BackMagic Plus Adjustable Stretching Device

BackMagic Plus Adjustable Stretching Device
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Back in business! Help relieve back pain caused by tight muscles and excessive flexing or bending with the BackMagic Plus. Used with either the standard top or the trigger point massage top, it is designed to stretch muscles, improve posture, and increase flexibility and range of motion. It's very easy to use--simply lie on the BackMagic for five minutes a day. From LighterLiving with Marjolein.

  • Includes BackMagic Plus, standard top, and trigger point massage top
  • Lightweight, packs flat for travel
  • Rugged polymer construction
  • 5-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

BackMagic Plus Adjustable Stretching Device 4.6 5 23 23
Can't Put Together!! I bought this product because I am 66 years old and have lower back trouble but I didn't realize that you had to put it together. A person needs to kneel on this to do that., not with 66 year old knees!! 01-14-11
Lovin' this one! Great, simple concept that actually works...even travel with it. Absolutely ingenious! 10-08-10
AMAZING RELIEF This totally relieved sore, tight back muscles from being on the go; all day. I use it of a morning just out of bed; to start the day off feeling perky. Then by evening, I need to use it just to feel relaxed enough to sleep. This is so good and heavenly on the back muscles. It deserves a 10 star rating, if they had it. 09-30-10
Best little gadget I purchased this ages ago, but always put off telling you what a GREAT little device this BLACK MAGIC is. I carry in in my suitcase for every trip I take. Just 5 minutes is usually enough time to get OUTSTANDING relief for my aching back. I get more relief that going to the Dr. for an adjustment. It's so simple, and really is BACKMAGIC. 09-25-10
Working it - working it I purchased this because I am 50 years old and have lower back pain. Not real bad but mainly if I stand or walk too long. Riding long distances in a car leaves me very stiff - I then walk around like I am 105 years old. I have always felt that if I could just s-t-r-e-t-c-h really well - I would be fine so I bought this. Let me tell you, initially it was like laying on some type of torture device but I have faithfully been using it every day for about a week and half now and I do feel better. It is still torture but not anything like it was. Each time gets a little easier. Afterwards my back feels so much better - each time I lay on it my back pops and it feels so good. I believe that if I continue to use this that I will eventually regain some of the flexibility that I have been missing and I believe that will help alleviate much of my lower back pain. 09-04-10
SEEMS LIKE IT WORKS Only tried it a few times and it felt good . I know I need to make it a regular routine and plan to do so. I do have a slight problem though, the rubber knobs on the bottom fall off. Guess the glue wasn't strong enough. I hope once I get into a routine and I do this on a regular basis, I will really feel the results! Looking forward to that since I have a VERY bad back and hip problem. 09-01-10
Great product !! I've had this for two days and I love it so far ! After I use it, my posture is much better and I stand straighter. 08-26-10
Great Feeling on the Back....LOVE! I got this device not knowing what to expect. I had seen it on QVC many times and never ordered it but when I saw it on clearance, I knew I had to get it and at least give it a try. So glad I did!!! The very first time I used it, I fell in love with it. It feels so good on my back. Laying on it in such an awkward position really does make the back feel better. I never would of guessed lying there like I did, on this thing that curves up my spine, would feel so good. I could have layed on it all evening. I layed on it and closed my eyes and actually could have fallen asleep it felt so comfortable on the back. I have terrible back pain due to a curved spine and arthritis and for ME, this is wonderful. I plan to use it everyday for relaxation purposes and after I workout to stretch out the spine. I highly recommend this device. At least, give it a try. LOVE! 08-25-10
Most helpful!! I was a skeptic when I ordered this product, but like others, I've seen real results using it. I am actually using level 3 daily now and wow - what a great feeling. I breathe better while laying on it and I can lay on it comfortably now for long periods (when I first got it, I was on level 1 only comfortably - now level 3 feels heavenly!) I can't believe the improvement in my middle back pain. I work out 5 days a week, 1 hour a day aerobically, but nothing could calm this middle back pain, that is until I got to level 3 on this device. So good in fact, I'm seriously considering ordering everyone I know one for Christmas. Thanks for a terrific gismo that actually works and is reasonably priced! It's nice feeling pain free FINALLY! 08-22-10
Very helpful This product helped me a lot. I use it once a day and love the results. 08-20-10
Definitely Helps! Just got this, and I'm ordering another one so my husband and I can each have one! I've tried it a few times, and it makes my back feel much better. I haven't tried the trigger point top yet, but I will! 08-19-10
I'm a believer I ordered this mainly for my husband, but I stood up one day and could barely walk. I laid on the Back Magic and felt so much better. I have actually fallen asleep while laying on it. It is well worth a try. 08-10-10