Prepology Adjustable Depth Nonstick Rolling Pin

Prepology Adjustable Depth Nonstick Rolling Pin
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Let the good times, and tastes, roll. With its adjustable depth and nonstick coating, this rolling pin lets you do more with dough. Use it for pasta, pastries, bread, and all your delicious baked goods. From Prepology(R) Kitchenware.

  • Includes rolling pin and four color-coded discs
  • Metal barrel, plastic handles/disc
  • Measurements: Overall 21-1/2"L; Barrel 12"L x 2-1/2"Diam; Green disc 1/2"; Red disc 1/4"; Yellow disc 1/8"; Blue disc 1/16"
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

K27069 - Prepology Adjustable Depth Nonstick Rolling Pin 4.2 5 31 31
Worst Ever The rings did not stay on and continued to fall off while rolling the dough. I had to literally hold the rings onto the pin and try to roll it at the same time, it wasn't easy to do. Also the dough completely stuck to it so I had to continually coat it with flour and eventually covered the pin with fabric coated with flour. Once I was done making the cookies, I through it in the garbage. Don't waste your money, it doesn't do anything that it says it will do. 12-29-10
Loved the concept, but it did stick My cookie dough stuck to the rolling pin and I had to use TONS of flour to keep it stick free! The cookies were good, however. Would like to have the recipe they used on the demo as none of the cookie or pie doughs stuck. I had globs of dough that I had to keep wiping off. Also, had trouble with one ring staying on, but realized I needed to turn it around and then it worked. I would recommend it, but would like to find a better recipe. I wonder what was missing or not from my dough. It did taste great though. 12-23-10
Best Rolling Pin! Just ordered a second one of these to give as a gift! It is SO much better than the rolling pins with the "rubber band" or gasket/O-ring style rings. The rings are designed specifically for this rolling pin! The large ring gives a uniform 1/2 inch depth, something I have never been able to find in other ring sets that were designed just for fondant and pie crusts under 1/4 inch thickness. This pin lets you roll out biscuits, flat dumplings, shortbread, deep-dish pizza dough, and other doughs with depth. I have never been able to achieve a uniform depth for those things before. And, because the rings are rigid plastic, they allow you to press down harder on the dough without the rings turning onto their sides or slipping out of place. This rolling pin is also nicely weighted and comes with a small but excellent recipe/instruction booklet. There is a trick to putting the rings on correctly (ridged side in), so read the instructions! It's easy! A real bargain for the clearance price! It is the rolling pin I have been waiting years to find! Very pleased with this purchase! 12-15-10
poor product the disks would not stay on the rolling pin when used so was usless to me since that was why I got it 12-15-10
Cannt wait to use it! I bought a different rolling pin last year at QVC and I didnt like it. It was to long and other things. Christmas cookies here I come! 12-14-10
GREAT PRODUCT I Love this rolling pin...I rolled 13 dozen cut out cookies last night and this rolling pin worked great. It was so nice to have all the dough roll out at the same thickness and bake even. The guards are so easy to put on and off and the rolling pin did not stick to the dough. So, I am so glad I got this. If you bake a lot and use a rolling pin this is the perfect one to get. 12-14-10
Who Could Get Excited over a rolling pin ! I pretty much thought a rolling pin was a rolling pin - but this one is fantastic. I make kolachi for the holidays and always had the problem of rolling the dough to a uniform thickness. Just received this pin last week and made a batch of kolachi that were "works of art" ! Wish I had this pin years ago ! 12-14-10
Great Item I've had this rolling pin going on 2 years now. It has managed to roll enough dough to make over 60 dozen Pierogi's without any issues. A freind was over the other day and she tried it out and really loved it, so I purchased one for her for Christmas. It is a great item and my dough now comes out uniform without having to guess at the thickness. Yes if you roll out the dough to big it will cut in to the dough but who cares. 12-13-10
Love this Rolling Pin Do not let this one sell out - Buy more than one! I came back and bought my second after using the first many times. It's non-stick and helps my cookies and crust roll even. No more cookies coming out burnt or not cooked enough on the same sheet because of different thickness. You'll love it! 12-08-10
GREAT PRODUCT I think the problem some people are having with the discs staying on is that you have to put them on and then "turn them" then they lock on. just snapping them on doesn't do it. (which is what I thought at first). the only problem I have is that I can't find any depth marks on the discs. otherwise great product. 11-28-10
Rings work perfect! Love, love, love it! This rolling pin is the BEST! The rings never popped off even when my kids rolled out the dough. The kids didn't even flatten the dough! It was perfect! The rings stay on if they are put on correctly. Face the raised ridge side in, slip over the handle, fit the raised ridge into the groove on the end of the rolling pin and twist to snap in place. My Halloween cookies were the best I'd ever made. Every cookie was evenly baked. Can hardly wait to make Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies. I tossed my old rolling pin and I'm giving these as Christmas and wedding gifts. Way to go QVC! HOw did I live without this rolling pin! 11-17-10
works great!!! Love the adjustable depth discs I think I have had this for 2 years or more. I love the adjustable depth discs. I know that some people have problems with them staying on but I don't at all. I know that if you put them on backwards, they don't click into place. For everyone that has that problem, turn them around, I swear, they click right into place and stay on with no issues. Great rolling pin, good weight without being too heavy. I would highly recomend! 11-13-10