Biggest Loser Digital Ultra Thin Food Scale w/Nutritional Facts Display

Biggest Loser Digital Ultra Thin Food Scale w/Nutritional Facts Display
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Know what you eat. Calculate the nutritional values of foods--and stay on track to meet your healthy eating goals--with The Biggest Loser ultra-thin food scale.

Labels are fine, but it's easy to misjudge portion sizes when you're filling your bowl with cereal or helping yourself to a handful of peanuts. So, this digital scale tracks nutritional values by the actual weight of the food for super-precise portion control. By simply weighing your food before you eat it, you can get a true picture of how much fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and calories you are ingesting--no guesswork required! The scale also enables you to more accurately measure ingredients when cooking or baking.

Let's face it: even when you're watching your weight, you don't limit your diet only to fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. So, this digital scale comes preprogrammed with a complete database of nutritional info for over 900 foods--from coffee and tea to gummy bears and name-brand candy bars. The memory stores and recalls up to 99 food items, allowing you to see your total intake of calories, fat grams, or salt milligrams at the end of the day or week and track your personal eating habits over time.

The digital scale is simple to use. Just place your food on the glass top, enter the corresponding code found in the guidebook, and watch the nutritional values appear onscreen. Touch controls mean no messy buttons to clean.

Thanks to the ultra-thin design, this digital scale slips conveniently into your handbag or work satchel, enabling you to consistently monitor your food intake--even when you're out and about. Back home, the compact scale stores easily in a drawer or cabinet. Or, choose this low-profile device in a color that blends with your kitchen decor, leave it out, and enjoy always-at-your-fingertips convenience without sacrificing lots of counter space.

A great little motivator, The Biggest Loser digital food scale gives you the information you need to lead the healthy lifestyle you want.

  • Includes digital food scale and guidebook
  • Weighs precisely to the gram or from 0.1 oz up to 11 lbs
  • Preprogrammed database of over 900 dry foods and liquids
  • Memory stores and recalls up to 99 food items
  • Glass top, plastic base
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries, included
  • Measures approximately 7-3/4"L x 7-3/4"W x 5/8"D
  • 10-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

K21465 - Biggest Loser Digital Ultra Thin Food Scale w/ Nutrition Facts 2.8 5 109 109
Too difficult Way to much time to do a simple task. Very overpriced for the job. Needs improvement. 04-27-10
It's Ok I like the design of the scale. But aa with most scales it has a hard time reading the weight of some foods. I have not used the codes yet but I agree with one reviewer that it makes since to write it down on a index card and keep it moving. It was a ok purchase. No weight loss using it though : ) 04-02-10
Nice scale Read many of the pro and con views prior to ordering. One review stated that the scale was not accurate. I work for a electronics company in the calibration department. I used highly accurate weight to checok the accuracy and found that the scale is very accurate. The scale is easy to use. The only thing I don’t like is the power on / off key. I would have rather seen a slide switch instead of a push button switch. Other then that I love it and two of my coworker also like it so much, they order it to. 03-09-10
make it simple i love this scale it helped me lose 70 pounds so far. when i first got it i though it was a pain looking up the food codes. then i got smart I used index card and made one for the different things I like to eat. like sandwiches first i listed the bread choice I use most with their code #'s the spreads like mustard ,mayo then meat choices you get the idea then I made cards for meals we usually have like tacos buritto chicken dinner veggie cards fruit card smoothies this worked great no more looking up foods just grab the card and you have it all in front of you. 02-17-10
Easy to use I am glad I bought this food scale. Especially now after the holidays I will be using this to help shed those extra pounds I picked up over the holidays. I like that it's easy to use and large enough to hold a lot on the surface. 01-03-10
Useful Tool I have owned this scale since last summer and use it for everything that goes into my mouth. 25 pounds later, I am still happy with the purchase. The scale does have some foods codes missing, but I think that it is still a great tool to help people realize that they are eating way to much food. 01-03-10
great love it and the show too. helped me alot i am glad i bought it 12-22-09
FABULOUS...LOVE IT! I purchased this scale back around the spring time and I have nothing but great things to say about it. It is so easy to use, easy to clean....and compact enough to keep in the kitchen. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone who is trying to measure the foods they are eating. Nothing but good things to say from me! 11-17-09
There are better products I returned mine, and bought an Escali Cesto: Many of the food items that reviewers are missing are available on the Escali Cesto diet scale available here at QVC.com. That scale does include the diet type foods, such as grilled chicken breast (code 430) or all kinds of different vegetables and nuts. It has more food items programmed, and they are the types of food dieters are eating. You still need to look up the codes, but I understand I have to make an effort to loose weight. 10-27-09
LOVE IT!!! I love my scale easy to use and have lost weight since using for 3 week!! My stepson is also now getting one and we are working together, would recomend the steamer also. 10-25-09
A Deeply Regretted Purchase What a waste of money! I wish I'd never bought this scale. It was a disappointment almost from the start, but I hesitated too long to send it back within the time frame. I wish I had! I'd be $50 richer and without a constant reminder of my bad choice. 10-25-09
Son w/ Type 1 Diabetes I have a 5 year old son who has had Type 1 diabetes for two years. My grandmother bought this for me, because I have to measure out his carbohydrates to program in his insulin pump and it figures out how much insulin to give him based on that, so the more accurate the carbs are, the better his blood sugars will be. This is wonderful for those things that don't come with labels and serving sizes like fresh fruits and vegetables. It's also great for telling the carbs that are in dinner breads and restaurant foods, which may not be in one of the books I carry with me. Yes, so you have to have the book handy or have a great memory, but considering the benefits to my son...it's worth it. I can carry the book around with me for that. 10-09-09