P90X 12 DVD Workout Program with Resistance Band & NutritionPlan

P90X 12 DVD Workout Program with Resistance Band & NutritionPlan
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Invigorate your fitness routine with the P90X workout program. The cutting-edge plan incorporates a resistance band and 12 DVDs that showcase different exercise techniques and target different areas of the body. The system brings much-needed variety and excitement to your quest for a stronger, more toned physique.

As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Take a realistic approach: If you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results.


  • Resistance band--color may vary
  • 52-minute How to Bring it DVD
  • 53-minute Chest and Back DVD
  • 58-minute Plyometrics DVD
  • 59-minute Shoulders and Arms DVD
  • 92-minute Yoga DVD
  • 58-minute Legs and Back DVD
  • 55-minute Kenpo X DVD
  • 57-minute X Stretch DVD
  • 57-minute Core Synergistics DVD
  • 55-minute Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps DVD
  • 51-minute Back and Biceps DVD
  • 43-minute Cardio X DVD
  • 16-minute Ab Ripper X DVD
  • Three-phase nutrition plan
  • Fitness guide
  • Progress calendar
  • All DVD run times are approximate

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Reviews & Community QA

F04867 - P90X 12 DVD Workout Program w/Resistance Band &Nutrition Plan 4.4 5 14 14
Great workout but need a strict routine I love the dvds and tend to use them as I have time, not the way intended. I am a bartender so my schedule changes often. This program needs you to have the same kind of schedule everyday and that really just is not possible for me. The ab ripper dvd itself is worth the price though!! 01-01-12
please please please please bring tony hortons 10 minute trainer to qvc. i love p90x but dont have an hour every day,i know others who dont have alot of time but they love tonys workouts. please!!! bring 10 minute trainer to qvc. 09-12-11
Best QVC Purchase Ever I have ordered many products from QVC over the years of all types, but no other product has made such an impact on my life. I love this program, it is fun, it is effective, you work out your whole body, and it has variety so you don't get bored.I am just finishing my first round of the 90 day program, and plan to keep going. It is challenging, but if it wasn't, it wouldn't be effective for the long term. Try it, don't give up, and you will see the results!! 09-05-11
It def challenges you physically and mentally !! I have both the VCR and the DVD's so you can tell how long I have been using this product. Now I just turned 50 this year and have had back and knee surg's several times. I'm pretty banged up but I can use this system effectively. I do have to do some accomodations on some of the exercises but thats the way with EVERY program, one size def doesn't fit all. But if you stick it out and do it again and again you will be amazed at the results. I woudn't classify myself as 'fit' in any streatch of the imagination - I've always been active but not "fit' but I can do the program. Its worth the price and I've bought twice !!! 09-02-11
I wish I wasn't so lazy! This workout program is incredible. . . .now if only I wasn't so lazy and would use it more often. 08-21-11
Not for a first time user This is NOT designed for us beginners. I quit after the first dvd (that I didn't even finish). I was disappointed in myself and felt horrible. After buying this I realized that there is a P90 (which they don't tell you in the ad). If you're not already strong & fit, don't waste your time! 03-07-11
Too much My husband, 2 teenage daughters, and I" tried" to do this, it was pretty intense. You could feel the burn. We did only the first 2 before it became too much of a workout. I give people credit for doing the entire system. You need lots of room, a yoga mat, a pull-up bar, some weights(if you like). There was no room for the 4 of us to exercise because some of the exercises required you to "walk around", step forward and back, etc. Tony doesn't "show" you how to do a specific exercise. Let's say he wants you to do lunges, he just goes straight into it. Not everybody knows what a lunge is. You're kind of spending more time watching how to do something than doing the entire workout. 02-16-11
My apartment is not a gym I got this for my boyfriend. We live in a small apartment. We do not have the room to do these videos. Also beware you need extra tools to use this video. I feel like you need to be very active and in shape to do this video. I feel I have many other exercise videos that are much better. 12-11-10
NOT for everyone! After watching the informercials, QVC's show, and reading reviews, I gave much thought to ordering this program. I decided, at 42, I would be able to do it. It came in a tiny little box with great packaging. I watched the preview video and noticed that it requires either a pull-up bar, or some method for tying the resistance band to something. Not good. The workouts were a little too intense for me. I did some of the first workouts, but found Tony Horton to be grating, also. I had been using a different workout program, fairly intense, but, this one wasn't for me, so I sent it back. If you want a guy screaming at you for how many reps you can do, have at it. Also, make sure you have a pull-up bar and a room with really high ceilings. 11-26-10
Awesome! Excellent program, been doing this workout since July, thanks QVC! 11-07-10
Great Purchase This program will kick your butt, keep up with doing it a few times a week and you will soon get use to it. It is a terrific program for families, individuals whatever. Way more affordable than a gym membership and you do it in the privacy of your own home. Most work out DVDS seem silly, Not this one. 10-20-10
This works! My husband and I bought this to do together and let me tell you... IT WORKS! It is certainly a hard workout and it shows no mercy, but if you need to you can very easily modify and in no time, you'll see (or at least feel) results. Just stick with it... there were days that I nearly wanted to cry, but it's certainly worth the hard work! 10-09-10