CooksEssentials 5.5cup Nonstick Stainless Steel Rice Cooker/ Multi Cooker

CooksEssentials 5.5cup Nonstick Stainless Steel Rice Cooker/ Multi Cooker
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Don't get steamed--let this nonstick multi-cooker take care of everything. With four settings and 450W of power, it quickly heats up to five-and-a-half cups of rice. And a nonstick inner pot makes clean-up a breeze, so you can relax and enjoy dinner. From Cook's Essentials(R).

  • Includes rice cooker, steamer basket, inner pot, measuring cup, and spoon
  • 450W
  • 5-1/2 cup capacity
  • Rice, steam, warm, and start settings
  • Non-stick inner pot with measurement marking
  • Indicator LEDs
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Measures 9-1/2"H x 9"Diam
  • ETL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

K29885 - Cook's Essentials 5.5cup Nonstick S/S Rice/ Multi Cooker 3 5 14 14
Best Little Cooker Ever I love this cooker and have noticed those saying that it spilled over, but if you are cooking rice, you should put one cup rice and 2 cups water. Anything over that has threatened to overflow it's steam and water. I love my cooker and if it were available, I would buy 2 more and give one to each of my daughters. Maybe even give a 3rd to myself as a backup. I haven't had a moment's trouble out of mine and my husband loves the rice it cooks. After the rice is cooked and it goes into the Warm cycle, then you open it to add whatever extra stuff you want in it, then close the lid and allow it continue in the warm mode. If you watch the steam, when it slows down or stops in the cook mode, you will see it go into a warm mode which means it's done. If QVC brings this cooker back, I will buy at least 3 of them. 11-19-11
A MUST HAVE in all kitchens!!! I have had other rice cookers/ steamers and this one is WONDERFUL!!!! I am finding myself using my cooker daily. I am so happy for making this purchase. This cooker is so very easy to use, clean and store. Thou I have owned other cookers this is gladly my last. Using my Cook's cooker has been a wonderfully easy experince, and the rice is perfect. I so recommend this cooker!!! 09-02-11
does very well We love it. Yes there is no beep when done but you don't need it. It zeros out on the display to tell you it is done. Cooks 4 cups of rice in 15 minute. There is no mess uless you put way to much water in it. Come on people a rice cooker is NOT rocket science to us & this one is very easy to use & does a good job. 08-11-11
Great Rice Cooker... I needed a new rice cooker and just received this last week. It was very similar to my last one so I took a chance and got it. Works great! I made rice twice now and used Uncle Bens rice (2 cups rice / 2 cups water). I even made 1 cup rice with 1 cup water the very first night and even that turned out very well. I steamed broccoli at the same time as well! I didn't even bother with the measuring cup that was included or the measurement for water in the pot. I just took a standard measuring cup and measured the rice and water with that. I didn't even read the booklet at all. It's perfect. I don't need an alarm when the rice is done cooking because you can hear the click when it switches over to "warm". That was the same with my last rice cooker. I actually measured out the measuring cup with water and even though it reads 1 cup, it was actually less so I won't be measuring with it. Great buy for the price! I will try other rice eventually but I really like Uncle Bens Converted rice. 06-23-11
Junk...junk...junk Bought this on Easy Pay and it lasted one month after it was paid off **What A Waste of Money** 06-13-11
VERY Disappointed!!! I have had this machine for several months and no matter what I do or try, I am greatly disappointed. The first thing I noticed is that there is no beep or any sound to tell you when the rice is done, even though they recommend that you turn off the power 15 min after the rice is done, they have not provided you with an audible sound to help the cook out. There is no consistency as far as how long the rice needs to cook. I only cook two rices, Cal Rose and long grain brown. I have had trouble with both. After following the directions to the letter usually proves to have a "hard" (not fullly cooked) finished product. I add an extra cup of water and this seems to do the trick. Sometimes it takes 1/2 hours but one time it took an hour and a half before it would be done (indicated by the "warm" light going on. Please, please fix this machine, it has so much potential. Since I have had it several months I cannot return it. Let that be a lesson to me. When I first got the machine, I thought it was my fault and kept trying different things but it took more than 30 days to prove it was the machine itself. Now I am stuck with it :-( 05-01-11
DIsappointed I purchased this rice cooker hoping that it was as easy to use as it seemed to be on tv. Unfortunately the instruction booklet is very poorly written. When I used it, I made a mess of the kitchen because steam and water came out of the top. I don't know why that happened and the booklet was no help. I'd return it, but don't have the box and think that I have had it more than 30 days. Don't buy this item. 03-24-11
favorite i use this at least three times a week...i make rice, and it comes out perfectly...i brown my chicken 15 min on one side, and 15 min on the other side with lots of spices, then i let it slow cook for two hours with the lid down, and it's moist and flavorful...i make stew meat in this for my stew...i take a plastic bag and pour the flour stew mix and salt and pepper and put the chunks of meat and coat them...brown them, lid open. after 30 min. close the lid hit the slow cook and let it cook for 4 hours....tender and delicious. put it in the refrigerator and finish it the next day...don't forget to start the pot with onions and some oil. i have worn this pot out...that's the only negative is the coating should be like the technique cookware, or you should be able to buy replaceable inserts. 03-17-11
LOVE IT! Used my rice cooker for the first time today and the rice came out perfect! Will never go back to making rice the old fashioned way!! 02-26-11
Not well made Cheaply made. Rice burnt on the bottom. I agree with the other reviews, manual was not clear. Had to return it. 02-21-11
Cooks Rice Perfectly This cooker is wonderful it cooks the rice perfectly. All you have to do is put in either white or brown rice. Its so easy. Say you put in 1 cup of rice put in 1 cup of water. Match water to how much rice you put in it. If you cook brown you need to double the water. We also use ours to steam veggies on top while rice is cooking in the bottom. All is done in 20 minutes and you get perfect rice that isn't burt on the bottom. 02-20-11
dissapointed instruction book poor at best..cleans up easy,but thats about it.. 02-12-11