Mobile Power Mini Beast 300 Amp Power Station w/Compressor

Mobile Power Mini Beast 300 Amp Power Station w/Compressor
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Be prepared when emergencies arise with the Mini Beast power station at the ready. With color-coded jumper cables, it lets you jump-start a dead battery worry-free. You can also jump-start your car from the inside using the double ended 12VDC cord to charge the battery though your cigarette lighter or 12VDC receptacle! Keep it in your car, boat, RV, or home for portable, powerful peace of mind.

  • 300 amps
  • Color-coded jumper cables
  • Double-ended 12VDC cord
  • One DC outlet
  • 100 PSI air compressor
  • USB port
  • LED work light
  • Convenient two-way handle
  • UL listed AC adapter; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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V31469 - Mobile Power Mini Beast 300 Amp Power Station w/Compressor 3.4 5 15 15
Being Prepared My husband, who passed away last winter, dealt with all the dead battery and inflating situations in our home and cars with his vast array of complicated tools. I needed something that was easy to understand and simple to use. Also, because I have multiple back problems, I needed something light weight, not big and bulky. When I saw this, I ordered it immediately. I am charging it for the first time so that I can charge the car that's in the driveway with a dead battery. I also have my husband's truck which is very high off the ground and I am very short. If that vehicle ever needed to be jumped and I didn't have the Beast, I'd have to call for help. With the Beast, l would be able to charge the vehicle without even getting my hands dirty!. I've had no problem with the flashlights at all. I just popped in the batteries that were provided and they both came on immediately .One did stick inside the unit but after taking it in and out a few times, it was freed up. I have no doubt that it will work the way it was advertised. I have confidence in QVC's products and the assurance that if there is a problem, QVC always make it right. For the price, I think I've gotten an excellent deal on peace of mind. I want one for each vehicle so I'll definitely be ordering another. 02-05-12
security for student! As a college student on a budget, I drive an older car. My car has faulty wiring that is too much money for me to repair and causes my battery to drain frequently. I received the mini beast jumpstarter for my birthday and it has been a great help! At least once a week, my battery dies and this product is a lifesaver especially when I'm in a rush to get to class. It only takes a few minutes to jump start my battery and let's me get to class on time. I always have the mini beast in my trunk and it gives me a sense of security, especially when coming out of a night class or on a road trip. Sometimes I can even charge the battery just while sitting in the car by plugging in my mini beast into the car's DC converter. This is a great gift for any student!! 01-02-12
Useful product in power outages I just recieved this as a christmas present and whish i had it in the recent power outages on East coast. The 300 amp unit is good value for $$ and will get you out of a flat battery pickle if kept fully charged in the trunk of your car. I understand there is also a Power 400 unit which I am sure is just as good. 12-29-11
Giving it a try I received this for Christmas. I Began charging it this morning and am hopeful that it works. I am confused by the reviews concerning the battery compartment on the flashlights. I twisted the "battery end cap cover" counter clockwise, slid the batteries through the slot and no problem. It was not necessary to unscrew anything or remove the back of the flash light. They work great! After the initial charge I'll test the other features. I am giving it a 5 star rating until i find something that does not work. 12-28-11
life saver!! This incredible product litteraly saved my sanity, and well being. I had my car parked in a busy shopping center, when i came back my cars battery completly died on me! luckily i had one these badboys in my trunk and was able to start my car in no time without hassle. i also have used the air compressot (conviently built in) to maintain good tire pressure. there are two bright LED flashlights that i have used to walk my dog at late hours and keep a brighltly lit up work are too! this great multipurpose device and I dont leave without this in my car. i would like to thank the ingenious minds that came up with this miricle worker. 12-25-11
Great for Emergencies I'm a road warrior and always driving for business. I came out to my car after a business meeting and realized left my lights on. I received the Mini Beast as a gift and had it in my trunk. I took it out hooked to my battery and started my car right up. It was a life saver. I highly recommend this product and plan to buy 2 unit to give as gifts. I also called their customer service line to ask some questions and they were extreamly helpful. 12-16-11
NOT SO SURE YET Got this and we are charging it; my husband is really excited about all the things it can do so we will see how it goes. BUT one of the flashlights did not work out of the box. We still have high hopes that it will help in a pinch when needed. We also hope they will send a new flashlight so we don’t have to pay to ship it back. 12-16-11
Best Purchase Ever I purchased this mobilepower mini beast for my wife to put in her car, she travels a long distance to drive to work, and has had problems in the past with starting her car to get home. She would have to wait for someone to call to help her jump start the car, or call a towing service that was very costly. Now she has the mini beast to start the car and she has already used it and it works perfectly. I highly recommend this unit. 12-15-11
Not sure any more!! I purchased this product as a Christmas gift for my dad. The product was received and was defective. The package looked as though someone put their foot on the box and it was almost torned open. So, I returned the product. But, then I though, make I should re-order this power station for my dad because I really wanted to get it for my dad. Now, I am not so sure any more especially after reading the other reviews. It has been 10 days now and I am still waiting on my refund. I think maybe I should pass on the reconsidering this device as a Christmas gift. 12-13-11
Does not work I purchased 2 units for Christmas gifts after seeing them on TV one evening. I thought this would be a great gift for my dad and husband. Our car battery went dead last evening, so I gave my husband his gift early. He followed the step by step directions all last night and most of the day today, and it just does not have enough power to perform a jump. I am so disappointed, but I am glad that I now know. Last thing I would want is my for my dad or husband trying to use this in an emergency situation. The service that came to our house to jump our vehicle said you need at a minimum 1000 amps. This unit has barely enough power to jump a motorcycle. Great idea...not enough power. So disappointed. 12-11-11
Takes the Sting Out of the Pinch I won't disagree with some of the other reviews that say the flashlights feel cheap and the air compressor is not strong. However, if you compare this against other similar units that have higher PSI, you'll see you pay up to $100. So you can choose what's right for your budget yet will take care of you in a pinch! I've purchased two. One for me, and one for my brother for Christmas, and I'm keeping them both! Within the two weeks I've had it, it's come in handy twice. Bottom line is it still satisfied the need. The first need was to get my 80 year old grandmother's car tire pumped up. It was in her garage, and she was in serious need of being inflated, yet she wouldn't let anyone take the car to do it, nor did she take the time. So, I brought this to her house to deal with the situation. It did take awhile for the tire to inflate, but guess what? It inflated! It served its purpose. The second "event" that I needed it was completely unexpected. I got in the car and it wouldn't start. I had left an interior light on overnight. I used the plug to charge the car from inside the vehicle, and it worked like a charm immediately. Again....it satisfied the need in a pinch. So, if you want to spend more money on something you may not need to use often, you certainly have that choice. I'm good with spending less money on something that won't get a weekly, and probably not even a monthly use when it takes care of me when I need it. :-) 12-07-11
Cheap I bought this for my Father for Christmas after seeing it on TV and was so excited! I have to say I am greatly disappointed because it feels and looks so cheaply made.... The air compressor isn't very strong at all! I can't imagine how long it would take to put air in a tire! The flashlights are VERY thin plastic and "FEEL" cheap. I would be embarrassed to give this to my Dad so I'm returning it right away. :( 12-05-11