Keurig Personal Mini Brewer w/28 K-Cups & My K-Cup Filter

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Enjoy a hot, fresh cup of your favorite brew whenever (and wherever) you want with the Keurig Personal Mini Brewer. Available in new and exclusive colors, it's right at home in the kitchen but also completely portable if you'd like your coffee maker to go.

Making a customized cup of coffee or tea couldn't be easier...or quieter. Thanks to Keurig technology and a new pump-free design, brewing is virtually silent. Simply add fresh water for each 8-oz cup and you'll get fast, delicious results every time. With over 200 K-Cup flavors to choose from, you're sure to find a few favorites--perfect for spicing up the daily grind, and pleasing the whole crowd during the holidays and get-togethers. Or just use the My K-Cup filter to brew a single serving of your own special blend or brand.

The hot hues are a great way to add some color in the kitchen. Choose Red, White, Black, or one of QVC's exclusive colors, Blue or Platinum--they're exclusive to QVC until December 31, 2009.

Take advantage of this unit's small, lightweight design and enjoy a hot gourmet beverage in the office, in dorm rooms, on a boat or RV, or while you're on vacation for a fraction of what you'd pay at a cafe.

From Keurig.

  • Includes Keurig Personal Mini Brewer, reusable My K-Cup filter, 18 Green Mountain Nantucket Blend K-Cups, and one variety pack of 10 K-Cups in the following flavors: Caribou Blend, Celestial Seasoning English Breakfast Tea, Diedrich French Roast, Gloria Jeans Hazelnut, GMCR Newman's, GMCR Nantucket, Timothy's Colombian Decaf, Timothy's Italian, Tully French Roast, Van Houtte French Vanilla
  • Compatible with any of the 200 K-Cup flavors available
  • Brew time of less than three minutes per 8-oz cup
  • Measures approximately 11"H x 10-1/2"L x 6"W
  • UL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

Why is the Keurig Brewing system better than the other single cup Brewers on the market and why is it so expensive? Keurig is the only system that uses patented K-Cup:  A highly sophisticated technologically superior mini Brewer.  Each individual K-Cup is filled with the world’s finest 100% Arabica coffee, ground and measured to exact specifications.

Branded Variety - Keurig is the only system that lets you fresh brew a wide variety over 200 gourmet coffee and tea brands from premium roasters such as Green Mountain, Timothy's, Gloria Jeans, Diedrich, VanHoutte, Tully's, Coffee People, Newman’s Own,  Caribou, Ghirardelli, Celestial Seasoning, Bigelow, Twining's, Emeril’s and Bellaccino.

Speed - The Keurig Brewer consistently delivers a perfect cup of gourmet coffee or tea, one cup at a time, in less than 3 minutes.

Convenience - There is no messy dripping like the Pods and no cross contamination.

Most Important – Our Advanced Technology -  delivers the exact amount of water at the exact temperature and pressure to brew a perfect cup of coffee/tea each and every time.  We now offer a family of single cup brewers to better suite our customers needs.

If I do not add water to the fill line will I get a smaller cup? Yes, if you pour in 6 oz, you will get a stronger, 6 oz brew. However, 8oz is the maximum fill amount.

I am using a clear mug, why won't my Mini brew? The Keurig Mini brewer is equipped with LED sensors that look for a cup on the drip tray. If a cup is not present on the drip tray, a safety feature prevents the Mini from brewing. And, if the cup is clear the sensors don’t “see” it and will assume there is no cup.

Can I use the My K-Cup with my Mini? Yes, the My K-cup is compatible with the Keurig Mini brewer.

Can I brew into a travel mug? No, you cannot brew into a travel mug with the Mini Brewer.

Should I use bottled or filtered water? If you are currently using bottled or filtered water for your coffee, we recommend you continue to do so.  We do not recommend the use of well water as there are too many minerals in the water and scale builds up too easily in the brewer.   If you are using bottled water, please descale every 6 months.  If you are using tap/filtered water and it is not from a well, descale every 4 months.   If using well water, descale every month.

What do I use to clean the exterior of my Brewer? Regular cleaning of the Brewer’s external components is recommended for proper operation.  We recommend cleaning with a soapy, damp non-abrasive cloth.   The K-Cup holder and drip plate, and drip tray are dishwasher safe, please place on the top shelf.

How do I clean the K-Cup Holder? The K-Cup holder is 2 pieces and should be pulled apart to clean.  You can clean the K-Cup Holder by simply rinsing it under your faucet using soapy water.  It is dishwasher safe and can be put on the top shelf of the dishwasher.  Also, clean the whole with a paper clip and by placing it in the dishwasher.  (This should be done regularly.) 

How often do I need to de-scale? Mineral content in bottled or filtered water varies. Depending on the mineral content of the water, calcium deposits or scale may build up in your Brewer. Scale is non-toxic but left unattended, it can hinder Brewer performance. Descaling your Brewer helps maintain the heating element, and other internal parts of the Brewer that come in contact with water.  The Brewer should be de-scaled every 3-6 months to ensure optimal performance or when there are white deposits in the Hot Water Tank. It is possible for calcium deposits to build up faster, making it necessary to de-scale more often.

Step 1: Make sure you have at least 8 ounces of undiluted white vinegar on hand. You will also need a 10 oz ceramic cup (do not use a paper cup) and access to a sink.

Step 2: Fill Hot Water Tank with 8 ounces of undiluted white vinegar up to the FILL LEVEL mark, place a ceramic cup on the drip tray.

Step 3: Close the lid, and perform a brew into the ceramic cup without adding a K-Cup®.

Step 4: Pour the contents of the ceramic cup into the Hot Water Tank, careful the liquid will be hot, close the lid. Start a brew but power off
the brewer just after it starts to dispense and then allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes.

Step 5: After the prescribed period of time, perform a brew without adding a K-Cup®. Empty the contents of the ceramic cup into the sink, be careful as contents may be hot.

Step 6: Fill the Hot Water Tank with 8 ounces of bottled water, close the water fill lid, place a cup on the drip tray and perform a brew.

Step 7
: Repeat Step 6 three times using bottled water (with no K-Cup in place) to cleanse the brewer plumbing and get rid of any residual
taste from the vinegar. The brewer is now ready for normal use again.

I cleaned (de-scaled) my Brewer and I’m getting a funny taste in my coffee.  What should I do? The Brewer could need further rinsing.  There may be some cleaning residue.  I would recommend doing several more cleansing brews.   

How do I get service for my Brewer? Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-866-901-BREW (2739) to speak to a representative.

Where can I buy the K-Cups? You can purchase a wide-variety of K-Cups at qvc.com in packs of 36.  You can purchase a selected variety of K-Cups locally at over 16,000 retail stores where our Keurig Brewers are sold.  You can also purchase them on-line at  www.qvc.com and www.keurig.com or call our call center at 866-901-BREW (2739).  Keurig offers over 200 varieties from such Roasters as Green Mountain, Timothy’s, Deidrich, Gloria Jeans, VanHoutte, Tully's, Coffee People, Newman’s Own, Emeril’s, Bellaccino, Ghirardelli, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow and Twining's.

Can I use the same K-Cups in all the Keurig Brewers? Yes, the K-Cups are made to fit all of the Keurig Brewers.

Do I open the K-Cup? NO, please do not open the K-Cup.  You simply place the K-Cup in the Brewer and press the brew button.  In less than a minute you will have a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea.

How does the K-Cup work? The K-Cup is packed with fresh roasted gourmet coffee or tea.  It is nitrogen-flushed to seal in ultimate freshness and stays fresh for over 6-9 months.  It is impermeable to oxygen, moisture, and light and contains an individual cone-shaped paper filter and the exact amount and grind of coffee or tea to brew a single-cup.  The brewing process actually takes place inside the K-Cup.  To brew a cup you simply place a K-Cup into the Brewer, press the brew button and a cup of coffee or tea is brewed in less than three minutes.

Is it okay to brew coffee & tea using the same K-Cup holder? Yes. There is no taste contamination.  The Brewer purges the last of the coffee/tea at the end of the brew cycle.

Information provided by Keurig

About Keurig

About Keurig

Keurig was founded by coffee lovers who believed that coffee should always be served fresh, whether at home or at the office, just as in a gourmet coffee house. Introduced in 1998, Keurig's innovative single–cup brewing system lets coffee lovers brew the perfect cup of coffee, one cup at a time, in less than a minute.

Today, Keurig® is the premiere single–cup coffee maker in North America. Keurig's patented single–cup brewing system lets people brew a perfect cup of gourmet coffee, tea or hot cocoa in less than a minute without the hassle of grinding beans, measuring coffee, handling filters or cleaning up. Keurig takes away all the guesswork from brewing a consistently great cup of coffee.

Keurig has partnered with 13 gourmet brands to provide coffee, tea and hot cocoa K–Cups in over 200 varieties. The K- Cup is a “mini” brewer and contains the perfect grind and measure, vacuum sealed for ultimate freshness.

Keurig. Just choose, brew and enjoy!

Information provided by Keurig.
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Reviews & Community QA

K22403 - Keurig Personal Mini Brewer w/28 K-Cups & My K-Cup Filter 4.2 5 874 874
it broke before the year was over convenient, but not well made. In less than a year, it broke and didn't draw the water up any more... 11-25-12
loved it,but I loved this machine, best coffe ever,but it only lasted two years to the month and yes I took care of it cleaned it and only used filted water. I am giving it three stars because of the quality of coffee and I liked doing one cup at a time. 11-12-11
worked OUT GOOD FOR ME I enjoy this little keurig machine. I have it in my office and it's a quick cup of tea or coffee for me. It could be hotter, but it has been convenient and I have enjoyed it very much. I"m happy with the purchase............ 12-27-10
Own Two Different Models--Love! In the last year, I've purchased two different models of the Keurig from QVC. One has the reservoir and the other one doesn't. I've had really good luck with both models. I ran white vinegar through each one to clean them and have had no problems with water flow since then. We both love being able to have our own choice of coffee any time we want it. It also works well as a second pot, if someone want decaf while others want regular coffee. I don't have to throw out a lot of coffee this way. 11-27-10
Such a Treat I love this Keurig mini brewer it's my first Keurig. I look forward to a delicious yummy cup of coffee every morning it is fast and very easy to operate no mess and the K-cups in this set are delicious. I feel like this is my special treat of the day. Thanks QVC for a great special value of the day and the easy pay . 04-12-10
AWESOME With four of us drinking coffee, tea and hot chocolate, the machine is used multiple times thru the day. The flavors are fantastic...especially the Donut Shop and Butter Toffee. Hot chocolate is wonderful. Teas are also wonderful. LOVE the variety and many choices. Have NEVER had any issues...heats up sooo hot need to let the hot chocolate cool down a little. This is the single best purchase I have ever made from QVC! 03-29-10
Endless possibilities I love my Keurig; was lucky enough to get it in white before it sold out. It makes a excellent cup of coffee tea or hot cocoa. I love the possibilities and large k-cup variety. Every cup I make comes out perfect; the right temperature, texture and taste. Its a great way to start and end your day. 03-29-10
Love Love Love this Keurig I brought the Keurig in red (which is my favorite color) it's perfect for me and my brother, we use it almost everyday. It's easy to make and the K-Cup Filter is perfect, I use the K-Cup Filter all of the time, I even use it to make tea (I cut the tea bags open and pour into the K-Cup Filter) it works great!!! I had to call the 1-800 number they provide because I couldn't figure out how to use the K-Cup Filter, it was on a Sunday and I was very surprise they answered, they told me what to do and it was so so easy. As I read the comments, I really hope it last me more than a year!!! Best purchase I made from QVC, if it breaks down within a year I know I will just purchase another one. 02-28-10
Dishartened When I went to make my second cup of coffee, it would not work and I returned it. I really like the concept of this coffee maker. I will do more research and maybe purchase another later 02-28-10
Lasted a year I ordered my Keurig on 2/22/09. Got it in the red color, my favorite. Loved it while it lasted although we have had a handful of problems along the way. Today is 2/27/10 and it just doesn't work at all now. I'm seriously bummed. 02-27-10
Great! I love this because it makes single servings of coffee. It had a bit of a learning curve to figure out how much I should make for my size cup, but once figured out it is great! 02-25-10
Coffee just for me!! I bought this brewer because there are times I want a cup of coffee, but not a whole pot. This is perfect for me! I love the Green Mountain Nantucket Blend--reminds me of the coffee I used to get at Denny's years ago. It's so easy to use--and nothing to clean after...just your cup! I watched the presentations for a while before buying and I'm very pleased with this brewer. You will love it! 02-23-10

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