Bralief Set of 3 Bra Clips with Storage Pouch

Bralief Set of 3 Bra Clips with Storage Pouch
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Watch this video to see how you can get an instant lift and stop bra straps from slipping.

Slipping straps, begone! Stop constantly adjusting those pesky bra straps and start using this set of three bra clips, which lift the bust and prevent straps from falling down. The clips come in a range of common bra colors--nude, white, and black--so they'll blend in seamlessly with your wardrobe. From Bralief.

  • Includes nude clip, white clip, black clip, and storage pouch
  • One size
  • Clips: man-made materials
  • Storage pouch: 95% polyester/5% nylon
  • Storage pouch: hand wash, air dry
  • Assembled in Dominican Republic; Made in USA

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Reviews & Community QA

A212573 - Bralief Set of 3 Bra Clips with Storage Pouch 3.6 5 35 35
Poor Choice I live alone and have been unable to use this item, no matter how much I wriggle and twist, the clip does not stay in place. When he overheard me struggling, my date offered to help! I cannot recommend and would like to know the secret to making this work! 03-17-13
Buy! These are great. They are easy to use and I never felt it the whole day I wore it. I would definitely recommend. 04-25-12
They Work for Me I really like these strap clips. I used to hook the straps with a bent open paperclip to get the not as good same effect of a halter bra. I don't understand why so many reviewers are having difficulty putting these on. All you have to do is loosen the bra straps about and inch, hook the bra in the front and snap the clip on the straps, turn it around and slide your arms in "under it". I am a 38D and they work perfectly with all my VS bras plus give extra lift as an added bonus. MUCH better than a paper clip! 11-01-11
Good Purchase I love these bra clips. First of all I am large breasted and have us the plastic bra holders in the past. Even tho they worked fine they ended up bruising my flesh. These ar elastic like the material on straps and cause no damge to my skin. They may be elastic but strong enough to do the right job. I am a pleased customer. 10-07-11
NOT A GOOD PURCHASE The bra clips were too small in width to hook in place and ended up to high on my bra to slide at a lower position on my back. Would not recommend this product as I can't imagine a person that would be a 36 or 38 bra size trying to hook these in place. I have returned this product was very disappointed because they looked so easy on TV. 09-29-11
I'M PRETTY HANDY BUT ... Did I miss something? The strap length on these clips is basically nonadjustable, right? For me (an average size person) that meant it pinched the bra straps too tightly together, no matter where I positioned the clip on my back. My main goal in buying these clips was to modify my favorite Breezies bras into "halter" styles whenever needed. But after a short wrestling match with these clips, I concede defeat. They are going back. And though they aren't expensive in themselves, I'm annoyed to have made this mistake, now that return shipping is getting pretty pricey. 09-28-11
DIFFICULT TO USE I thought these sounded like a great idea, and although I believe the concept is a good one, it is too difficult to get them on by yourself. It's not like you can just attach them in front and slide them to the back. I am going to practice a little more with them and see if I can find a solution, but overall I think they need to be simpler to use. 09-27-11
NOT SO GOOD I found them very difficult to use. I will be sending them back! Looked like a good idea....too bad. 09-26-11
Slight learning curve After I got the hang of this, first couple of times DH assisted, they worked great. I'm a 36F and the lift was fantastic. Gave one to my DD to try. I use them everyday. They truly make a difference for me. Thanks to the inventor. 09-25-11
Not Comfortable Very hard to put on and adjust by yourself and your bra straps don't lay flat, you can see a bulge under my sweaters. Great idea, but sending back. 09-23-11
Too difficult for me This looked like the best idea ever and especially for me because I am fairly narrow shouldered and tall and I have alot of bra-strap drop. I struggled for 16 minutes before I got it on and could hardly move my arms for a couple minutes afterward. I did not feel comfortable wearing it and only lasted about 2 hours before I had to remove it. I will be returning it and only wish I could have used it. Maybe it should be a little longer, by the time I got it on one shoulder, it pulled off the other. 09-21-11
Not for wide straps I agree with the woman who said these are not for wide straps. I wear my Breezies and they have fantastic wide support straps. I did want a "lift" so I purchased these clips. I had bought those cheap plastic ones a long time ago and they did not work for me. I did wear the lightest color one but my strap showed and I didn't have time to change bras. I don't think there was a bump in the back of my dress or at least no one said anything. It did lift me up and I felt good about my 40D. Also, it was difficult for me to hook it by myself but I did it with some trial and errors. Next time it should be easier. It would be good if they came in one color, like beige. 09-20-11