Pandigital 7" Color 2GB Android Multimedia Tablet

Pandigital 7" Color 2GB Android Multimedia Tablet
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Read, surf, and play! The Android(TM) multimedia tablet and eReader is powered by Barnes and Noble, giving you access to books, newspapers, and magazines galore. The full-color touchscreen display lets you surf the Web, browse videos, or view favorite photos, while the 2GB of internal memory allows you to easily store and access your files, e-books, music, and more. And, thanks to built-in WiFi connectivity, the Internet is always at your fingertips--even on the go. From Pandigital.

Wireless capability and use of public wireless locations or hot spots may require a network connection, additional accessories, and a service connection fee.

Access to and use of the Internet may require payment of a separate fee to an Internet Service Provider, DSL line, or more.

  • Includes Android multimedia tablet, AC adapter, USB cable, and cradle/stand
  • 2GB internal memory
  • Full-color touchscreen
  • Audio and video player
  • Digital photo album
  • Alarm clock
  • Games
  • Measures 7-1/4"H x 5-1/4"L x 1/2"D
  • UL listed adapter; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

E167174 - Pandigital 7" Color 2GB Android Multimedia Tablet 2.6 5 36 36
It's great! We have 2 and love them!! After reading the other reviews, let me just remind everyone...this is an E-READER!! We bought ours because we are big readers and they are great!! One was a gift or my daughter, and I buy her a Barnes and Noble gift card when she is ready for new books. She just goes to Barnes and Noble on her reader and puts in the card info. She can buy books whenever she wants and always has a total of how much is left in her account. So easy and we didn't buy it for the other web capabilities and hence are not disappointed in the slow speed of opening pages for email, facebook, ebay etc. We are VERY pleased! 02-09-12
B&N Read to Me format for kids books not supported I purchased two of these tablets for my daughters. Barnes and Noble has read to me kids books. The tablet does not support that format. Could read any other books and that was fine. I was not able to update to the android format even after calling support. It still would not work. I was told to try again in 24 - 48 hours. I returned it along with the one tablet that was received with a cracked screen. Too bad because it was a good price and would have been good if it supported that kids read to me format and updated. 01-03-12
Would have been nice 10 years ago First I would only recommend this for people who want to either check their email or something like craigslist and its great for reading a book but other than that I think its completely outdated. It connects to your wireless router but the technology is similar to the mobile network on your phone. And honestly, my phones network is faster than this. It claims to have android software but the android market on this tablet is not the same as on your phone. The apps that ARE available (which are very little apps at all) you don't have a need for. Mine doesn't support all website formats (Java, active x) DOES NOT play youtube videos but it does let you sign into facebook and you're not mobile when you login, so there isn't even a chat available. Screen/Stylus - 3.5/5.0 Mobile Network - 2.0/5.0 Battery Life - 4.0/5.0 Additional Features - 0.0/5.0 09-30-11
E167174 - Pandigital 7" Color 2GB Android Multimed It is just a fancy ebook, not a tablet like some have complained, it is $100. cheaper than the color nook and works just as good and has some extra features. If you want a color ereader and at a good price this is for you, if you think the apps capabilities on this are why you want it, you are buying the wrong item some simple apps from android do work but not all so dont give bad reviews if you didnt do your reserarch 08-26-11
Soooo Disapointed I am not at all thrilled with this purchase!! I cant do anything I want with it. It does not accept my yahoo email address. I wanted to be able to load apps from the android market but nope and come on why not its an android. Not a real big fan of the touch screen my smartphone works much better. I could not wait to get this and really I have only messed with it a couple times because all I do it get mad and frustrated with it. My advise is keep looking. 08-25-11
Very Happy I have been very please with my purchase thus far. I don't necessarily have to sign onto my big computer anymore to find out the things I really need online and that is a big help. I like the book feature also. I just purchased my first book online and so far it has been very easy to read and no more books to carry. 08-25-11
No problems with it I read all of the negative reviews for this and I was not going to order it. Then I find out my sister has had a Pandigital for the last year and has had no problems at all with it. i decided to go with my sister and give it a shot. I got it last week and I have had no problems AT ALL with it. I had no problem connecting to my WiFi. It does not drop my WiFi connection. I am able to surf the web with no problems. Yes, it is a little slow surfing the web but I think people seem to forget that it is not a laptop. It is not supposed to be that fast. It is fast enough though. You are not waiting minutes for pages to load or anything remotely like that. I think the internet access and speed are good enough that I will no longer lug my laptop around on trips, as this will work out just fine. As far as loading the Android Apps, it comes with Slide Me to load Android apps. While Slide Me does not have what the Android market site has, you have to realize that right now the Android Market is only for CELL PHONES. I don't know anyone who has an Android tablet that has been able to get apps from the Android Market. For me, so far, this has been a great little reader and tablet. I would recommend it to my friends. 08-22-11
No problems with unjit, problems with charger I bought this in October 2011, then hubby got laid off a few days before the ereader got to our house..I loved it so much, I kept it even if we really couldn't afford it. Really liked the firmware update, it did so much for the machine, even though I had to learn a whole new OS, it seemed. I carry it around with me a lot. I am handicapped, and the ereader is perfect to while away the hours. I've read over 300 books since last October. Themajor problem has been the power supply. The first one wore out in May 2011, and I called PD. They sent me another one for free, although it took 2 weeks to come. I missed the ereader SO much, I purchased a Nook Color til the charger came. Each machine has it's good and bad points, but money was still short so I tried to sell the ereader on Craigslist, didn't have but one inquiry, about another PD product! Recently, hubby got a job that has lots of boring time, so he has been taking the PD and playing solitare to keep himself awake. NOW, the second power supply has gone out and HE is impatient to wait on the new charger! I guess I'm the first customer at PD to have TWO go out, but BestBuy says it is the charger, so now I'm trying to figure out what to do next. He isn't getting my Nook Color!! The folks at PD have been really nice to me, and the ereader has been dropped, but never broken.. 08-20-11
cute little toy bought this for my little girl and after set it up everything works perfect for the price Iread the reviews before I got it but it,s been good so far and she love,s it 08-20-11
Oh REALLY!!!! I didn't like the product. No flash player to view videos..It wouldn't download app from andriod market...It was a big dissapointment!!!!! 08-17-11
Hate It Brought this as a replacement for my Nook reader which was left on the airplane,it doesn't download any of the apps,is very slow,I hate it,so therefore I'm returning it , replacing it with another a Nook. 08-15-11
Not good at all I just wanted to use it as an ereader and it barely worked at all. When it did work it was very slow. Extremely disappointed. Mine went back immediately. 08-14-11