Dr. Daniel Amen's Identifying Your Brain Type DVD/CD Program

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What is it: The key to a better body is a healthy brain. Based on the latest medical research, as well as Dr. Amen's clinical practice, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body shows you how to take the very best care of your brain and your body. Using the included questionnaire, you will begin to understand the health of your brain and the type of weight issue you may have by identifying your brain type. Once you identify your brain type, the DVD and CD lectures will give you specific ideas on how to optimize your brain/body connection to achieve optimum health and wellness.

Who is it for: Anyone who would like to lose or maintain their weight by identifying their brain type.

Why is it different: Dr. Amen believes diets don't work, and that most weight problems begin between your ears. Additionally, there is not just one brain pattern associated with being overweight. There are at least five different patterns, and knowing about your specific brain type will make losing weight and keeping it off a whole lot easier. By following this program, you will gain a better understanding of how your brain works and what your strengths and vulnerabilities are. Dr Amen's system offers personally tailored brain enhancement programs--based on your brain type--to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and manage your weight.

How do I use it: Start by answering the 75 questions in the questionnaire, which will enable you to identify your brain type. Then go to the two DVDs--where Dr. Amen addresses all five brain types--to pick up the information you need for your specific brain type. Then, utilize the CDs, which will give you tips and advice on how you can help your overall health, weight management, overcoming anxiety, and unhealthy sleep issues.

From Dr. Daniel Amen.

As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Take a realistic approach: If you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results.


  • 67-minute DVD: 10 Steps To Use Your Brain To Get and Keep The Body You Have Always Wanted
  • 66-minute DVD: Bonus Features--eight additional stories and an extensive Q&A session with audience
  • 51-minute CD: Emergency Health Rescue Kit
  • 55-minute CD: A Detailed Guide to Brain Typing for Weight and Overall Health
  • 60-minute CD: Boost Your Brain to Lose Your Belly
  • 35-minute CD: Natural Ways to Boost Your Brain
  • 57-minute CD: ANT Therapy, Stress Busting and Overcoming the Obstacles to Getting a Better Brain and A Better Body
  • 69-minute CD: Hypnotic Sessions
  • Questionnaire and answer key
  • Total DVD run time is approximately 133 minutes
  • Total CD run time is approximately 6 hours
  • Made in USA

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Reviews & Community QA

Dr. Daniel Amen's Identifying Your Brain Type DVD/CD Program 1.9 5 15 15
Annoying banter,Repetitive,Poor recording quality, I way bothered by the banter of Dr. Amen with his female colleague, Dr. Kristen Willemeyer. She acted like she had a schoolgirl crush on Dr. Amen, giggling often, finishing his sentences and not adding any content to the conversation. The worst part was her valley girl tone, and the number of times she commented the word "right" . I counted 97 times on the 2nd CD alone! Her other favorites were: OH YEAH, Absolutely, WOW, OH Wow, Woah, Sure, uh hum, ok, oh my and yes. Really Dr. Amen? what a waste of money. Poor content, poor recording quality and repetitive information...it's an ad for his business. 11-09-12
Rambling and Complex I had seen Dr Amen's lectures on PBS and thought these CDs/DVD would be a helpful extension of those lectures. Unfortunately, the quality of the recordings have the feel of a one-on-one rambling conversation. The lectures on TV were far better organized and concise. Of course you will lose weight if you eat 'brain healthy' food--it's cutting out the junk and eating non-processed, natural, whole foods. But this package would have been better served with an organized outline with a beginning a middle and an end that would have given the listener a pattern to follow instead of listening to how football players fared. And as the other reviewers mention here, there is far too much repetition. Most of us are not professional football players so I found that part of the 'chat' useless and boring. If you are interested in learning about brain function, then give this a listen. If you are interested in learning something about losing weight, this is not the holy grail you are looking for. 10-19-12
Possitive If you go into this with a positive attitude you will benefit from this. It is repetitive but it needs to be. You can't change your lifestyle by hearing something just once. I like the program. If you stick with this you will benefit. We are a want it now society and this will take time but do not give up. 06-07-12
Waste of Money Huge Waste of Money! I should have sent it back, but didn't, so now am stuck with it! 04-15-12
Repetitious Like other reviewers I found this series to be extremely repetious and rambling, with few real actionable "nuggets" to act on regarding the subject matter: brain health and weight management. I bought this to identify and learn more about scientific solutions for what the author posed as the 5 " brain "types". Yet, other than a few mentions of supplementation, this was minimally addressed at best. At times it seemed more like an advertisement for author's books, supplements and work with football players. The hypnosis CD may have been useful, but that was defective (skipped) so could not use. Cannot recommend. 03-20-12
Waste of Money.. It has no significant value :) Listened to all the CD:s what a waste of money. This Dr. Amen didn't say anything of value repeated the same topics on every CD.. At first, I believed I might have listened to the same CD, but to my surpurise I wasn't. I would have sent the darn things back if I hadn't taken my time to listen to each one over and over again. 03-18-12
long & repeat There was some good information on the cds but most of it was just a repeat. I had the dvd turned as loud as the tv would go and still could barely hear it. The relaxation tapes all ran in to each other and had alot of noise in the background. very poor quality. 03-15-12
Too much of the same thing! I saw Dr. Amen on PBS and so I was interested in the set. The DVD is the same as the show I recorded from PBS. The booklet is fine but really recommends his supplements via this Web site. The 6 CD's are ok except they are repetitive. the good one is the last one which had 3 hypnosis segments on it. But they play one after the other so it's for weight and for anxiety and for insomnia all on the same CD. If you use one you have to figure out where the next part begins and ends if you want to hear part 2 or part 3. Oh well not worth the money as his CD's are 12.95 a piece on his website. Sandy in Brookilyn 03-08-12
Too long. This program contains some very educational information, but it is very repetitive. In my estimation, it could have been condensed to approximately 2 hours worth of material. I am sending it back. 03-04-12
Poor Quality The DVDs that I received are of very poor quality. The sound cuts in and out constantly. There are minutes of no sound at all. 02-29-12
great tool for personal growth I can honestly say I have been so interested in all the material since this arrived yesterday. The Doctor's complete program makes perfect sense. He deals with the gray matter before all of the other steps.......Knowing your brain type is crucial not only to losing weight but to understand why we do the things we do.....ground breaking info......getting control ..can be applied to all facets of life. A great tool for growth and wellness!! 02-24-12
Misrepresented on TV I purchased this mainly for my husband who has anxiety. I watched the demo on QVC and was under the impression that it was for many things other than weight loss!!!!! Wrong!!!! I am returning this! My husband couldnt even do the book questions since he is not overweight and most of the questions pertained to weight and eating.!!!!! Next time I will wait for the reviews before I waste my money. 02-08-12