Facial Flex Facial Exercise and Toning Kit

Facial Flex Facial Exercise and Toning Kit
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Help restore lost muscle tone, and strengthen your chin, neck, and cheek area with this facial exercise and toning kit. Made of surgical stainless steel with comfortable plastic tips, it uses resistive exercises to make the face appear noticeably tighter and smoother. It also promotes circulation for a healthy-looking glow. From Facial Flex.

  • Includes one facial exerciser, 12 6-oz flex-bands, 12 8-oz flex-bands, and one progress chart
  • 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in USA

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L0136 - Facial Flex Facial Exercise and Toning Kit 4.2 5 261 261
IT WORKS in turning back the hands of time!! I purchased this about 6 weeks ago. I have been using it 2x a day, since my purchase. I use the lightest bands and I do 2 sets of 50 reps. It has caused my under-eye bags to greatly diminish. My cheeks are full and rounded, again. I have true definition back to my jawline. Yes!!! The under-the-chin syndrome is leaving. :) I am ready to increase the bands now to a stronger resistance. I am thrilled with this little gem and will continue using it. This is SO simple to use!! I love it's portability and Facial Flex will be my secret weapon against facial aging for years to come. No surgical face-lift for me! It just takes a tiny bit of discipline to make this part of my daily routine. I do my reps after brushing my teeth....EASY!! Best part, my face looks like I am in my 30's again. Doing the "Happy Dance!!" 12-12-12
Use it every day is the key Definitely lifts my 60 year old face. People ask if I did something ... I saw a pic of me from last year... I do look better. 12-07-12
Wow did not expect this! Well been useing for 6 weeks and really did not pay much attention until two friends asked if I had a face lift,Wow really! The best $$ I have spent on QVC and will never stop this little Miracle Worker! 09-27-12
Consistancy is key! I've read several reviews and apparently I am not alone, I bought the Facial Flex years ago and would use it a few times and then forget about it. Then a month ago I found it in the back of a drawer and decided to give another try but knew that like any exercise equipment, using it regularly would be the key to success. I started with 50 reps a day and worked up to 200 repetitions a day. Sometimes I would even do more. I am using the 14 oz bands and I exercise until exhaustion of the those muscles. After 1 month, I am already seeing improvements and have gotten many compliments from friends and family. Most ask if I lost weight (I haven't), most just say "You look fabulous." But the best thing is how I feel when I look in the mirror, those little lines above my lip are going away as is the double chin! I was seriously dismayed about the double chin because I'm not overweight and figured that I was destined for plastic surgery. Now, I am hooked on Facial Flex for the rest of my life, it's NOT going to be stuffed back in the drawer! 09-16-12
They Think My Daughter & I Are Sisters This product has changed my face -- and probably my life! I started using it about 7 years ago, when I was in my early 40's and started noticing a slight slackening around my jawline. I used it religiously (2 mins.) every day, starting out with the thinner bands, and moving up to the thickest, which I've used ever since. I just turned 50, and I honestly get carded whenever I buy alcohol. My daughter (23) and I are constantly mistaken for sisters. She got married last year, and the photographer kept saying that he couldn't believe that I was old enough to be her mother. An aunt and uncle I hadn't seen in years came to the wedding and were literally speechless for a moment when they saw me, then asked me how it was possible that I hadn't aged at all. If you're thinking that maybe I look younger because of good genes or something -- remember, before I used the facial flex I was seeing some signs of drooping around the jaw. That disappeared long ago. My face is smooth with almost no wrinkling. My facial skin is firm and taut, and I don't have hollow areas under my eyes or around my cheeks. Even my neck is free of lines and wrinkles. I don't use any miracle creams or expensive moisturizers. I owe this all to the Facial Flex. If you haven't tried this, and you're not going to give in to aging without a fight, this is, in my opinion, the best weapon you can have on your side. Buy it, be sure you're using it correctly, and stick with it. You will see results! 08-29-12
I came back! I bought this - well, I think it was 10 plus yeas ago...? I used it for a couple of years, but I was in my mid - late 30's so I really wasn't seeing anything happening. I since stopped and tucked it away. Well, now I am 48 and I knew things were changing. I started using more treatment facial products and even have a galvanic spa. I was not sure how things were going as I really don't have that many wrinkles and the sagging around my jaws was not really noticeable. But then I recently saw some photographs from about 10 years ago and BOY, have I aged! The congestion around my eyes and the overall gauntness and drooping of my face was very apparent. I was getting ready to resign myself to it, when I remembered I had my facial flex! It was right where I had left it and the rubber bands were still in good shape so, I used it last night for 2 minutes and this morning for 2 minutes. What a difference!! My eyes are much more awake and my face looks more filled out. I SWEAR that I will not stop this again! I just placed an order for replacement bands, too. 07-21-12
Love it I have used this product for many years. I bought it when I first noticed my neck starting to sag. I could tell right away that my face and neck felt much firmer, but the results still seemed a bit subtle to me. So, how do I know this product really works? All I have to do is stop using it for a week or two. Oh my!!! That's when I really see the difference. Is my neck perfect? No, but the facial flex makes it look much better than it would otherwise. I am a definite believer in the product. Most people think I am atleast 5 years younger than I am, so I would say that my $30 investment has paid off rather well. Thanks QVC. 07-18-12
it really works! This product really does work!!!! My jawline looks tighter and my overall face looks much perkier! I love this product! 07-07-12
Unusual side effect I've had this product for years, and have to agree with the majority of the posters regarding it. However, there is one (pleasant) side effect I wasn't anticipating. I retired from a high stress job not too long ago, but when I was still working I found that using the Facial Flex at work helped diminish and eventually got rid of all the tension I was carrying around in the back of my jaw from clenching! I'd use it for a couple of minutes twice during my work shift, and I was amazed not only at how it firmed up my face and jawline, but how it relaxed the muscles in the back of my jaw too! All around great product :) 04-26-12
No more frown! I have had this product for years, but I bought it and I just let it sit in my dresser. About a month ago, I walked by a mirror and noticed I was frowning, but I didn't mean to be. I did a closer inspection and my whole face seemed to be sagging. I was doing some spring cleaning and found my Facial Flex. I have been pretty consistant with the twice a day, for 2 minutes routine. My top lip is thicker and the outer corners of my mouth now angle up, not down. I have always been thin, but I have a round full face, and now I have cheekbones, which I haven't seen in a few years. I spend a lot on facial creams, but this "workout gear" has changed my appearance more than any wrinkle cream out there. Even my mother commented on the changes, and she didn't know what I was trying. 03-21-12
An Essential Bought the facial flex years ago and loved the results and so easy to include in my daily regimen. Through carelessness (not storing in compact) broke it and put off replacing it for about a year and a half. Turned 50 but did not want to look 50, re-purchased. Already seeing results after just days of using it and knew I would since I had already experienced what it can do. 03-14-12
This works I bought this product at age 50 when my chin was beginning to sag, I was developing lines around my mouth and nose, and my face shape had lost definition. This product is based on a simple concept: exercise. It exercises the muscles in the lower portion of the face and of the neck. I am extremely pleased with the results. My jawline is defined, my neck is thinner, and the lines are less pronounced. I recommended it to my family members. 02-26-12