Outdoor Kinetic Garden Windmill Sculpture w/Ground Stake

Outdoor Kinetic Garden Windmill Sculpture w/Ground Stake
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The art of motion. Just a gentle breeze turns this sculpture's two fans in opposite directions. Place it in the garden or a planter for a dynamic addition to your outdoor decor.

  • Metal construction with weather-resistant finish
  • Measures 59"H x 17"W
  • Made in China

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So Disappointed Have had this for months and finally assembled it and placed it in the garden. There it sits... Not spinning. Wishing I would have spent the extra and ordered the larger one I found online. Would have been well worth it; verses this piece of 'garden art' that just takes up space. 05-07-11
Doggonit!! This windmill is just gorgeous but for some reason it doesn't do alot of spinning. Definately 1 not spining the opposite of the other. The cap nut on one of the spinners was bent but my husband is pretty handy so he made an adjustment and oiled it. Also the bearings seem to be pretty cheap so he replaced them. All in all pretty disappointed but it's very pretty even if it doesn't spin and too late to return.... 04-05-11
I like it, even when not spinning. I saw this elsewhere online for, $80. The metal is very substantial - possibly too substantial for ease of spinning, in low winds. I think you have to play with the placement - example, it's probably not going to spin if you put it where you typically don't have much wind near your house - try it away from your house a little. I have ours placed on the [windiest] west side of our house. It spins a little with low wind bursts, and spins a lot with heavier winds. I think I read elsewhere it needs 10-15 mph winds. Instructions don't show well, that you should have each facing separate directions. With that, one spins better than the other - one cups the wind more - so, maybe you'd want to assemble them facing the same direction (but not as pretty that way) and ensure the cupped parts face toward the wind. I'm going to put white lithium grease on the moving parts to give more movement. Try ceiling fan balancing weights if yours seems off-balance. The person that said it was too short, did you receive all 3 assembly parts that would make the height? 03-23-11
cute I received this spinner a few days ago...So today in Texas was a very windy day and I was curious to see how this worked.....It looks nice.....But- It isnt spinning........I mean here in texas its super windy......All my other spinners were turning and wind chimes were banging away. Am I doing something wrong? My hubby said we need to hook up a fan like they did on TV........lol 03-13-11
OK , Very Good Price I had been looking for a quality spinner to put in the yard this year. When I saw the price of this one there was no doubt it was going to be the one. The price is just a fraction of what similar items sell for at many retailers. Ball bearings are not common on most yard spinners and shows there is some effort trying to make this a quality item. The spinnier does look good when it is spinning or from a distance. Up close you can't miss the very poor quality of the paint job. One of the spirals looked more like it was tie-dyed than a solid color like the other spiral is painted. It was not a professional paint job. The other problem was some of the fins were welded out of place. A few of the ends were about 2 inches out of line with the others. This required a lot of bending and hoping that nothing would kink and the welds would hold. After a fair amount of time all of the fins looked to be in line and spaced equally. This seemed to get the spinners balanced and let them spin smoothly. You should not be required to make adjustments to any new item right out of the box and would keep me from being able to recommend this unless you are someone that would not mind tuning up this spinner. These things were disappointing to me but because I have already made the adjustments, the great price and the effort that would be needed to return it I am keeping it and will be happy watching the wind make it spin 'round and 'round. If the blades had been mounted correctly and if the paint job was at least a little bit better I would have given this item a big 5 stars. 03-04-11
dissapointed in height - but beautifull I am 5' 8" and this item is does not look as advertised ( the height they advertised ) - I LOVE it though ---I wanted to place it in our rock bed by the side of our patio , where we have hanging plants that surround -- I am worried this will -either break , or hurt our Collie/Sheltie mix when she runs by --- we will need to put in a planter - to make look taller and avoid the dog --- it is very pretty , and I cant wait to put out - but now Im going to need to improvise . 03-02-11
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