Living Proof NoFrizz Styling for Fine to Medium Hair Duo

Living Proof NoFrizz Styling for Fine to Medium Hair Duo
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What is it: No Frizz for fine to medium hair is a silicone-free styling solution with weightless technology that helps control frizzy hair once and for all. No Frizz also keeps your hair cleaner for a longer period of time, allowing you to go longer between shampoos.

Who is it for: Designed for fine to medium hair. With formulations for both straight and wavy/curly styles, this No Frizz duo helps you create multiple looks. Ideal for all ethnicities.

Why is it different: Inspired by the medical community, No Frizz products go beyond traditional beauty practices. No Frizz provides a weightless coating on the hair that fights vapor and humidity. It leaves less residue versus silicone products. And it even helps repel dirt and oil, allowing you to go longer between shampoos. Acting like a shield, No Frizz helps fill in the gaps between the cuticles, thereby blocking humidity's ability to get into the hair.

How do I use it: Apply generously to damp hair after showering; comb through; then style as usual. No Frizz works great with all heat appliances, including blower dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. Do not be afraid to use too much. No Frizz's weightless technology will coat every stand of hair and will not weigh your hair down or make it greasy. Research shows that the more you use No Frizz, the better your hair fights frizz, as the shield gets stronger and stronger.

From Living Proof.


  • 4-oz No Frizz for curly hair days
  • 4-oz No Frizz for straight hair days
  • Made in USA

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A87942 - Living Proof NoFrizz Styling for Fine to MediumHair Duo 3.4 5 37 37
Dried out my hair This product provided horrible results to my hair. It dried out my hair incredibly and did not do anything to improve my hair during blow drying or straightening. You also have to use quite a bit of the product to see any type of frizz control making this product extrememly expensive. Overall I would never purchase this again. 04-02-09
Love It Love it, love the way my hair feels and looks. My hair looks fuller and shinier I wish you have it on auto delivery. 01-29-09
Damaged My Hair These products made my hair feel like straw--and I have fine, not dry hair! After only a week, my hair had noticeably more breakage. I had to use a hair masque several times to return my hair to normal. They boast about being "oil free", but I think some skin-friendly oils like jojoba, sweet almond or olive oil would be a good addition. They should focus on becoming "alcohol free" instead. 01-28-09
Best anti-frizz ever I am of mixed race and it is very hard to find a product that actually works in high humidity. I read about this in Allure and was very skeptical but decided to give it a try. I will never use anything else on my hair!! I could not believe how healthy, soft and manageable this left my hair. I prefer the straight styling spray and cannot wait for this product to be sold separately. I do not find this product drying at all. I am finding that the more I use it, the softer my hair is and the less product I need to use. This is a miracle-worker for my hair 12-31-08
It really does work! I have used the fine/medium strays for about 2 months, and I prefer the curly spray when I ware my hair naturally curly or when I blow dry my hair straight. My hair remains straight for days. Please start selling the bottles separately and in 8 ozs. Thank you, I love the product and it does really work for me. Kim from California 12-26-08
Best Ever Love this stuff. I bought the fine/medium spray and love the straight version. Would love to see these sold seperately. Makes my hair shiny and it doesn't do the funky frizz when the humidity is high. I have very long, medium-fine, semi-wavy hair with an oily scalp and have never used a product that has worked so well. Please, please sell these in either in a larger bottle or duos of straight OR wavy. 12-02-08
HORRIBLE: Expensive & DRYING! I have long, very fine, very wavy hair & had high hopes for this product; I read the article in Allure & was looking forward to trying it. Most anti-frizz products contain silicones that weigh my hair down & make me look like a grease-ball (albeit frizz-free). I used this product for 2 weeks & used (liberally) as instructed. My hair has NEVER been so dry! My hair was dull & felt damaged, like it does when I swim in heavily chlorinated pools. I looked at the ingredients & noticed that alcohol is the 1st ingredient in the product - bad, bad, bad if you want to have healthy, soft hair! I stopped using it after 2 weeks & had to use deep conditioning treatments 2xs/week for the next 2 weeks to get it close to normal. It still feels a bit dry & damaged. I am DEFINITELY sending this back. Not sure if I even want to bother trying the creme for thick/coarse hair. I will go back to using WEN products which, while equally expensive, at least do what they say they do & give me soft, healthy hair with less frizz than normal. 12-02-08
Need to Sell Wavy & Straight Individually Does not completely eliminate frizz, but does eliminate a lot of it. I have naturally curly hair and wear it that way almost every day. Therefore, the bottle for straight hair is mostly wasted, along with my $$ for purchasing that bottle. I don't mind paying good money for a good product, but I certainly do not want to see my money being thrown in the trash, either. The wavy version and straight version absolutely need to be sold separately. Will continue to use No Frizz wavy version. 11-30-08
Don't waste your $ I used half the bottle on my chin length medium hair and found that this product worked no better than most other anti-frizz products. If you air dry, it leaves your hair "crunchy" and does not eliminate all the frizz. If you blow dry it out, there's still frizz. While most hair products have a pleasant odor, this one smells of ink toner. 11-28-08
This Stuff is Fantastic!! I have very fine very wavy hair and have been looking for a product that would help me straighten my hair and prevent frizz. The only products available in the past have had silicone in them and they were slightly helpful at best. I still had problems with frizz the next day and it made my hair very greasy to the point that I could barely make it one day between shampoos. Anyway, this product is by far the best thing ever invented for preventing frizz and straightening wavy hair!! I used it yesterday and my hair is still straight, sleek, and no frizz!!! And my hair still looks clean!! No more of the semi greasy look that the silicone products gave me the second day. And as a bonus this product gave my hair a wonderful shine that no other product, not even products designed to add shine, has ever been able to. I have not tried the formula for curly hair but I am sure it is just as exceptional as the straight hair formula. I have written a lot of reviews on QVC and I feel that this is the most life changing beauty product I have ever reviewed and purchased from QVC. If you have problems with frizz this stufff will literally change your life!! I just blew my hair out with a round brush and I was done - no straightening iron necessary anymore to smooth my ends - not even necessary the second day!! I am so happy with this product I could go on and on forever. I have only one request that would improve this product, PLEASE consider selling the straight and the curly formulas separately and also increase the size to 8 ounces or more. You have a customer for life - no more silicone products for me!!! Ladies, do yourself a favor and buy this immediately - you will be so glad that you did. 11-26-08
Amazing product I had to deal with curly, frizzy hair my whole life. I always chemically straightened my hair which left it dry and damaged. I decided as I have gotten older and my hair has thinned, to try and cope with my hair and not chemically straighten it since I do color it. When I tried this product and blew my hair dry and then used a straightening iron, I was amazed how my hair laid. It actually kept the style I got at the salon. I don't have to fight with my hair, and it smells great. I have movement and shine. I use Wen to wash my hair and then use this product. I am soooo pleased. The one product for straight hair, really works great for sleek styling. The one for wavy curls, gives my hair more body, but I love both. 11-26-08
Disappointed I was very excited to receive this product. I have fine curly hair and for years I have been searching for a product that would control my frizz and enchance my curls. Once again I was disappointed :-( I tried both letting my hair dry natural and blow drying straight. 11-23-08