Nutrisystem Advanced Two-Week Breakfast and Lunch Sampler

Nutrisystem Advanced Two-Week Breakfast and Lunch Sampler
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Enjoy quick, convenient breakfasts and lunches that are actually good for you! The Nutrisystem Advanced Sampler contains a large variety of tasty options that fit your busy lifestyle as well as your dietary needs--whether you are dieting or maintaining a weight loss. Two-week supply. From Nutrisystem.


  • Includes 14 breakfasts and 14 lunches
  • Made in USA

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Nutrisystem Advanced Two-Week Breakfast and Lunch Sampler 3.2 5 25 25
Sorry but didn't agree with me...... Purchased this thinking only a two week breakfast and lunch plan. Sorry to say that the lunch items did NOT agree with me. The breakfast items were so so.....Not used to a SNACK BAR for breakfast .....more of a SNACK item. However, I needed to return since it was useless for me to keep if I couldn't use. 10-03-12
Nutrisystems works! I have gone on and off of this program a few times and each time, I have lost weight and kept it off for a year or so...I can't do it all the time because of expense but I think it is worth it...I am going to try and switch it up and order some add ons to stay on track... I just wish shipping wasn't so much... 07-02-12
teaches healthy eating, convienent, ok tasting This gets an A for convenience, its super easy to prepare. As for the taste, its ok, but hey the yummy food got me here so I'm ok with that. Just don't rely on the meals alone, your shopping list is important. It teaches you how to eat, so you can do it later yourself. 01-26-12
Quite Surprised My husband and I each started this a little over a week ago. We are both quite surprised at how good the food actually is. I don't think I've had one bad meal and he's only disliked one entree (I haven't tried that one yet). The entrees are very convenient to take to work and any time required for heating is minimal. I was only hungry in between meals even with the afternoon snack on the first day. After the first day, I was very comfortable all day. The only thing I don't like is all the extras-fruits, vegetables, dairy- that is required. Don't get me wrong, I love fruits, vegetables, cheese and yogurt, but it takes a little bit of planning at the grocery store each week and sometimes I feel like I have to force myself to eat them even when I am not hungry because it is part of the plan to have them. Overall, it really is too early tell the true effects of this program, but my husband and I both agree that we feel like we've lost some weight-although neither of us have stepped on the scale since starting it. We'll probably both finish up this package and then do the 28 day package and see if we want to continue further. 01-23-12
Wish I would have known what was in this I thought one of the pictures was scrambled eggs, so I ordered this. That is not one of the items. All of these items are included in other sets, so nothing special. 05-09-11
Love the program. It really works! I purchased this to supplement the 4 week program that I am currently on. The food is very good and you just suppliment with your fruits and vegetables. It works of course if you follow the program. Sure it isnt as good and the protions are not as big as restaurants but that is what got us here in the first place. I lost 8lbs the first week that i was on the plan. Thanks QVC for having this item available for us! 03-16-11
Takes work like ANY weight loss program The food won't lose the weight for you. As with any weight loss program, one has to be ready and willing to put in the work. I didn't like all the meals but after checking out various NS blog sites, there are wonderful ways to "doctor" up the meals. You can make soups and stews out of a lot of them or add the recommended vege/fruit sides to make more appealing entrées. Some of the entrees were very "heavy" tasting and by adding fat free, low sodium broth, i made soups out of them which helped me feel more "full". Adding some of the dry cereals to a serving of yogurt added to the variety of my meal. Be creative. 01-15-11
A Little Confusing When i opened my box of food i found a list of additional food but no sample menu. i found it very confusing. should i eat the breakfast bar or lunch bar by itself? i believer other people will assume that to be true and therefore will not be eating all the nutrition they are suppose to. a sample menu would help explain that. 01-05-11
It works! The right food and determination! Nutri System works.. add some fruit and a few salads and your good. I had a HS reunion and wanted to lose at least 10 lbs and well lost 17! I did not enjoy all the food but u know what it wasn't killing me to eat it! Im good its been a few years and Ive learned to eat in smaller portions and through out the day. Im actually bck cause this summer I gained 6 unwanted lbs and want to lose a little more so that if I gain during the holidays Im still good. I ordered the 6 week plan. Its easy and convenient , You want to lose then get to ordering you wont regret it a few weeks down the road! 09-03-10
Not good tasting Most of the items taste bad. Also, as mentioned by the other reviewers, we still have to buy supplement, thus, it defeats the purpose. There are also items like pancakes that we have to do the cooking! This is not for me. I'm returning it. 08-27-10
Really Does Work Most of the food is good. Must add some spices to really enjoy. I have lost 25-30 lbs and still losing. Black pepper and hot peppers are good additions. Drink lots of water and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. 04-17-10
Bad Taste and Not Simple I did not like the taste of the food. Also, it really is not a simple and easy meal plan. Each meal had to be supplemented with other foods, so to me it defeated the purpose. To me, it's much easier to just plan my own meals and count calories. I'm sending this back. 07-19-09