McCullough 1500 Watt Portable Power Steam Cleaner

McCullough 1500 Watt Portable Power Steam Cleaner
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A new level of clean. This portable steam cleaner uses 1500W of power to provide approximately 30 minutes of continuous steam so you can blast away dirt and grime inside and outside your home. No need for harsh cleaning chemicals--the steam cleaner uses only water to eliminate dirt. The impressive assortment of attachments ensures you have just the right tool to get every area of the house. From McCullough.


  • Portable 1500W steam cleaner
  • Utility head
  • Cloth cover
  • Steam jet nozzle
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Nozzle tip
  • Nylon brush
  • Brass brush
  • Two extension wands
  • Measuring cup
  • Measurements: Steam cleaner 7"L x 15"W x 8-1/2"H; Steam hose 4-1/2'L; Power cord 12-3/4'L
  • ETL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

V28151 - McCullough 1500 Watt Portable Power Steam Cleaner 2.9 5 15 15
Save your money This was a waste of money. I've used it only one time and will most likely never use it again. I'm really disappointed in this product. Now it's just sitting in my storage shed collecting dust. 08-06-10
cheap I love QVC and this is the first product that I thought was junk. There is no power to it and the steam does not clean anything. 04-17-10
returned it don't buy its a waste of money and time i sent mine back it didn't get hot and it would throw out water and make a fog show 02-12-10
Great value This steam cleaner is a great value for the money. It was so easy to clean my tile floors and for the stubborn stains you just leave the mophead on the stain, count to 10, and wipe over, and the stain is gone. Cleans the grout with the mophead brush well also. If you spray a little Clorox Cleanup first let it sit, the grout was even cleaner but you do not have to do this for your grout to be brighter. I used this in my shower to clean the shower floor it picked up the dirt on the bottom of the shower. To clean the shower floor I first sprayed shower, tub and tile cleaner then went over everything with the steam mophead using the brushes. You do need to put some muscle into it but this is the first time in years I was able to remove all buildup on the floor.. The only thing I am not pleased about it does not remove the mold and mildew from underneath the sliding shower doors, easily. Its best to spray some mold and mildew cleaner let it sit then apply the steam cleaner head. Do this a few times. I attempted this several times today and each time more mold and mildew came out from under the doors. Its a great product for the money. 02-11-10
Finally a steam cleaner for me! This is not my first steam cleaner but I am keeping this one. I tried it on everything except the floors I bought it for. I loved to know that sinks and faucets were sanitized, they sparkled. The unit is a nice size, easy too handle and had lots of steam. 01-22-10
Mixed review Tried it for several jobs with mixed results. Heats up quickly; was getting ~20 minutes steam per tank. Superior for cleaning oven interior & racks (looks like new) using brass brush, but not the glass door which it barely made a difference on that surface. Kitchen floor- wonderful. Very good on soap scrum in tub IF its not too heavy...but you must still use pressure on the nylon brush to clean the scum. If scum is heavy will have to repeat process again. Shower door mildew stuck under silicone gaskets was interesting; seemed to "melt" the mildew, so even tho the steam couldn't push the mildew out (cause it does NOT claim to be a power washer), using a toothpick after steam treatment, the mildew could be pushed out fairly well. The mildew that I couldn't get out was killed (turned black). Don't have tiled grout in shower so I can't comment on that (even tho I know that is what most people are interested in). Outdoor grill- no good on grates or greasy side plates, no way. So, whether you consider this unit good or bad really depends on what you plan to clean. The only disappointing part of durability of the system was the brushes...by the time I did all of the above the nylon & the brass brushes were matted & trashed. I have no idea how to get more, or the cost...I almost hate to ask. 01-13-10
SENDING BACK FOR SURE! I took me about 2 hours to clean my oven with this, when I was finished it was squeaky clean! But I kept having to refill it every 10 minutes!,,It's not the quality I thought it was going to be and I was excited about the floor attachment but it doesn't stay on, as soon as you press the button it flys off. 12-17-09
Love This This is the answer for all my tough cleaning problems! Kitchen, Bath, spill clean up....even on carpet!! 11-19-09
So So I have never received more than 10-15 minutes of steam despite claim of 30 minutes. It is powerful and easy to use. Do not like having to empty it after each use. It is awkward to tilt and was not aware of need to clean with vinegar periodically. I wanted to buy an extra rag cover but could not find it from seller. The only parts I saw which could be bought separately were the nylon and brass brush.. One should be able to replace all parts 11-13-09
Worked well for me I used the yellow power steam cleaner yesterday in two bathrooms to clean grout and the "pits" in the tile. It did a wonderful job-- I am amazed at how clear the floor is! The cord length was fine as the bathroom is a reasonable size. I had no problems with the switch or dripping. 10-26-09
I liked it and will order again I had to return the first one because the trigger stopped working properly the second day I used it. First day was great, on/off on/off as needed. Second day. Once you hit the trigger to let out steam it stayed on until it was out of water. But it did a great job cleaning floors, windows, bathroom, toilets and even removing varnish from some rattan chairs. Loved this item and I have really missed it since returning it for a new one. The actual steam chamber and attachments are great. I think maybe if you let it sit longer then the 5-6 min it actually takes to heat the water to steam may create too much pressure and it is why the trigger quit working. Not sure, just guessing. 06-19-09
Good, needs bigger tank When I first saw the steamer & watched the video I couldn't wait to get it home to put it to use. I cleaned my kitchen sink and kitchen island and steamed my wood floors and wasn't very impressed. I immediately read the 2nd review and new I had made a mistake because I need more time in between refills and cool down time. In addition, steam head for floors is small and cord is very short so you have to keep unplugging it to reach other areas in your home. It does clean & has good pressure, but I went ahead and ordered the blue machine all were raving about. looking forward to that one instead of this machine. Overall, cleans, but needs longer cords and bigger tank. 04-22-09