Get-A-Grip Ultra Winter Traction Slip-on Spikes

Get-A-Grip Ultra Winter Traction Slip-on Spikes
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Stand your ground--no matter how slippery it is. Made of rubber with durable diamond-pattern tungsten carbide spikes, these slip-ons help prevent falls by increasing traction on snow and ice. The ultra-lightweight and compact design fits snugly over dress, casual, and athletic footwear. From Get-A-Grip.

No product can totally eliminate the risk of slipping or falling. Therefore, you should continue to use extreme caution when walking or jogging on slippery surfaces. Use at your own risk.

  • Includes one pair of spikes, two replacement spikes, and one storage pouch
  • Retains elasticity and fit in varying temperatures
  • Small/Medium (women's 5 thru 9, men's 3 thru 7), Large (women's 10 and up, men's 8 thru 14)
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

F03740 - Get-A-Grip Ultra Winter Traction Slip-On Spikesw/Storage Pouch 4.3 5 121 121
They broke after 3 uses Don't get me wrong, these work when you get them on your shoes and they are easier to get on than the old ones by far (I couldn't get the old ones one at all), but I put them on the other day and saw I should pull one side up a bit so they wouldn't fall off and wham! The loop I pulled on just broke. They could no long stay on my shoe after that. I wore them no more than two times and this was my third wearing. I didn't get out of my driveway. I love the idea....I would wear them if they didn't break. 01-20-11
THEY HAVE SAVED ME MORE THAN ONCE! I know it's may and I just put my "Get-A-Grips" away for this year, here in New England, it is NEVER to late to think about what one will need next season. I know that there are other ship on traction savers out there, however, these are our favorites. I can think of places that I've been where there has been snow/ice in July. The smart feature about the "Get-A-Grip" brand, is the small diamond "bits" that make look flimsys compared to some of the big claws on some traction gear, but to the contrary, with them on and sensible winter shoe, those plus ones body weight really drives through even the thinest to thickest ice or slush. Have you got to walk to your car, kids that walk home from school, elderly relatives....? They may not be a "FUN" purchase, but it's better than spending precious time in a cast. NOTE: Get a bright color, if you loose one in deep snow, it's earier to find if it's bright and easier for cars to see you. THEY COULD USE A STRAP TO GO OVER THE INSTEP TO PREVENT THEM EVERY FALLING OFF! I MADE I OWN OUT OF VELCRO!-HAVE AND GET MORE THAN 1 PAIR FOR YOURSELF! GREAT STOCKING STUFFER.... 05-16-10
These really DO work great on the ice!! I bought these quite a while ago and while going through all the items I have bought here, I just realized I had not written reviews for many items; this being one of them. I work nights and live in an apartment so by the time I get home from work I have to park pretty far from my apartment building. They usually don't salt the ice till morning so I have to walk on ice a lot on the sidewalks and in the parking lot. I cannot tell you how many times I have fallen in the past several years. Badly, too. Not since I got these, though. These help tremendously! I know they are not being sold now but if you see these or something similar by the same company, I would suggest getting them! 03-03-10
Good safety net I only had occasion to wear these once, but I was glad I had them! They made me feel safe on the ice. 06-27-09
Stuck Like Glue When I saw this product advertised with people walking on blocks of ice, I thought to myself- looks good in the studio but how will it really work for me. When the first snow and ice storm hit, my backyard was a sheet of ice. I put on my grips and headed to the car. When I took that first step, I tried to slide my foot to see how good they really worked. I was stuck like glue to the spot! When I got to work, I told every one in the office how wonderful they were. Of course they asked where I got them. Unfortunately, when they got on line, the only ones still in stock were large pink--hope you get more in stock soon. You will have lots of new customers. 02-07-09
Great Product Should have bought them sooner. I see where they can pop off rather easily, especially if there is deep snow, so you still need to watch your step. I also noticed that on a smooth concrete floor (garage floor), they can be a little tricky to walk on...but overall they are a great product, and they will keep you upright on ice. After suffering a very nasty fall a few years back, I am terrorized of falling again. I wouldn't recommend over-confidence... but with these and an element of caution, you should make it safely to your destination. Would highly recommend to seniors, mothers who carry babies or who are expecting babies, etc. 02-07-09
Saved my behind~ literally! I live in Southern Illinois and after last years ice storm, I orderd a pair of these just in case we got another one this year. Well, it hit last week. It was the worst ice storm here in decades and the storm lasted two days. My car was frozen in and I had to walk to work (I live 9 blocks away) but I was the closest one to work, so I had no choice but to go in. I work at a bank~ and we dont close for weather. I also have a 2 year old son. I had to literally walk my son over to my moms, who lives one block over, carrying him of course (but it would be great if these came in kids sizes.. hint hint) and never slipped once. I wouldnt have done it if I didnt feel comforable and confident wearing them~ I wouldnt have put my son in jeopardy. I was able to carry him safely and get my self to work and back without one single slip or fall. Our temps rose after the storm, melting some away, however they have since dropped again and refroze everything~ I'm still wearing them one week later to safely carry my son across our frozen yard to reach the house. I feel so confident in these and this has been the best purchase I've made at QVC thus far~ and I've made a lot! I bought a pair for my husband, my babysitters, and my parents~and recommend them to everyone! They saved my behind this year and I'm so extremely pleased with them! I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone~ and the price is so worth the safety of me and my son! PS~ I would truely love to see these available in kids sizes too. It would have been such a huge help if I could have slipped a pair of these on my son. Kids love to play outside in this stuff and these would be great to guarantee theri safety and let them have fun outdoors! Just consider it~ pretty please! 02-05-09
I Got-A-Grip I purchased these back in October, anticipating a typical Maryland winter. We had our first ice in December and on that day; I left my house with the grips in my tote instead of on my feet. Well, it didn't take long before they were out of my bag and on my feet. I use public transportation as my mode of travel, and they were great walking to the bus stop and standing on the side walk, compared to standing in the street waiting for my bus. 02-05-09
keeps me on my feet these are the greatest. we have had lots of ice this year in pittsburgh and these kept me on my feet when walking my 100lb dog all winter long! chester my dog was slipping on the ice but i was fine. bought these for my mom as well she loves them too. try these you won't have to worry anymore. 02-04-09
Great Investment Terrific product!! I purchased the medium since I wear an 81/2 in women's or 71/2 in men's tennis shoes. Even my daughter who wears a 4 in children's can use these. Living in Kentucky where we just received this horrible ice storm these have been wonderful. Not once have I slipped while wearing these. I have had one incident where one fell off my shoe, but I didn't put it on securely. Luckily I realized the difference in the feel of traction and turned around to find it on the ice. Just be sure to put it on securely and you can be sure that you will not slip on the ice while walking!!! I encourage everyone to buy these. I came back today to order my mother-in-law a pair. She slipped and broke her wrist today :( 02-04-09
NOT STAYING ON SHOES The product is great, however I have lost one of the grips. I got the chance to use them twice and they kept me from falling on the ice but the second time I came home with only one. I only when from our house to the mail box and was unable to find the gripper then once the snow melted I still was unable to find it. Good product if you can keep from losing. 01-31-09