Nutrisystem 16-piece Crunchy Collection

Nutrisystem 16-piece Crunchy Collection
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Don't skimp on the snacks. The Crunchy Collection has lots of lip-smacking flavor--and plenty of crunch. Now, you can satisfy that occasional craving for a salty snack. And because it's part of the program, you know it's okay to indulge. From Nutrisystem.

  • Includes two bags of pretzels, two bags of honey mustard pretzels, two bags of BB soy chips, two bags of zesty herb snacks, two bags of nacho crisps, two bags of white cheddar soy chips, two bags of sour cream and onion soy chips, and two bags of cheese puffs
  • Made in USA

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not as advertise, but still good OK so it didn't have all the items but did have the cheese puffs & popcorn and they are good. I like it all. But wish I had gotten nacho chips. 11-24-13
Paying for what is left over? If, in the Nutrisystem presentations, you're allowed to 'customize' snacks as well as other foods, why, as others have posted, do we have to spend our hard earned money on what 'Nutrisystem' decides to send? As another customer has written regarding the snacks, why does one not receive an 'assortment' of snacks instead of nearly a full order of pretzels and maybe two snack packages of something else? I've got to say, I'm really, really having second thoughts about misrepresentation regarding Nutrisystem. If QVC and Nutrisystem can't get it right about customizing their product as the purchaser requests, maybe both should get together and read these reviews. 09-19-13
Product received is not as described!!!! Shipment was received and was not as described in the QVC description. I received 8 bags of pretzels and 2 bags popcorn-NO NACHO CHIPS, NO CHEDDAR SOY CHIPS, NO SOUR CREAM ONION CHIPS. In checking the reviews, THIS PROBLEM SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN GOING ON FOR SOMETIME .I do not understand why this continues to be a problem. I would have thought Nutri Systems valued their relationship with QVC customers and corrected the problem. Since this is a continuing situation, I think QVC should correct the problem or change their description or discontinue this package was it is not being shipped on described. 09-12-13
It needs to be customized I bought this and am reordering it, so that tells ya that I like it. But, what I don't like is that I don't get to pick out what I get. I like the popcorn and so that is a yes. I really do like the cheese chips, so that is a given. I usually have that, when I'm eating a half of a sandwich that is low fat. Really, I felt like I was losing some weight, just by substituting the cheese chips for regular chips that you buy at the grocer store. I wished that they would sell a snack set that you could individualize. I would buy that nonstop, along with the soups. I like the chili and bean and the bean soup and some of the vegie beef soup. But, I don't really care for their entrees. So....Nutrisystem folks. Know that you have loyal followers, if you would simply make sets that people have more say so with, than having to take a combo that you recommend. After all, people are consistent with a meal plan, only if they like it. I really would have given this a 5 star if that were the case, because I like purchasing what I need when I need it. Thanks. :) 08-27-13
SUBSTITUTIONS Dear QVC Buyer, Please-please-please talk with the Nutritsystem reps and tell them QVC customers should not be sent so many substitutions. This item with tax and shipping cost me $30....I received 8 bags of pretzels!!!!! EIGHT!!!! 2 popcorn !!!! POPCORN??? 4 cheesepuffs a 2 herb things that are still pretzels!!!!! This is completely different than the description of the item. Why am I even sent the item if it isn't what I ORDERED!!!!! 07-11-13
Not worth the money The snacks are very high calories and low in satisfaction. Regular pretzels or air popped popcorn would work provided you measured them out correctly. 09-06-12
Yummy, better than expected Well, I was expecting these to be like cardboard, but they are actually very yummy. A very good way to have a snack, but to make it healthier & portioned. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste. A little pricey, but if you need help with portion control, these are great. I will purchase them again. 06-13-12
Product description is incorrect.... Be aware the description on this product is incorrect. There are no soy crisps or nacho crisps included as the description states. I ended up with 2 bags of buttered popcorn 4 bags of cheese puffs 4 bags of honey mustard pretzels 2 zesty herb snack mix 4 bags of regular pretzels not nearly the variety of different snacks I was expecting or planning on. 01-16-12
Hit the spot snacks I have been on Nutri system since the end of January, have lost 63lbs. I have started to have my own breakfasts and some of my own dinners and I am still losing weight. I have also received just the Lunch bars, and they are helping me too. Keep up the good work N.S and QVC. 09-27-11
Get On Track With These Great Snacks! After losing 26 pounds on the Nutrisystem plan three years ago, I went from a size 8-10 to a size 2. I order the Nutrisystem crunchy and chocolaty snacks whenever I gain a few pounds (like over the holidays) and need to be more careful in my food choices so I can quickly get back on track and back to my target weight. These crunchy snacks are delcious! I especially like the barbecue soy chips and the zesty herb snack mix. The pretzels, both honey mustard and regular, are also tasty and seem "heartier" than traditional pretzels. Be aware though that according to the representative I spoke with at Nutrisystem, the white cheddar and sour cream & onion soy chips are no longer available. Instead, I received 4 packages of the honey mustard pretzels and 4 packages of the regular pretzels instead of two of each. As I mentioned previously, the pretzels are good, so it wasn't too much of an issue for me. If you eat sensible meals and indulge in just one Nutrisystem snack (crunchy or sweet) each day, I feel sure you'll see results! 01-05-11
NICE AND CRUNCHY I was surprised that I would like these little bags but they taste delicious. They're not for everyone but they fill my need to have something to snack on. 07-31-10
Have only tasted 3 so far... The Honey-Mustard Pretzel sticks and the Zesty Herb Mix are positively addictive!!! You will eat these up quickly, as they rival anything sold in the snack section of your local supermarket. However, one bag does not fill me up (or completely satisfy my craving for crunchy deliciousness). The Nacho Crisps are absolutely disgusting- they should cease production of these until they figure out a better taste & texture (mouth-feel). The cheese powder is atrocious! Once you figure out that you really can't stomach them, you'll actually be down to only 14 snacks that you like. That's enough for 2 weeks if you have the self-control to eat one a day. I'm a snack fiend, so this selection would probably last me only 4 or 5 days, tops. Only you can decide if that's a good value for the money. I'll report in a later review about how much weight I've lost. Hope this helps. 05-08-10