Holey Donuts! 30-piece Reduced Fat Donut Assortment

Holey Donuts! 30-piece Reduced Fat Donut Assortment
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A holey satisfying snack. Most doughnuts have 15 to 20 grams of fat--these extra-special treats are made by a patented process that eliminates deep frying for only 3 to 4 fat grams--and plenty of flavor.

  • Includes 30 handmade reduced-fat doughnuts: six chocolate crumb, six caramel crumb, six vanilla crumb, four coconut cream pie, four blueberry coffee cake, and four raspberry graham cracker
  • Total net weight 5.65 lbs
  • Arrives within two days of shipment; packaged with dry ice, but may arrive with little to none remaining
  • Cannot ship to PR, VI, Guam
  • Made in USA

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M18670 - Holey Donuts! 30-piece Reduced Fat Donut Assortment 4.1 5 37 37
You won't believe they're lowfat & low calorie!! My wife purchased these first...and now I'm hooked, too! I'm very health conscious but love a treat every now and then...but who would think a donut could fulfill my sweet craving and yet I don't even feel guilty eating them! It's the best of "all" worlds...I can enjoy a great treat and not gain a pound! My favorites are the "filled" donuts...it doesn't get any better than a big glass of milk and a great tasting donut! Thanks Holey Donuts...I don't know how you guys do it...but "PLEASE" keep doing it...they are truly AWESOME!! :-) 09-01-09
Amazing Fresh Taste and BIG Donuts! My husband and I are true donut lovers. We just could not believe there could be donuts that would taste this good with lower fat and calories - and be this filling. When we got our delivery, they arrived in perfect condition. They were nicely boxed and fit in our freezer very well. We were also surprised at the size, as they are full size donuts, again with so much less fat and calories. The toppings and fillings were very fresh, and tasted amazing. The Blueberry Crumb Cake and Raspberry Graham Cracker were my favorite, while my husband ate just about all the Chocolate Crumb and Caramel Crumb donuts. We both went crazy over the Coconut Cream Pie donuts! These are really just so amazing - and what we love is that they stay fresh in the freezer - and you just pop one in the microwave when you want to have a fresh warm donut with your coffee in the morning - or for a snack later in the day. We can't wait for our next order! Thanks Holey Donuts! Team - you really have created a wonderful product that we all can enjoy - and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT!!!! We are very happy that QVC has introduced such a great new food item. Looking forward to trying some new flavors as well. Some of our friends told us that Holey Donuts! also makes Cinnamon Buns - We would love to try those! PS - You won't believe how good these are! You will LOVE them! 08-26-09
These Donuts are Fabulous! My review of Holey Donuts Low Fat Donuts; The convenient 6 pack boxes are designed to easily fit in your freezer and most of these large donuts have only 3 weight watchers points each! I like to store them in individual freezer bags to save space and to create a great on the go snack for work and when I'm out and about on the weekends! Why is every TV show host, media person and magazine talking about these "Low Fat Gourmet Donuts"? I t's simple - unlike any other donut, each Holey Donut! not only tastes great, but is individually hand made, like a little wedding cake. Can you imagine how hard it would be to ship individual hand made wedding cakes, frozen across the country and have them arrive to you as perfect as the moment they were made? When my order arrived - they were picture perfect! These are no ordinary donuts, as according to some of the articles I've read. They are hand made with fresh frosting and yummy fillings with no artificial sweeteners, and they are low in fat! Everything you would expect from a high end gourmet donut if you could buy it in a NYC 5 star restaurant but without the fat, greasy aftertaste and calories - just moist, incredibly large, soft Low Fat Gourmet Donuts with no expense spared that I can see and taste! They said these donuts were guaranteed to arrive at my home frozen and as perfect as the pictures on their web site, and they did. From my web searches, (I always do that before I buy a new food item), thousands of people across the country have been awestruck by these donuts, and for me it's been love at first taste! With Holey Donuts! Low Fat Gourmet Donuts you can have portion controlled servings right in your freezer for you to enjoy anytime! From the moment it leaves its box in your freezer and hits your plate you'll know you have something so special that only a rare few can enjoy...thanks QVC for bringing us these great treats at a great QVC price! 08-01-09
Low Fat, Low Calorie, I love these donuts! My husband and I are in love with these donuts! I initially bought them because they are amazingly low calorie, low fat and looked delicious...and of course because I have a big "sweet tooth" that needs to be satisfied! However, my husband recently tried them and he loves them, too! I just had to write in again to say that the whole family will benefit from these...cause it's a yummy treat...but won't add on pounds! I'm going order these sooner than I thought because now everyone's eating them...darn I thought they were going to be my secret treat! These donuts are too good to not share with everyone...I might even be treating my co-workers since I get tired of the fat & calorie laden donuts and bagels they always bring in! What a nice change...a yummy treat that won't add on the pounds! 06-25-09
THE BEST DONUTS I EVER TASTED!!! I have to say I am a huge donut fan, and these are the BEST donuts I've ever had. What is so amazing is that they have only 3-4 grams of fat and they taste so amazingly good!! They are light/fluffy, and just melt in your mouth! The coconut cream filled donuts are light and sweet, but not too sweet. The Blueberry Crumb taste like fresh sweet blueberries, and with a cup of coffee or sometime tea, is fantastic in the morning. What I love is that they are in my freezer, and I can take one out anytime for breakfast, or a snack later in the day, pop it in the micorwave - and I have a warm "just made for me donut". I also just started really watching my weight and the donuts are helping me stay on track. I use them as my own little treat so I can still have something sweet and not feel guilty about it. In 2 weeks I've already lost 5 pounds! I love these, and have told all my family, friends and co-workers about them. I also checked out their website and saw so many varieties that I can't wait to try them all! Thanks QVC for sharing such a wonderful sweet treat! 06-14-09
So Disappointed Well, my hubby suggested that I order this since I LOVE donuts so much and a low-fat version sounded ideal. I just opened my second box from the freezer - the unffilled and they are like sawdust. I tried microwaving as directed, I tried just letting thaw on the counter, etc. I was so looking forward to these and they are just not good. The filled with the coconut came out in chunks, not a creamy filling. 06-02-09
Not cold when received. If these were supposed to be packed in dry ice for shipment, there was no sign of it in my order. My donuts arrived at room temperature. I could not see anything on box that said I couldn't eat them anyway but I still feel like I should have received a cold product as they HAVE to be stored in a freezer. Hopefully we will not get sick because we feel like we have to eat them at $50 a box! Can not properly judge the quality of this item as temp was not maintained. 05-14-09
FABULOUS! I LOVE these doughnuts! They are tasty and full of fillings (the raspberry and the coconut are my favorites). They are a wonderful treat while still watching my fat intake and WW points. When these arrived I noted the number on the boxes which corresponded to the flavors. I then wrapped each doughnut in foil then placed two of those in a quart-sized freezer bag and labeled it. It is easy to take exactly the one I want and defrost or warm in the microwave and enjoy! 04-20-09
Deeeelish!! I just received these actually from their website and was surprised at how moist and soft these were as these pictures do not look appetizing at all. They were wonderful! On the website it says you can take them frozen and put them in a Ziploc bag to store them in the freezer. That may help the fact that they may dry out in the freezer.I am doing WW and this just hit the spot!! Don't expect them to taste like a 'fried' donut....they are not supposed to....that's the point of 'low fat'. I tried the vanilla glazed and the chocolate glazed...20 sec in the microwave and presto! soft warm donut! 04-09-09
overtime these decline and are disappointing While when they first arrived they were fresh and soft and were a novelty, after freezing several boxes and reheating from frozen, they were tough and tastless and dry. The boxes are not marked as to content, i.e., filled vs. not filled so you take potluck in opening the boxes. Even the filled ones while a bit better are certainly not worth the money. Will never buy them again. 04-04-09
so, so The filled donuts were ok, I sent the others to my brother (who will eat anything). They tasted liked frozen uncooked dough to me. Not worth the money. 04-02-09
Great for somone counting calories I am on WW and like to have something sweet every now and then and these satify my sweet tooth. I just placed the boxes, aas they came,in the freezer. Since every microwave is different, they really can't give you heating instructions so you should just put them on for 10 seconds at a time. My microwave can warm them in 20-30 seconds. You can't compare these to the "national chain full of fat and calories" donuts but they are the best tasting low fat and low cal donut. 04-01-09