LG800G Prepaid TracFone Touchscreen w/ 1400 Min & Accessories

LG800G Prepaid TracFone Touchscreen w/ 1400 Min & Accessories
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Clear conversation. Internet and app access. A camera and video recorder. Picture messaging. A music player. The 800G is everything you want in a smartphone--and with TracFone service, it's nothing you don't want!

With this TracFone, you get all of the above, minus the hassle of activation fees, contracts, monthly bills, or credit checks. You pay for the service up front, and with this package, you get one year of service/1,400 total minutes to use--but, you also get triple minutes for the life of the phone, which means you gain two additional minutes for every single minute you purchase! On top of all that and the sleek, compact touchscreen 800G phone, you'll also receive a car charger, two gel cases, and a stereo headset for on-the-go convenience. From LG.

Use of Bluetooth Wireless Technology requires Bluetooth software and Bluetooth-compatible accessories. Additional accessories may be required.

  • Includes LG 800G smartphone TracFone, lithium-ion battery, wall charger, car charger, 1,400 minutes/one year of service, triple minutes for life, two gel cases, and stereo headset
  • Touchscreen display
  • 2 megapixel camera and video recorder
  • MP3 player
  • MMS picture messaging
  • Mobile Internet access; apps available for download
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Measures 4"L x 2-1/2"W
  • UL listed wall charger; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

LG800G Prepaid TracFone Touchscreen w/ 1400 Min & Accessories 2.7 5 43 43
Great deal, nice phone We bought 2 of these phones, one for my husband and the other for me. The price for the phone, minutes and accessories cannot be beat. Activation was a bit cumbersome, but once activated with a call to customer service to help, we have been quite happy with them. Note: These are basic touchscreen phones. You can call, text, take pics or vids, load music on them. You can also surf the net via wireless connection, although the screen is small, so not sure why you would :). This is NOT a smartphone, so do not expect to load apps, etc. on it. These would be great for any age. We are going to buy them for our senior citizen parents, however, we will need to help them activate them, but no real tutorial should be needed to use the phone once activated. Also, it's great that you can conveniently buy minutes at Walgreens and/or Walmart, or via the phone itself. We definitely recommend this phone!!!! 09-23-13
Works great for us I actually really like this phone. In fact, I tried to upgrade to a different Tracfone before and ended up returning it. To me, this is way easier for texting, and I can do so with just one hand. The other newer phone had such a small keypad that I kept making mistakes. My husband and I both own this phone. Neither of us have ever had a problem with the phone or with Tracfone as a company. I've had Tracfone for several years, and have barely had to deal with customer service unless I am upgrading phones. The customer service has always been helpful. Tracfone even has a new android phone out now. I thought about it, but honestly, THIS phone is way easier for me to understand and I like the weight/durability/grip of it when it's in the rubber case. Even though the new android is a true smart phone, it's really nothing I am interested in. They would end up replacing many of my texting units with data and talk units. For ME, that's not what I want--I prefer using it for mostly texting and a quick, occasional phone call. We have been able to get service everywhere we've traveled to. I have taken really nice pictures with this phone. I can take video if I need to. This particular phone also gets triple minutes for life. If you do a Google search for promo minutes, you can often find extra bonus minutes for free too. I love Tracfone. It's personally all I need and perfect for my lifestyle. 09-22-13
Horrible Tracfone DON'T buy it. I bought 2 for myself and a Christmas gift and both are a piece of junk. By the time we activated them after Christmas it was too late to send them back for a refund. I definitely would have. I have had other brands and never an LG again. I would give it a "0" if that was listed. Even though numbers are large, when trying to call numbers from my contact list, it can't even do that easily always going somewhere else. It is awful and my husband is forever having to take the battery in and out so it will work for me. Please do not buy this piece of junk. Never wrote a negative rating before on anything and hate doing that but that is how awful this phone is. Disgruntled 08-30-13
PURE FRUSTRATION I tried to activate my phone. The call goes to Guatemala City, The 1st rep kept on the phone for 35 min only to tell me he couldn't activate this because the system was down. I had trouble understanding his English. Phoned back 2 hours later. After 30 min. this rep couldn't activate my phone either and switched me his supervisor. This person kept trying to get me to enter several long codes which weren't going through. He wouldn't tell me what he was doing. After 45 min with this supervisor, going nowhere,. I hung up. I could hardly understand him either. I still don't have a phone number This isn't the place you want call if should ever need any assistance. I AM RETURNING THIS MESS. 08-23-13
Upgrade to LG840 "I bought this phone last year and it is ok. My sister bought a LG840 Tracfone and the improvements on the model are alot better. Spend the money on the upgrade people, you will not regret it. The touch screen on this one is primitive, scrolling is an exercise in frustration and I can't tell you how many times it went online when I didn't intend it to because the screen will not stay where I put it. The phone locks within 30 seconds and when you need to use the keypad you have to unlock it. the keypad is like the old phones 3-4 letters per button. Where as the LG 840 keypad is like a keyboard. Went to upgrade my phone plan on QVC to the Lg 840 and it is not in their products anymore. QVC bring it back........to your product line specials! 08-18-13
Love my phone!!!!!! I have had this phone for over a year. It works great. I love that it came with the wall and car chargers. You don't know when you might need to charge the phone and now that's not a problem. I have had no problems with this phone. I have used the 1400 minutes before the year was up and I'm enjoying the extra minutes that we get with this package. Today one of my friends mother asked me about this phone. She is with a contract phone and is wasting money. I told her that I'd really recommend this phone to her. 08-15-13
just an improved dumb phone This phone is adequate for calling and very few basic functions. Forget about using it for Internet. The activation instructions were good but half way thru the automatic system, it somehow switched me to the most inept customer rep who spoke extremely poor and hard to understand English. She told me the phone was activated and I could start using it in 5 -10 min. Hours later, it was still not activated. No email confirmation as she promised, either. Frustrated, I followed the instructions and tried the automatic system once again and it worked flawlessly that time. I bought this phone for my senior citizen mom to replace her old cell phone which was only good for calling. It fits her purpose but not much more. The phone was sent by Tracfone not by QVC, it took 8 days to arrive. 08-14-13
Not a good value. I have not been using this phone for very long, but if my review could influence someone not to order this phone, it will be worth writing it at this point. I have only recently gone from using my previous phone to this LG TracFone, and am already having buyer's remorse. So far there is really nothing about this new phone that I truly like. It is much too sensitive - scrolls way beyond where you want it to or goes to another area of the phone. The way the contact information shows on the screen is unacceptable...rarely does it show the entire name of the contact. Like many of the reviews I've read, I too have experienced the phone going back to "Lock Down" much too quickly to complete what I want to do. Etc., etc., etc. I am hoping that as I use the phone things may improve but I am not particularly optimistic. 08-14-13
Zip Code Specific We purchased this phone to use in rural Nebraska. When we received it and it wouldn't activate we learned it will only function in certain zip codes. This was not advertised. We are very disappointed in the way this was presented. 08-13-13
TracFone I have read many reviews on various TracFones but no where have I read how you go about getting more minutes and at what cost. Can anyone help with this before I purchase? Thanks. 08-05-13
Great first phone! Bought this phone for my 11 yr. old for Christmas,he has dropped many times, jumped in the lake with it in his pocket and yes dropped in the toilet...but still works great!! Great value no worries! 07-22-13
Just What I wanted Had a full blown subscription phone with all the whistles which I paid for but never used. Now with this phone I find everything is so much less complicated and everything works so well. Love the size of the phone, perfect display and truly puts everything I need at my fingertips 07-22-13