Discgear 120 Disc Stackable Faux Leather Disc Organizer

Discgear 120 Disc Stackable Faux Leather Disc Organizer
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Don't let your CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, or video games get lost in the shuffle. Keep them safe, clean, and easily accessible with this faux leather media storage organizer. It holds up to 120 discs in numbered, self-aligning slots, delivering the one you want with the touch of a button. From DiscGear.

  • Includes organizer and index book for liner sheets
  • Holds 120 discs
  • White contrast stitching
  • Measures 16-1/2"L x 6-1/4"D x 5-1/4"H
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

V30342 - Discgear 120 Disc Stackable Faux Leather Disc Organizer 4.9 5 55 55
Best Organizational Idea for DVDs I have three of these and need/want more. These are wonderful. It does take a litte time to get them "set up" but once you do you will reap the rewards of your work. PLEASE BRING THIS ITEM BACK IN STOCK so I can purchase the 2 additional ones i currently need. 06-04-11
Wonderful product! After decluttering my house of Wii, PS2 & PS3, DVD and Blu-Ray cases (I ordered 4 organizers [and still wish I had two more]), my kids became reinterested in their video games (now that they were on a list for them to choose from and not a pile to sort through and not in the cases they should be in). My family and I became more interested in watching movies together and our collection became the local lending library. I found the company's online software to create and edit libraries excedingly easy to use. 05-25-11
Finally organized and saving space This product is wonderful. It took time for me to sort through all of our CD's and enter them in the discgear software, but now that I have, it is wonderful! The CD's are producted, organized, and searchable by category, title, and artist using the discgear software. The list is printed and stored in a drawer below the organizer. I took 120 CD's and their clear cases and condensed them into this small unit that takes up so little space compared to the two CD's towers we had. I logged in to buy another organizer so I could start on our movies and was so disappointed to see QVC no longer has this item available. Highly recommend this product. 03-30-11
Helps Get One's Life Back On Track This is not an exaggeration. This Disgear 120 Disc Organizer got me reconnected with my lovely home & my beautiful music & great DVDs. Cable TV has me disjointed....never accomplishing what I need to do, never as relaxed & focused & centered as I want to be. First, it is an unbelievable process to get all one's CDs, DVDs, & asundry discs from all parts of the house & auto to the organizing table. I even had duplicates of CDs & had wasted my purchasing budget. Roughly organize CDs by genre (classical, country, Christmas, show tunes, etc.) Then, pre-alphabetize. I got my paper cutter near by to trim back the printed info in each case. Then I started filling my 4 Discgears. (I got 2 black, came back for 2 more black....hope they come back in stock...2/2011 sold out & not even on waitlist)(order at least 2). Then, the amazing process of transferring the CDs from those plastic cases to the Discgear. First, it does not seem that those little plastic CD cases take up much room but WOW there is such an unbelievable downsizing that occurs with the transfer. Secondly, I found I could easily discard (donate, throw out, whatever) at least 5% of my collection. My musical interests have changed. I also realized at my age (early 60s),. I would not be able to listen to....not to mention that I no longer care to listen to....some of the CDs I had been cluttering up my life with. To declutter & get rid of even "valuable" CDs that one will never listen to.....LIBERATING IN SPACE AND SPIRIT! Then, even without yet going to the Discgear website to use their software to generate alphabetized, pristine lists of one's collection....I found just flipping through the plastic sleeves of the notebooks helped me to locate long-forgotten treasures of MUSIC that I adore. I have RE-DISCOVERED my love for music !!! Music is relaxing. Music is energizing. Music centers one and helps one get down to accomplishing tasks around the house that need doing. Exercising.. Cleaning. Sewing. Paying bills. Whatever. Cable TV....to which I had become addicted....just does not help one energize and accomplish daily goals the way that music that you loves does. I have been overdosing on the world's problems through instantaneous world news of a catastropic nature & had neglected my own personal world in the meantime. These Disgears are amazing organizing tools that do much more than organize CDs, DVDs, computer discs, etc. These Discgears are the bridge that helps one to reconnect with one's own self. This is not an exaggeration. These are one of my Top Ten purchases on QVC. 02-12-11
OMG ORGANIZED! I ordered this in the red last month, and it has helped me get organized! I separated from my husband last May and moved into a very small apartment. I cannot tell you how large my CD music collection is except that I had several boxes of CD's when I moved. I am able to get rid of a media tower, and have all of my music in one compact area. And I feel that by recycling the CD cases, I have contributed towards a better environment. Thank you for helping get some organization back into my life!!!!! If you have children with game systems this is a great way to teach them organization which will help bring harmony into your life. 02-09-11
Great Product . . . BUT I've purchased three of these and they're just what I needed to organize my CDs and DVDs. I'm good at following instructions and registered the products on the MyDiscgrear website. The site allows you to create listings of all your CD's and DVDs and print them out. Terrific! HOWEVER, the window that allowed me to insert the tracks of each CD did not have a prompt to SAVE the information. After all my tedeious work, I found that MY DATA HAD DISAPPEARED. There is no information about saving tracks in their printed material or on the website. For problems the MyDiscgear site tells you to email their Customer Service, which I did. I got a response 3 DAYS LATER. I followed their enclosed link, which was supposed to provide an answer . IT DID NOT. All I got were more windows about contacting their Customer Service. At the end of their email, Discgear asked if I was satisfied with the response. I wrote "No," restated my problem and told them what happened when I followed their instructions. That was FOUR DAYS AGO and I still have not heard back from them. OK Discgear, FIX YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. QVC should scrutinize their vendors' Customer Service Departments. I've read many reviews of other products where QVC customers express disappointment with vendors' customer service. QVC's Customer Service is excellent. Some of their vendors need to shape up. 02-04-11
the best i own 3 of these in brown when they first came out...they sold out for awhile and came back...ordered 3 more in brown ......nice looking case, hold disc neat and safe, album holds covers and keeps neat and clean......these are the best 02-01-11
How did I live without it! I seen this on in Dec. and new I had to get one and try it. I absoulutly love it. Ended up buying 2 and going to purchase 2 more. My whole movie collection is now in one small space. Easy to find my movies, easy to put away, and also to access. I now have room for that new piece of furniture and do not miss that big cabinet that stored all our movies at all! 01-27-11
Great Idea I bought two of these in black. I recently moved to an apartment after selling my house and am trying to condense my "stuff". This is perfect for my dvd's and well worth the price. My dad (age 92) saw these and wanted one for his music, so I gave him one of mine. He already has his filled up and loves it. Works great, even with the "not as nimble as they used to be" fingers of an older person. I will have to order another one now! 01-27-11
Best way to get organized! My boyfriend and I just purchased a new stereo set for Christmas. Our CD cupboard was a complete mess. I remembered seeing this disc organizer on QVC and went online and ordered two or them. It has to be one of the best inventions ever!! I am getting ready to order two more for all the videos! Easy to sort, easy use, looks great and great quality! Love it! 01-27-11
Great organizing tool! This is THE BEST organizer for CDs and DVDs ever! Very easy to get organized and it looks great. Very attractive sitting on the shelf....we purchased the black one. Makes it so easy to find what you want. We had more CDs and DVDs than we thought so will definitely be purchasing another in the near future. Highly recommend! Well worth the purchase price. 01-24-11
Perfect! This is the best product. I bought one to use for my son's PS3 games and he is 9 and has no problem using it. Will buy more in the future. My only complaint, if you can call it that is that it is slow to open but still WONDERFUL product. 01-23-11