Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box w/Mirror by Lori Greiner

Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box w/Mirror by Lori Greiner

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"When creating my products, I try to think of problems we all have and then come up with great solutions. My focus is to make your life easier, more enjoyable, and more fun! Whether it's saving you time and money, creating more space, allowing maximum visibility and storage, or simply providing great gifts, my goal is to make your life better."

—Lori Greiner


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Avoid the cosmetics crush with this deluxe wood makeup box with built-in mirror. Spacious and separated into four different levels with swing-out doors and magnetic closures, it offers ample room for 30 lipsticks and numerous other cosmetics, like blushes, shadows, pencils, mascara, foundations, nail polishes, and more. From Lori Greiner.

  • Magnetic closures in door and knobs
  • Wood/wood veneers construction
  • Measures approximately 14" x 11-1/2" x 8-1/4"
  • Made in China

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H165015 — Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box w/Mirror by Lori Greiner

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Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box w/Mirror by Lori Greiner 4.4 5 675 675
LOVE IT! I was hesitant after reading some of the reviews..SO GLAD I BOUGHT THIS! I did't have any issues, everything looked good, no bottoms coming up on any of the drawers. well made and on easy pay I couldn't pass up. i collected all of my makeup and was able to fit everything. I made so much room in my bathroom by purchasing this Cosmetic Box. I even found something I had a double of and had no idea! I love, love, love it. 05-17-15
Arrived Damaged & Defective / Poor Quality :( I was so looking forward to receiving this item as I desperately need the extra space to store my cosmetics. This items is not very user friendly and mine arrived defective and damaged. The corners stick our unevenly as you look down the sides making it appear to be extremely cheaply made and this thing costs a great deal of money. Too much money for it to arrive in that condition and as it was packaged very well, this didn't happen during shipment. It left the warehouse like this! QVC, please re-vamp or give further training to your providers of your quality control inspections. On my piece, it's very easily seen, you don't have to look for it. Sure, you can adjust it, running your hands down the sides and pushing them back together and straightening the item up. However, it takes no time at all, without even using it or touching it, it's back to being lopsided once again and mind you, I haven't even put one, not even one of my cosmetic items in the organizer box. On the right side when you try to open one of the swing out drawers, two of them open together stuck to one another, one on top of the other and you must take both hands to separate them, being very careful due to the product being made from very inexpensive materials and I'm afraid that I would damage it further if I were to put too much pressure on it. One reviewer said that they just removed the divider on the left side bottom to make it more useful, however, it doesn't just slip out. You would actually have to force or cut the dividers out. They advertised that the drawers were deep and hey aren't! They aren't nearly as deep and spacy as represented and said to be. You just can't store very much in this huge table top storage box. The swing out boxes are only about an inch deep. This piece was built for purely aesthetic purposes only, not storage. That being said, you may be able to put one, perhaps two compacts in a drawer and then, no room for anything else in that drawer.. All of those slotted spaces! On the top left and bottom left! Who needs that many? I don't use that many colors of lipstick and it's just not deep enough to put anything else in there. What else would/could you use those slots for anyway? It has these little tinny box spaces directly under where the mirror is located and I haven't a clue as to what they would hold. They are only about one half in long and one quarter of an inch deep! What goes in there? I can see putting a pair of earrings in there, but I purchased this for cosmetics, not jewelry! They call this a Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box w/Mirror, well I just don't see what's so luxurious about it at all. The wood is very cheap. I have to admit, the idea behind it is great, but this box isn't going to be able to store the average sided products and not very many at all. I can get better use and much more storage space from one of those cosmetic boxes that you can purchase from discount stores at a much, much lower price and they come with a key to where they can be locked. They also have a handle so that you can travel with it and take ALL of your cosmetics with you. That's exactly what I did too. When I saw that this cosmetic box wasn't going to hold my cosmetics, I went out and purchased a large one and upon opening, it folds out and has three long deep shelves on each side and a VERY DEEP storage area on the bottom below the shelves holding full sized bottles and many, many more items. The mirror in the Luxury Box, I can't see myself well enough in that cheap mirror for it to be useful. Besides that, the box is made to sit on top of your dresser, therefore, when you open the tope of the box and if you wished to look in the mirror, you would have to tip-toe or for me, I would have to stand on a stool in order to see myself as my dresser in tall and the top of it comes slightly above my breasts when I stand beside it. The inside of the cosmetic box being painted white just adds to it's cheap look. Lori said on air that it was painted white in order to see everything much better, but I believe it's due to white being less expensive. I think a darker, more luxurious colour would make it much easier to identify what you're looking for. The inexpensive box I purchased from the discount store has beautiful dark, plush, soft lining throughout. I spent about one fifth to one sixth the cost for it, saving a great deal of money. Mind you, I didn't go out and purchase it until after I inspected the Lori Greiner Box when received and knew it wasn't going to work. On top of that, it arrived with a little hole on the front of one of the larger doors in the wood and a scratch on top of the box. It also has a few scratches inside some of the drawers. I think that perhaps I received a box that was returned fro some reason and just repackaged, then sent out to lucky me. Like I stated above, a lot of the problem is poor quality control, letting items be shipped to consumers in that shape. I'm sorry, but I just can't get over how little room there is in this fairly large box. If it were better designed, with fewer swing out door, thereby making the storage space more deep than they are, it would at least hold more and regular sized bottles and products, but as it's designed now, I believe only deluxe sized products such as samples would fit in it without putting unnecessary cumbersome weight on it and perhaps pushing the limit to an early death of use. If it were designed where the box didn't have swing out drawers, which take up even more space on your dresser or wherever you may decide to place it, and had pull our drawers that were a bit deeper, it would hold sssooooo many more items. I believe Lori was looking to create something to appeal more to aesthetics and appearance rather than storage room and what I'm in need of is the storage space. I NEED THAT SPACE not necessarily the looks. Sure, everyone wants to have a nice piece that is appealing to the eye, where you can have it sitting out on display, but not at the expense of taking away from the entire idea, STORAGE SPACE! I don't use traditional lipsticks either, I use lipsticks that are long wearing with a lip colour on one end with a wand and the gloss on the other, therefore, making all of those many, many lipstick slots useless to me. The swing out drawers aren't even long enough to hold my lipstick/glosses and the fact that they swing out to the sides just makes it take up more and more space on your dresser or where ever you may desire to place it. You can't place anything around or near it, not if you intend on using the box because the swing out drawers wouldn't swing out with anything nearby. They would knock whatever is nearby over! The two swing out drawers that stick together and swing out at the same time, one under the other that you must separate gets me. That shows that the box is sitting off-kilter. It's definitely defective and poorly crafted. Lori's jewelry armoires look so nice on air, I was considering purchasing the large, rotating one because I have a lot of very nice jewelry, gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones, saltwater and freshwater pearls, gold and silver rings, gold and silver necklaces, gold ankle bracelets, gold and silver toe rings, gold and silver earrings, gold and silver ear cuffs, gold and silver bracelets, gold tongue rings, austrian crystal earrings, necklaces and bracelets with gold accents, many very nice hair accessories in addition to several watches, some gold and some silver, some have precious stones set in them, gold and silver pins with precious and semi-precious gems set into them, some watches with leather bands and some just gold tone or silver tone, thrown in with a few nice pieces of costume jewelry...etc... that I would love to store in it and really need a place to store it rather than in various small, albeit nice jewelry boxes, however, after seeing the poor workmanship on this cosmetic box, I'm truly afraid to invest my hard earned money in such an expensive item considering the lack of quality. I'm afraid that it would arrive damaged or defective and not what is described on television or in the on-line videos. If I weren't satisfied with it for not holding as much as advertised or if it were to arrive damaged or defective, the cost and the trouble to send it back would be outrageous due to the weight. Lori, I love your ideas, but..... what happened? I honestly believe, as stated above, that I've received someone else's returned item, just repackaged and reshipped out to lucky me.... This purchase must go back as much as I hate to return anything due to it taking so much of my precious time that I could be doing something much more useful. :( 05-10-15
How Did I EVER Live Without This?!! For years and years I dreaded putting my makeup on because I had to unload 2 drawers in my bathroom to find what I needed. I purchased this for myself as a Christmas present. My life is changed forever! All my makeup is at my fingertips and this cosmetic box looks beautiful on my bathroom vanity. Every woman needs this! Get won't be sorry!! Thank you Lori! 05-10-15
Saves! Time, Energy, Space, looks GREAT--LUV IT!! Ladies, I have had this totally Awesome!! Cosmetic Box for over half a year and honestly, I cannot ever! even imagine not having one of these...or two!!--seriously thinking of getting another one!! I have the "walnut" one and the wood and finish and craftmanship on mine is very nicely done and has held up wonderfully. I do admit though, I try to take care of it, by always making sure that I gently wipe it down with a soft cloth with a very small amount of good wood polish and I am never "rough" when opening and closing. Mine sits right in front of kinda large "sitting area" mirror, where I do all my make-up (separate from my bathroom, so it does not come into contact with a lot of..."moisture"), have a pretty picture with frame on top of it when not using and it is just sooo....pretty and yet sooo Functional!! I do confess though. I needed more "room" for some of my taller items. When you look at the photo's (the Bottom Left Photo) you see where there is a place for all your lipsticks and above it are TWO "wooden boards" CAN EASILY!!! TAKE OUT/GENTLY "PULL OUT" the TOP TWO "boards" and the Bottom Area for Your Lipsticks....well it lifts right out. Ladies, "yes" you are going to have little bitty tiny "holes" where you "pulled out" the top boards, but I can assure you, doing this firmly and GENTLY...they (the holes) are "tiny" AND very very easy, to "cover up"; I did mine with cute little "stickers"!! I did this because I needed more "taller space" and I could not be happier!!! Of course, if you do not "need" more taller space, then use as intended. I certainly hope that I 'explained" this correctly. I got the "idea" from another REVIEWER on here!! LORI, I LOVE this item!! Not only does it save me Time, keeps me Organized!!!, Lets me SEE..."what"!! I have, NO MORE....looking/hunting/wondering "where" something is....this item is also, well, GORGEOUS!!!, and no one, EVER "guesses" that it is for "make-up/cosmetics", for it looks more like a Jewelry Box!!!! Have ordered over a 1000 items from the Q. This is in the TOP 1%...LOVE IT!!! :) moondust 04-23-15
PERFECT This is GREAT. sits on my bathroom counter and holds a ton. The perfect organizer. Very happy with the purchase I made 04-19-15
Love I absolutely love the look of this cosmetic box and I used it to downsize and prioritize my makeup. Only the best and most used can go in here and when it's full, I scale back my products until I make room. It is very roomy and fits lots of lipsticks and different size powder compacts and eyeliners etc. It really was designed by a woman for a woman and it looks stunning right on top of my counter with a pretty flower vase on top. I find it an absolute pleasure to put my makeup on in the morning when it is organized and streamlined and when it closes up, it hides everything like a dream! Thank you again Lori!!! 04-18-15
great storage organizes everything nicely, and stores nicely under bathroom sink. 04-15-15
Wonderful Wonderful, awesome, great, ingenious, best thing since slice bread! Just saying! 04-13-15
Wonderful This is such a great idea and it works. I chose white. You'll need a bit more space to open it up on a bathroom counter but it's worth it. This is a must have because it saves you time and stress, everything is in one place, nice and neat. This would make a great Mother's Day present. 04-13-15
Love it except for the mirror Very nice looking, holds make up and brushes as promised. The bathroom looks and is much more organized. It is great to have everything in one place! I wish the mirror had some magnification however. It is advertized as a makeup mirror but is just a small reflective mirror. For those of us who wear glasses, just even a 5 to 10 X magnification would really help. 04-09-15
Lori Greiner gets it right! After searching online for a way to organize my hoards of makeup, I came across this cosmetic box and decided to take a risk and order it. I was not disappointed! I absolutely love it and have told all the women I know that they need one. Two drawbacks: the bottom does have a divider, so it does not allow for you to store large pallets. That wasn't a deal breaker for me. Secondly, I thought it was just a tad bit expensive for the quality. When mine was delivered, I had to press all of the interior white lining in place. However, it seems to be holding. Size does matter and this box is bigger than it looks on the video; it organizes all of my makeup in a way that makes it easy to find that perfect shade of whatever I'm looking for and I no longer have piles of makeup on my dresser. I highly recommend! 04-09-15
Worth the wait! I should have bought this sooner! For years I wanted to buy Lori's Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box but I stopped myself because of excuses. (too much money, maybe it was too big, there were other alternatives already out there) Well I finally bit the bullet and bought it and I'M SO GLAD I DID! First of all, it fits all my makeup and there is still is room remaining. In the tall slots area on the top left I have all my mascaras and cream eyeshadow sticks. In the tall area to the right I have my big bottles including perfumes. In each of the side drawers I keep such things as large shadow palettes and even just q-tips. Then at the bottom I have my stacking compacts like powders and blushes. I even use the mirror at the top as a spare mirror for putting on my eye makeup! This product was made for those who want both organized makeup space but also take pride in their makeup as well. I have to say that I get excited looking at all my makeup organized in the cabinet. Also, I am better able to see what I ACTUALLY OWN and not accidentally re-buy a piece of makeup because I couldn't find it. Overall, I am so glad I finally purchased this on easy pay. This has been a great addition to my makeup routine and I am loving what it has done for my organization style. 04-03-15
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