Pledge Set of 4 Pet Hair Fabric Sweepers

Pledge Set of 4 Pet Hair Fabric Sweepers
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Pet owner? Meet your new best friend. The Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper is a quick and effective way to remove unwanted pet hair and fur from your upholstered furniture. All it takes is a few short, side-to-side strokes of this sweeper to banish unsightly pet hair. The velour rollers grab, lift, and trap pet hair inside the sweeper, capturing as much hair as 145 sticky lint roller sheets--but without the hassle!

And the sweeper cleans itself! As you sweep in one direction, one roller picks up pet hair from the surface; when you sweep in the other direction, the second roller cleans the first and guides the pet hair inside, locking it away from the rollers. This set of four is perfect for furniture, bedspreads and blankets, pillows--keep one in each room and another in your car. From Pledge.

  • Includes four Pet Hair Fabric Sweepers
  • Measures approximately 8-1/2"L x 4"W x 3"H
  • Made in Thailand

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Reviews & Community QA

V27891 - Pledge Set of 4 Pet Hair Fabric Sweepers 4.5 5 72 72
Awesome! I received one from a friend and tried it on my sofa, bedding, and blanket - it really works well at picking up cat hair! Warning: if you have microfiber or fleece and the hair gets woven in to the fabric, it's hard to catch. And it doesn't work on clothes, unless you have sweatshirt or like item spread out on a table and can hold it taute. I will recommend as a gift such as "Congrats on your new cat/dog!" or as a stocking stuffer for someone who is always complaining about pet hair. Bummer: not refillable, so it's not the most environmentally friendly product. 10-10-09
Don't throw it away! DON'T THROW IT AWAY! I just stuck the end of my hand vac with the narrow end attached , in between the brushes and sucked out the hair! Presto! Empty and ready to go again. I'm sure they don't want me to say this, and maybe my post won't make it to the list. I'm sure eventually it will wear out, but if I had to throw it out everytime it got full I wouldn't buy anymore of them. 03-28-09
It's an okay product I like the product. I have a microfiber couch, it picks up a lot of dog hair, but not all. I really like it on clothing as a lint remover. All in all, a pretty good product. 02-25-09
Works great I have a 20 year old cat who's going strong - only she leaves tufts of hair all over wherever she is laying when she bathes herself - never has swallowed the stuff (no hairballs ever) but never did this when she was younger! These sweepers are wonderful! They pick it all up and relieve a lot of frustration for us. 02-12-09
They work! I raise chihuahuas and these work as well as anything I've used to remove the dog hair from upholstery, clothes, etc. They are definitely worth what they cost. I have even used them on the dogs, and they like the rub-down plus it helps prevent shedding. Since they are so portable, we also keep one in the van. 02-10-09
Happy pet owner I ordered these back in November and gave two away at Christmas to pet owner friends. Both have told me that they love it as much as I do. In fact, one just told me again today how much she appreciates it. She has two cats and uses it for her sheets and bedspread. Easy to use and does exactly what's promised. 02-09-09
Excellent for Pet Hair We live on a farm with 11 horses, 3 large dogs inside, 5 cats, 2 outside dogs and 5 people, so I need all the help I can get with the pet hair and have tried every vacuum, gadget and lint roller imaginable. This works better than anything I have tried at getting up the pet hair quickly and easily. I love it! My only complaint about it is that the plastic dome does not seem to be ergonomically designed for my hand shape and is a little difficult to hold on to and maneuver, but maybe that is just me; otherwise I'd give it 5 stars. It is obviously designed to be disposable, but looks as if you could pop out one of the lint "rollers" on the bottom, clear out the fuzz and pop it back in, although I haven't tried this yet. In any case, it will hold a LOT of hair and fuzz. Thank you Pledge! 02-09-09
Wow! This is great The Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper is the BEST product I have found in a long time. My Rott-shepard shed's enough to make another dog. He is an inside dog - so I am continually vacuuming & cleaning dog hair. Never thought this product would work this well - but it's great. Once you learn how to hold it - you can get hair off of anything, even the dog! It's a little difficult to use on fleece, but that's ok. Use it on clothes, furniture, bedding - even the dog. Don't complain about the claims of "throw it away when full" - just use the wand on your vacuum - slip between rollers & it will clean it out. I have given these out to all my friends with pets. It's wonderful! 02-09-09
fantastic these are great/ we have 2 cats/ and a large dog. no matter how much I brush the animals I have pet hair on the funiture. I have been unable to find any help short of using lint remover or scotch tape -which is expensive. we just bought a new sofa and covered it with blankets. now with this the blankets are gone. i just use this everyday on the sofa and the recliners. they seem to pick up even what you don;t see. Just wish there was some way they could be emptied and resused. they do last a long time. 02-04-09
Great product! I was a little skeptical at first about these, but decided to buy them anyway. They do a great job of picking up pet hair. I use them on my carpeted stairs, where I never have much luck with the vacuum cleaner attachment. They did a GREAT job. I would definitely recommend these to a pet owner! 01-30-09
NO NO See V27061 instead Okay, they aren't bad at cleaning but the ad doesn't tell you that when they are full they can't be emptied and must be thrown away. You must read between the lines when you are told the equivalent number of sticky sheets.The top is not a sturdy plastic for grasping. Look at V27061 Lint Wizards. I have had a set of these for several years. They have a sturdy handle and a lint chamber that can be cleaned when full or each use, your preference. The roller is the same loop tape type as these. Much better constructed and longer lasting. 01-29-09
No More Hair! Really like this item. Took a little bit to get used to using it, but did it pick up the hair! I have a Maine Coon Cat and I am forever trying to clean it from the back of the sofa. These are great. 01-26-09