Dr. Wayne Dyer "The Shift" Book, 6 CD Set and 2 DVD Set

Dr. Wayne Dyer "The Shift" Book, 6 CD Set and 2 DVD Set
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In this deeply engaging live seminar and companion set, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explains that instead of heeding the demands of the ego, you can choose to move in a new direction--one that allows you to reclaim your true nature. Leave the self-sabotage--filled with never-ending pleas and false promises--behind, and get ready to embark on a brand new spiritual journey that takes you from ambition to meaning.

  • Includes The Shift book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, two DVDs, and six lecture CDs
  • Book: hardcover, 119 pages
  • DVDs: run time 300 minutes
  • CDs: run time 330 minutes
  • Made in USA

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Reviews & Community QA

F08701 - Dr. Wayne Dyer "The Shift" Book, 6 CD Set and 2 DVD Set 4.4 5 18 18
Save Your Money I tried to give a negative review quite a while back, on Dr. Wayne Dyer's CD set, and was rejected ... what a surprise. These were a total waste of my money. It seems to be "self promoting", in my opinion. I waited too late to open and listen to them (past the 30 day limit) ,to send them back (live and learn). I wish I had opened them earlier. I definitely wasted my money. Save your hard earned cash. 01-02-11
LOVE Dr. Dyer This series has helped to change my life. Brilliant!!! 11-10-10
Highly Recommend This set is wonderful! I highly recommend it for you, your friends, your family, everyone! I have loaned my set out twice and can't wait to listen to it again once it is returned. I think it is good to listen to, then meditate, then sleep for the night!!! The cd's are my favorite part of the set, but glad it came with the book and the movie!! This is my favorite Wayne Dyer presentation. I wish I could afford to give it as gifts. Maybe one day I can because it is worth it. 09-25-10
Mostly Hype Quite dissappointing, expected much more by the way he talked on QVC. Returned. 09-13-10
Great Set Love Dr. Dyer I could listen to him speak all day...he lays things out for you in a way that is easy to understand. Common sense never sounded so good. The movie was "so so"...I felt like it was the same as his lecture, with a few fictional scenes thrown in. BUT the extras were worth the watch....I'm intoxicated by the book can't put it down! 08-11-10
Best so far!! I have been a fan of Wayne Dyer and have received much comfort and guidance from his books, tapes and now his first movie. Each of his writings seem to improve on his last. The Shift is certainly no exception. I've watched the movie about 4 times now each time getting something I hadn't noticed before. There is always a new "aha" from any of his work. This is especially a good buy since you can be a part of his retreat on Maui. I would love to really get to go sometime. Dr. Dyer is truly a gift from God. 05-30-10
Wonderful I just love Dr. Dyer's approach to this topic, it really makes sense. 05-13-10
THIS SET CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Dr. Wayne Dyer's teachings have been a major part of my life for over 20 years. Each book, CD, and now movie, just get better and better as he "practices what he preaches" and lives his life on purpose. I have especially enjoyed, and learned from, the teachings in The Shift that have helped keep me on my path of being "better than I used to be"! Wayne is a wonderful teacher who continually reminds his students to find inspiration and live from their passion. His teachings have been a major inspiration to me personally and have contributed to my writting a self-help book for teens; Drama Is Optional. I know without Wayne's influence in my life my book would not be a reality. He continually reminds us that anything is possible - and his life is a wonderful example of that statement. If you're not familiar with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, do yourself a favor and make this the day you choose to change your life for good! You will not be sorry for your decision. 04-27-10
Get Inspired I love Dr. Dyer and this set is wonderful. The movie is a great reminder of what is important in life. I've listened to most of the CD's. I have one left to listen to, and haven't started on the book yet. I would say it is already worth the price. I feel things are changing already. This is a great purchase. 04-19-10
Inspiration and a passion for change I have been following Wayne's writings and lectures for at least two decades and have observed changes in his messages and the way they are presented. This kind of set appeals to all types of consumers - give the book to a reader, listen to the CDs while you go about your day, watch the movie (which I haven't yet, but will). Listening to this set, I notice more passion in his voice and a little more candor in his delivery. Nearly age 70 and dealing with leukemia, Wayne continues to deliver a strong message of coping with challenges and creating the mindset that will empower you to lead yourself to the changes that you want to make. It's true that he quotes others, however, he does so in a way that reinforces those truths, suggests some books that I am interested in checking out, and reminds us that when we go deep into ourselves, we can focus on what we need to and leave the static and distractions that we allow to hold ourselves back to be set aside. His book "Wisdom of the Ages" was a rehash of many leaders and I'd love to see QVC bring a version of this to offer. It was one of his finest works. With each new book, Wayne takes things one step further, so for long time followers, you will take this next step with him. For those who are new, there is no reason you can't start to enjoy Wayne's writings and then go back to prior writings as they each have something worthwhile to take away with you. The CD set also reflects a little more candor and humor than Wayne has sometimes allowed, which brings him closer to his audience. He appears to be showing us through his words how he is reconciling or has reconciled things in his life that only long time followers might be aware of. Speaking as a Scruvy Elephant, it is well worth the listen and I'm glad that the CD set is so comprehensive. Thank you QVC for introducing Wayne to people who have probably not experienced Dr. Wayne Dyer before. I would recommend this for many different people for different reasons, but for older teens and under 30 this might be a strong stepping stone as they develop habits and perspectives that will take them through their adult lives. 03-28-10
my life changed right away I want to tell you and amazing story and i hope people believe it this is a mircle and its all from Dr Wayne Dyer and from god. when i first got my package it was great i put the dvd in i listened to every word he said and the movie the shift was great by the way. i had a staring spell for 20 minutes to take in the information your subconsusious takes in the information i was changed after that day after watching the dvd once. didnt have to use the 6 cds or the book. I always recommend going back to the dvd every now and then cause you will lose your subconsuious. the dvds are very powerful and i wouldnt recommend them to someone unless you are really serious about change. otherwise your wasting your money just watch it once and you will see a difference. After i bought it i help my mom around the house i am a clean freak. i bought a vaccum cleaner and a shampooer totalled about 400 dollars it cost me. i do laundry i never did that before. Thank you Dr Dyer. 03-27-10
Absolutely fantastic! This is FAR from the same ol'; same ol' as someone else reported. It's fantastic! If you're looking for this series to be a quick fix to make changes in your life, you, absolutely, are wasting your time. The change has to come from inside you, and that takes work on your part. If you do the work, you will see amazing results in yourself and your life. 03-26-10