Oreck Set of 3 Replacement HEPA Air Filters

Oreck Set of 3 Replacement HEPA Air Filters
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Help keep your Oreck HEPA Air Purifier performing its best with this set of three replacement filters. Each lasts approximately four months, so this set of three has got you covered for an entire year. From Oreck.

  • Includes three replacement HEPA air filters
  • Replacement HEPA Air Filters should be used in item V28693
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

V29664 - Oreck Set of 3 Replacement HEPA Air Filters 3.1 5 36 36
Why No Replacement HEPA Air Filters? Purchased three Oreck HEPA Air Purifiers from QVC - two of the three were just purchased in March 2012. If I had known there would be no replacement filters, I would not have purchased the two additional purifiers. Would like to know if I could get a refund. Why would QVC sell items that require replacement filters and then not have the replacement filters needed for these items. 12-01-12
now what do you use for a filter this is not good have a machine but cannot get filter this is outragus... 11-04-12
Good purchase but no filters available The product works great, just no way to get replacement filters. If you're going to sell a product that you are the only one to get the replacement filters from, then you should have them available.I will be very carefull with purchasing an item that you can only get the replacement parts from QVC. 09-20-12
Replacement filters are very rarely in stock! I have three of these Oreck Air Filtration Systems and I've never had a problem with the machine itself. I have, however, had the toughest time getting replacement filters. What's the point if I can only use it three months??? My son has allergies and I need to replace the filters in the recommended time frame (every 3 months) but QVC has not had replacement filters available in at least 6 months (when I started looking) and counting. I may be returning all three units if QVC and Oreck refuse to stock replacement filters. I cannot recommend this unit to others for that reason alone. I'm disappointed in both companies in this matter. 08-26-12
I love the product, but... I love you QVC, but I am in agreement with the others; why can't you keep these filters in stock? If you keep selling the machine, it's only right to make sure the replacement filters are available. I too, have been waiting and waiting for these. I can't find them anywhere else, and if I could, I'd order them so I wouldn't have to wait for QVC. 08-22-12
NO FILTERS It's been well over six months since I've been waiting for filters to come in and, nothing. I can't believe this! I can't recommend this product because if there's no filters, how is it going to work? Generally, this could be highly recommended but not like this. Frankly, I think, Oreck should either refund, or replace, the unit with another model that is workable. There are enough of us that are "fit to be tied" over the absence of these filters. Furthermore, an air purifier is a health product which most of us rely on. This is an important product! 08-13-12
Filter Issues QVC needs to support their products by in this case keeping a supply of filters in stock..... 07-31-12
disappointed I am disappointed that QVC can not ever get these filters in stock.. I have been waiting forever. I bought 2 of these machines and I can not use them because I can never get the filters. 06-30-12
Good air purifier Great air purifier but cant get filters! How sad. What's up qvc? Oreck says they have plenty of filters. Why can't you get them for your customers? I would have given a 5 star, but because of the problem with qvc stocking the filters I give it a 1star 06-19-12
Filters pain to get The unit itself works great, I have never had any problems with it. I have had it for almost two years. It's quiet not silent, but definately quiet. The replacement filters are a big pain to purchase - it seems that they are always on wait list and not readily available for purchase. There is an Oreck store near me and I am able to purchase them through the store but of course they are more expensive - $50 for pkg of three. If QVC had the filters in stock then I would give it 5 stars and recommend it. It is NOT worth purchasing due to the hassle of getting the replacement filters. 05-25-12
Problems with getting filters My Air Purifier has worked flawlessly. However the filters are another story. Lots of problems getting the filters. Just got a hold of Oreck today and they have the filters in right now. Order now if you need them. It will cost you almost $50.00 for 3 filters. Sure would want to buy another Air Purifier but I won't get the Oreck. I guess lots of people have also had trouble with the unit itself. Good luck and order your filters now. 04-19-12