Prepology Set of 2 Microwave Mini Square Grill Pans w/Presses

Prepology Set of 2 Microwave Mini Square Grill Pans w/Presses
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No charcoal, gas, or even a grill is required to enjoy a delicious burger. All you need is a microwave and this mini square grill pan and press system. The steel and silicone rubber pan and press are designed to make a burger quickly and easily, and won't crack or distort with repeated microwave use. From Prepology(R) Kitchenware.

  • Includes two square grill pans and two presses
  • Nonstick coating for easy food release
  • Measures approximately 6-1/2"W x 6"L x 1-1/4"H
  • Hand wash only
  • Made in China

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Annoying It annoys me that I paid full price for these and they weren't very good. Worked, I suppose, but were difficult to clean and I could have pan fried the meat in about the same prep time. 06-17-10
Nice Concept just made with cheap materials We bought these and used them for less than a month. The first few times were great but shortly after the non stick coating was peeling in both pan and shortly after a smell would emit from the microwave during warm up that just stunk up the kitchen.. We followed directions, sprayed pam on them, warmed them before initial use but they still didn't last long. Hand washed (not dishwasher safe), if they could make these would better materials, they would be great. They were returned and I would not recommend them. 05-17-10
If It Fits, It Cooks. My preheat test is a few sprinkle of water. If it sizzles, it is ready. If my food is thicker than 1", after the initial few minutes of the grill mark on top, I lower the power to 8 and cook it for few more minutes, until it is done. I particularly like the press, so food is evenly grilled; contrary to a hinge press that only partially grills. 05-06-10
Great little grill I really like this little grill for the microwave. It is great for fixing something in a few minutes from the freezer. You have to experiment a little with the time but I just use my instant read thermometer (that I got from QVC) to make sure whatever I am cooking is done through and through. I wish they made this in a little bit larger size. 04-20-10
Love me Tender Product works. Great for one serving whether for myself, a friend, or my dogs. Chicken was tender, brownish, tastey, juicy. Turkey patti, great. I thought its too good to be true. Because of QVC, great return policy, I ordered the Mini pans. 04-15-10
GREAT FOR 1 OR 2 PERSONS I use this just about every other day. I live alone and am on the go alot . This is just the thing, when you dont want to get out the forman grill. I put it in microwave for 2minute ( spray with pam before puting in) make sure you use pot holders throughout. take pan out, but chickenor chops etc in pan, press down on product with the press, put in microwave for 4-6 minute according to want you are fixing. I use it for french toast too!!. HUMMM!! GREAT LITTLE PAN!! 04-14-10
Didn't work at all for me I've had one other thing not work that I got from QVC and have shopped here a lot. At that time I didn't try the product for a couple months and discovered it was defective well past the return date. So this I got to quickly after seeing some bad reviews. This is the first thing I have sent back. Following the instructions to the letter did no good - these are awful. Such a disappointment too - bought them at the very first airing because they looked like something we would use all the time. 04-10-10
Exactly what I wanted!! So far this product has been great. I used it once and I gave one to my Mom to try and she loved it. We were looking for something that we could make a quick burger or sandwich without having to make it on the stove. Took a little experimenting with the times for each thing because sometimes the things were frozen or thicker or thinner then in the manual. These pans are super easy to clean too. This is perfect for men (who can't cook haha), teens, college students or just anyone in a hurry who only has a few minutes to make a meal. So I say give this product a chance. You have to take the time and play around with it a little bit to get the times down, and hey if you don't like it send it back. That is why QVC is so great. We are going to keep trying new things with these pans, we may even get a set for my brother who will be going to college in the fall. Wish I had these when I was in college. 04-07-10
No problems with mine I've been using my little grill pans at the office and so far, I'm very pleased. I do agree with some other reviewers that nothing during presentation was mentioned about needing a microwave with a turntable. That information is in the instruction booklet. Probably an oversight on the part of the presenter. I've cooked chicken breast and hamburgers in mine and also toasted cheese sandwiches and haven't had to turn anything over halfway thru cooking and I have gotten grill marks. I'm sure the grill pans need to be experimented with to get the best results. Also, noplace on my microwave does it give the wattage, which I find a little odd. It would be much easier to use the grill pans if I knew exactly what the wattage is but since I don't, I just experiment and so far, so good! 04-05-10
This product works great for me!!! I cannot imagine what the reasons are for the problems some of the reviewers have been having, because I've had mine for a week, now and used it each evening. Are they perhaps preheating theirs for a lower wattage time table or a larger wattage than their microwave actually is? Mine preheats perfectly, and you should also turn your food over halfway thru cooking time in order to get the best results. I have cooked pork chops, chicken, both barbecued, and marinated, burgers, beef and turkey, and also prepared french toast and grilled cheese. Everything has turned out perfect. Also, in order to clean it, I wait until it is not too hot to handle, wipe it out with a moistened paper towel, and then was with warm soapy water, by hand. I also dry it immediately, and then put it back into the cupboard for the next use. I'm sorry that there are those who have had problems, because, I LOVE MINE!!! RDAVIS013 04-02-10
Don't know what I was thinking when I ordered these. They are the worst piece of gadget junk. They never got hot enough to get grillmarks. Also, since nothing is supposed to be thicker than 1/2 inch, I don't know how there could even be recipes included for chicken thighs, breast, salmon, etc. Tried to make a chicken thigh which of course was thicker than 1/2 inch. I got it eventually cooked - just that cooked - not grilled - in the microwave after about 6 minutes.. Well, these will go back. 03-31-10
incomplete directions I purchased this item after seeing live demonstration, which did not mention needing a special microwave. I just received this item, read the instructions which say it only works in a microwave with a turntable! Mine does not. This is also not mentioned in the item description. Now it's too late to do anything about it!, since it's too expensive to pay the return postage. Other reviewers say it doesn't work, maybe it's because their microwaves don't have turnables! BUYER BEWARE! 03-29-10