this, so we had to discontinue use in the morning after having to throw out many good shirts. This might work for adults or those who have gone through puberty already, but I'm not sure this is the right product for pre-teens. I guess just let nature run its course! 10-24-08
Disappointed I am not sure why, but after a few days these products caused the skin on my face to become blotchy red (around the cheeks) and very bumpy (all over). I was disappointed and have sent the package back. 07-14-08
Proactiv Works -- it's that simple! Proactiv was designed for people with mild to moderate acne and when used properly -- it works! If you have severe acne as some users comments here explain, then perhaps Proactiv isn't for you. However I'd highly recommend you try it before expensive doctor visits and harsh prescription products. That's what I did. I tried Proactiv because as a middle aged woman I started getting monthly breakouts of acne. Within one month of giving Proactiv system a try, my skin was clear. I'm very happy with the results! I've continued to use Proactiv for nearly 2 years now and find it helps to clear up even the occasional spots, much more quickly than it was without this system. It's so easy to use! The products are mild and kind to the skin. I've had no irritation on my skin whatsoever. Indeed the texture of my skin has improved. Thanks Proactiv! 01-06-08
It works! Give it Time I'm 20 years old and I've never had acne really bad, but the blemishes I would get were really big and I couldn't stand it!! I finally decided to try this product, and it has changed my skin completely! When I first started using it, it broke my face out worse with little bumps...but I remained faithful with it and they went away and now my face is clear all the time! It's just one of those things that is worse before it gets better. 12-23-07
Great Product I bought this for my son who developed adult acne with rosecia. He never had acne as a teenager and his face was terrible. He tried all kinds of products and nothing worked for him. I bought this for him and had it shipped right to his house. He tried it and stuck with it. It is amazing how his skin looks now. You have to stick with it. When he first used it, he didn't see any results at first, then his skin became very dry and red and looked sun burned so instead of using it twice a day he cut back to once a day. After about 4 weeks his skin is now clear. He has no redness and no blemishes at all. It is truly amazing and has made such a difference in his attitude. He would always say he didn't care and it didn't matter but I saw the difference in him. Now he is back to his old self. If you are having problems with this product call the customer service number that comes with the product. They will give you advice and tips to try to get the results that you are looking for. All I can say is stick with it because we didn't think it was going to work and after continually using it we got the results that we where looking for. 12-11-07
Miracle Worker....Not this time! I'm 28 years old and I bought this kit 3 weeks ago. I've been using it faithfully. I've been trying to be patient, expecting to see some sort of difference in the appearance of my skin by now. The only difference I see is that I'm getting more breakouts than I had before the start of this "treatment". The acne scars I have from my acne as a teenager haven't even gotten lighter, which is why I bought this to begin with, and the occasion breakouts. For the money I spent on this, call me crazy but I expect to see some sort of recovery by now. If the return instructions weren't so complicated, and if I actually had the time to take this to the post office or UPS, I would be sending this back. Tough lesson learned. I'll stick to using Ponds. 11-14-07
My fear is that Proactive will stop making this pr In adolescence I had acne. Now 50 years later I have acne again, but this product works very well for me. Also, my skin is softer than after laser treatments from my plastic surgeon. 11-05-07
Doesn't work that well.... I tried this proactive kit, but sadly it didn't work for me. I have moderate acne, and all it really did was dry my skin out badly and didn't clear the acne. Not very effective for moderate to severe acne. 10-03-07
Will buy again & again! Wish I had this when I was a teenager! I'm going through menopausal acne (I'm 54) and this is the only thing I will use...works great. But you have to use it faithfully. If I miss a couple days, the acne comes back. Please don't ever stop making ProActiv!! 07-23-07
Works miracles Proactiv is by far the best acne treatment I have ever tried. I have always had very oily, break-out-prone skin and nothing has kept it clear like proactiv has. I have been using this product for over ten years now and have never found anything else that clears my skin like proactiv does. I would recommend this line to anyone. It will bring your confidence back! 06-27-07