CooksEssentials Vertical Rotisserie Oven w/skewers

CooksEssentials Vertical Rotisserie Oven w/skewers
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A new spin on a classic dish. This vertical rotisserie oven allows you to cook up to a five-pound chicken or eight-pound roast from the inside out with a center heating element, locking in the juicy tenderness of your favorite foods. From Cook's Essentials(R) Kitchenware.

  • 1420W
  • Slide-out base allows preparation away from heat source
  • Measures 14-3/4"L x 12"D x 14-3/4"H
  • Hand wash
  • ETL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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not impressed The chicken turned out dry. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what. I have tried it twice and had the same results. One thing that I do like is that it is very east to clean. The inside just wipes clean and the removable stuff washes easily in soap and water. I just wish I could get the food to turn out better. 10-24-11
Awesome!!! I received this product two weeks ago. It was bigger then I thought it would be. Very easy to use, and clean up is a cinch. It's really a set it and forget it. The food is so juicy and delicious. I find new uses for it each time I use it. Like the other reviewer said, "one thing is more delicious then the other". I know it seems a little pricey, but it's worth the money and the time it saves. You won't be sorry you gave it a try. Where else can you use it, and if you don't like it, send it back? I'm going to buy one for my parents for Christmas. 10-02-11
Great kitchen appliance I had my doubts, but I've got to say excellent, excellent, excellent. The first time I used this I cooked a 3lb beef tenderloin rolled in 1/2 packet montreal steak seasoning. The settings were high, beef, 40 minutes, no center heat. I cut potato wedges tossed them in olive oil, garlic and parsley and skewered them. After 20 miutes I paused the cycle and put the skewers in.......a little tricky, but no major problem. Restarted the cycle and finished, let rest for 10 minutes. Meat was absolutely delicious, medium center, tender enough to cut with butter knife, Potatoes were perfectly done with a little browning on outside. The drip tray got all drippings, no splatters, no mess. Minor wipe on the inside, the stainless parts in dishwasher and ready to put away. I am an accomplished cook, but I would recommend this item to everyone. Very easy to use, cleaning a breeze. 09-22-11
love, Love, LOVE this Product!!! I love rotisserie cooking... the one I had before was good but it loaded from the front, meaning that you opened the door and had to stuff everything in. I love that this is a top load and there is no more trying to stuff everything inside...you simply drop it in and because of the glass lid, you get more viewing area of the food and I really LOVE that the heat moves around instead of the food. At first I was skeptical but after using it, I found that the heat is so evenly distributed it is foolproof. So far I have cooked a whole chicken, a rib roast, pork loin, and beef kabobs, each done to perfection and more delicious than the next. Now I am going to try to make my own gyro...cannot wait! Cleanup is a breeze...the non-stick housing makes you able to just wipe it clean - just terrific. I love the stainless steel and it looks great on the counter... If you are thinking of buying this then GET IT NOW before they are all gone...you won't be dissapointed!!! LOVE IT! 09-20-11
Awesome!!!! I just received mine yesterday and used it today. I made 2 chickens one with the dry rub recipe from the book that comes with it and one with wing dust that i have. They turned out better than any ever have on my grill which i do have a rotisserie on also. Thank you for another great product. I buy everything off of QVC and have never been disappointed. 09-18-11
EARLY XMAS PRESENT FOR HUBBY.... He loves it. Had it for about a wk & a half before using it. Today he tried it out for the first time. He purchased a chicken weighing 5.56 pds. Cooking instructions said to cook 55-60 mins. I did not think it would get completely done w/i that time. I had been use to the slow rotisserie on his outdoor grill which took a couple of hours or so hrs. With the outdoor grill, my husband would have to put the chicken n da oven bcuz it was not completely cooked at the bone. ( I hate seeing that) Meanwhile the chicken was completely cooked on the outside. Well with this little baby u do not have that problem. The chicken cooked quickly & it was crispy. The inside of the chicken was COMPLETELY COOKED. I was definitely checking that out. Bcuz the chicken was cooking so quickly I thought that it would be tough. I WAS WRONG. THE CHICKEN WAS MOIST & TASTY. The only thing that my hubby later realized that he had not done was to spray the internal cooker & the tray that holds the chicken with cooking oil per instructions. This lack of spraying the oil did cause some mild sticking but he cleaned the items with no problem at all. The housing unit was basically clean. Just wipe the housing unit down with a damp dish cloth. I really like the fact that the chicken was crispy. (Even though I do not eat the skin of chicken) I love the fact that this is so much easier for my husband & much, much quicker than his outdoor grill. The unit is ls lightweight. We did not find the unit to be extremely big. It has to have some size to it to accommodate the different sizes of chicken u purchase. Definitely do not want a unit so small that the chicken end up touching the burners. This unit saves you time & a lot of extra work. It is a good buy & an excellent price. Very good deal & would recommend to anyone. 09-18-11
IT WORKS, AND LOOKS GOOD TOO! Let me start by saying that I am an old hand at cooking with an electric vertical rotisserie oven. I had a Regal one for 15 years that finally gave up the ghost. To my dismay, I discovered that it was no longer being made. After shopping around, I discovered this very oven, not on QVC, but in a bricks & mortar store under a different brand name. I really liked the handsome stainless steel construction, and it's appearance matched many of my other appliances. I was however, a bit skeptical about the food remaining stationary during the cooking process, and it seemed a tad 'pricey' to me so I passed on it. Imagine my surprise when I saw the exact same oven, under the "Cooks Essentials" name, right here on QVC. Not only that, but it was at half the price (no exaggeration) AND available with the Easy Pay option! Well, I jumped at it and I am glad I did. The electronic 'rotation' of the heating elements works like a charm, the oven is well made, and cooks every bit as good as my old Regal. It has the added benefit of being digitally controlled, not with clunky old style analog knobs & mechanical 'tick-tock' timer. I am looking forward to many years of happy cooking with my beautiful new oven. 09-18-11
The Best Gyros Ever! I bought this rotisserie specifically to make authentic gyros at home - it's perfect! In addition, it cooks chicken beautifully as well as anything else you want to cook in it. As you should assume, "Yes", this appliance gets hot inside and out, but that's what the handles are for...anything that doesn't heat up my house, I'm okay with! I love the window and the fact that the whole top removes to allow easy removal of whatever you're cooking. I found clean-up simple - a little soak/scrub, but I expected that. The end result is browned, crispy, juicy, professional results. That's worth it to me! 09-05-11
Great!!!!! i purchased this to replace one that i lost and its alot bigger than i expected...Worked really great and meat was fallen off the bone. I'll definitely find out what else i can cook in it besides chicken... 07-22-11
roaster is b ig this item is really large, but it works, clean up is a breeze, found the uses for this item limited but still working on it, cooks very fast and the food is good, I will keep this and i m impressed with the ability to cook fast and easy to clean 07-18-11
This Oven works great Purchased this unit about 2 years ago and have cooked many chickens in it. Works great the meat is tender and moist. Easy clean-up a lot better than those Rotisserie Ovens you see advertised on TV. 03-21-11
cooks essentials? When I got this home I was dissapointed. It sticks badly! I could not get it totally clean even soaking it over night. It gets very, very hot everywhere. The knob on top of the lid should maybe be silicone because you need a pot holder to touch it. It is a really big unit.. I hope they can improve on this item because it is a great concept. I LOVE cooks essentials. First thing I have ever sent back. 01-29-11
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