ColossalCupcake Silicone Giant Cupcake Mold with Filling Insert

ColossalCupcake Silicone Giant Cupcake Mold with Filling Insert
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Cupcakes are all the rage--but sometimes they're just not big enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. With this sensational silicone mold, you can bake one giant cupcake to decorate and devour to your heart's content. The removable insert creates a well for your favorite filling--ice cream, whipped cream, jelly, pudding, the possibilities are deliciously endless.

  • Includes top mold, bottom mold, and removable insert
  • Nonstick, easy release
  • Dishwasher safe; heat-resistant to 500F
  • Silicone construction
  • Assembled, cupcake measures approximately 6-1/2"Diam x 7"H
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

K22290 - Colossal Cupcake Silicone Giant Cupcake Mold w/Filling Insert 3.2 5 19 19
first birthday cake ... huge hit i read the reviews after i bought this product and thought that i was in big trouble. but when i got it in the mail i gave it a dry run. It was so much easier than everyone made it out to be. I didnt follow the instructions (what there was of them), just used a little common since. i cooked mine at 325' the top for an hour and 20 mins and the bottom for an hour and 10 mins. and they came out perfect. i used almost a whole box for the bottom and the rest in the top and about 2/3 of another box for the top. i had to trim it up a bit but it came out perfect. no sticking at all (used spray). hardest past was decorating it. frost it fast than put it in the fridge to harden up (cause it will drip) and than take it out and add final touches. my son loved it and tore it apart and it got tons of compliments. 06-09-09
Love Love Love I LOVE this cupcake mold set. I have made a couple of cakes already and they were a HUGE hit. (I used only one box of batter) I am curious to see how big it gets with two boxes. I did read some of the reviews and other ladies had problems getting the cake out of the pans I did spray the pans first and had no problem. Came out perfect. Great Mold!!! 05-28-09
very cute item I purchased this a few months ago BUT read the reviews before purchasing. I used everyone's suggestions and have made at least 5 and every one has come out perfectly. I am having difficulty finding a filling thick enough so it doesn't run out when cut. If you spray the inside with a good amount of Pam, bake at 325 for 40-45 min., perfect every time. I used one boxed cake mix and that was adequate. Filled both parts fairly equally, maybe a little less in the bottom, make sure you snap the overlay on the bottom pan so it doesn't pop off during baking. It was adorable after frosting and decorating. Any suggestions on the filling from anyone.??? I tried puddings with less milk but too runny also. I tried canned whip cream with cream cheese, not so good either. 05-27-09
It takes practice I was so excited when this aired,but after opening it and using it..I saw it wasnt as easy as was claimed. 1st off let me tell you it is not non stick! I put my batter in the mold, then I went to pop it out and half fell out and other pieces stuck inside the mold or just broke off..I was soo sad. So I read the reviews on helpful tips on how to make it work,because there arent any directions that come with it really except a typed page of notes (so sad) I had also hoped that they would have atleast sent some recipes or something but their was none. So my advice if you get this is 1st make sure you coat the mold with spray or oil. cook the bottom longer than the top,because the top cooks faster. Cook it at 325 to 350 depending on your oven. Once out the oven place in the freezer for 8-10 minutes or on the counter for 15..if you are planning on icing it. Make sure you cut a little of the top to make it even. Decorating is also tideous! Its a chore trying to decorate as beautifully as they showed when it aired on QVC. So down below where its says would you recommend this? I put no, no if you expect it to be easy, but if your up for a challenge then yes get this. Also note once you do make the cupcake be careful how you cut it because the cupcake will prob. fall apart after the first cut. 05-02-09
Cute I used 1 box of brownie mix; it came out cute, but I think I should have used more mix. Thankfully, this was a "dry run". I am going to cook a cake to take to work. Wish me luck as there are NO instructions included with this product. I can't wait to try to create more "cupcakes". 04-06-09
COLLASPED What a mess, as I put a pudding filling into the cupcake it totally collasped. I would not recommend this to anyone. I put the entire mess, pan and all into the trash. 03-29-09
alittle practice I was excited to get this and try it out- as others stated didnt like the directions for this, they should have put alittle more time in that-but overall i love the outcome. I turned the oven down to 325 and cooked it longer and it worked out great. As for decorating it you can use your imagination and try all sorts of things. Made 8 different cupcakes so far and they have all turned out great except the first one was a little too done on the outside that is why i turned the temp down. 03-05-09
Takes Some Work I read the reviews on this site and so didn't have as much trouble as I would have. I loved the presentation but was extremely disappointed no recipes came with it. I have forgotten all the ideas and ways to do it. Also, once the cake is cut, it topples...???? 03-03-09
Good idea, needs better instructions This is a good idea, and was happy to see something like this as at a good price, so I ordered. I think the instructions, at least in reference for the cooking temp should apply to the type of cake or cake mix you are utilizing. I just did the toothpick test when I first made it and that seemed to work the best. The mold was easy clean up and I was impressed with that. 03-02-09
so much fun ! Okay, when I first got it I listened to instructions, it burned top and middle raw. Second time, I turned oven down to 325 and did not fill them up all the way and it worked. I did one with just cake and other with filling. 02-26-09
IT WORKS, BUT!!! Yes, I too had similar problems with the cupcake mold. I filled it per MaryBeth's directions on the video, about 1/4 to top a wee bit lower. I thought with all that spurting, I'd add pie weights to the middle, but that didn't help. It still spilled out and then made the bottom unlevel. I had to cut the top on an angle to meet bottom. Hopefully, it's cooked all the way through, because I didn't have time for a dry run, per someone elses suggestion. I also used two cake boxes, but that was way too much. I had to make a loaf to use the excess batter. I think there should be a simple picture book, even in black in white would be helpful. It's well made, it looks right, and I do suggest spray so it slides right out. Definately let it cool or it might break apart. But, I'm sure after it's frosted and I watch the video again for ideas, I think it's worth a try! 02-21-09