Amcor 2-Speed Air Purifier with Washable Filter

Amcor 2-Speed Air Purifier with Washable Filter
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At home or in the office, Amcor's air purifier and ionizer with fragrance kit freshens the room by removing odors, dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, fibers, and fumes. In the bedroom, its quiet, two-speed operation keeps you comfortable without keeping you awake. Give your cleaner air a little scent with the included sample fragrance cartridge, which easily twists into the unit's underside. To clean, just remove the one-piece grill from the filter cassette, wash with warm water, and replace. No replacement filter needed.

Measures 10-1/2''L x 8-1/4''W x 5-3/4''H.

While air cleaners may reduce particles and allergens in the air, allergic symptoms are caused by a variety of sources. Therefore, this product is not meant to treat or mitigate any medical condition. Please consult your physician.

UL listed. 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

Made in China.
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H118003 - Amcor 2-Speed Air Purifier with Washable Filter 4.4 5 20 20
So far soooo!!!!!! good I really like this so far. I have it in my bathroom. Just which QVC would also sell the scented cartridges. 09-23-08
Love this little work horse! We have used these since they first came out and love them! We put it in our bedroom and it runs 24/7 for years without any problems. We pop out the filter when it needs cleaning, wash it and get it back up and running when it is dry. It is the perfect "white noise" for the bedroom and my Husband panics at the thought of not having one. We replace ours every few years which is not bad considering it only gets shut off to be cleaned! We will continue to buy them as long as they make them. Thanks for having them QVC! 08-16-08
Don't let the low price fool you! I received my Amcor Purifier last week. The air seemed a little cleaner, fresher, but I didn't notice a big difference. Yesterday I forgot to turn it on. When I walked in the door, I immediately noticed a "stale" odor in my kitchen. Not using it for one day, made me realize that it really does a great job! I just ordered a second one for my bedroom. Don't let the low price fool you! I returned the over $100 model that I had purchased at my local Big Box store. Why pay that much, when a small, compact model will do the job, at a much lower price? LOVE IT! 08-12-08
WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!!! i just got my amcor this week and im so happy. i just moved from a two bedroom townhouse to a 1 bedroom. I used the spare bedroom in the townhouse with the window open for my cat room in which i have two indoor cats. Now i have to place the cat box in my laundry room and it has no windows. So to keep my place fresh smelling i purchased this product after reading all the reviews. it wasnt even a day and i noticed a difference. I havent had to spray any sparys to hide the smells, and today i had my air on and came home to a very clean fresh smelling place. I have gone to work today telling everyone of this product and how happy i am of it, now everyone wants one too. Just wish they werent sold out of the black one would of gone better in the living room. I put one in the laundry room were the cat box is, and the other in the living room, yes i bought two with that price couldnt pass it up. So if your looking to buy a product but arent sure, try this out, it worked for me, now i know i can bring friends home from work and not have to worry about litter box smells again.... 07-25-08
Works great! I bought two of the Amcor units about a month ago. I have a little boy who was coughing frequently due to allergies. I am happy to say that my son is coughing a lot less than before. Our air in the house smells cleaner. On the weekends when I dust, I notice that the volume of dust in the two large rooms with the air cleaners has been greatly reduced. Thank you Amcor and QVC for a great product at a great price! 07-16-08
Very Pleased! We recently finished our basement and moved the cat's litter box downstairs. Since it's a basement there is little ventilation and the smell of the litter box was overbearing. I put the purifier down there and within a day I could tell a difference. I am now able to sit down there and not be overtaken by the smell. It's very easy to clean and does its job! 03-09-08
Quiet operation This unit may be a bit overpriced; however, it is effective and operates quietly (not silently). I like the reusable, washable filter. I don't recommend using the optional scent cartridge if you have allergies. 01-18-08
not worth it i have been using this in my home office for almost a month and i have not noticed any difference. 01-17-08
Quiet but doesn't quite do the job... This Amcor would probably be a good choice for an office, but for your typical house with pets and dust I cannot recommend it. We do NOT smoke, so I wasn't expecting miracles, but we do have an old (unused) musty smelling chimney. When I put my noisy Hunter air purifer (same size as this) in the living room, we have zero odor, zero sneezing, zero itchy eyes, but when I tried this (albeit very quiet) Amcor in there, it doesn't do the job. I smell mustiness when I come in the house and have a sneezing fit. So back in went the noisy Hunter. The Amcor I'm using in a spare bedroom that stays closed up, no pets in there, very little dust etc. Works fine for that purpose. 11-15-07
Good service/good value I have had this air purifier for about 9 months and it is great. It's economical because you can rinse out the filter instead of purchasing replacements. I like the high speed "white noise" sound and I use it in my bedroom. I would recommend this product and plan to buy more for my house. 11-10-07
I'm Satisfied! I recently purchased (2) Amcor Air Purifiers and other then the motor vibration I am completely satisfied with this product. Being that my husband and I are both smokers and we do have 2 cats in the house, we were needing something to get that "stink" out of the air...I was pleasantly surprised on how much of a difference these made within a couple of days. 11-06-07
Hey, Ben Levy! We Need MORE AMCOR! WOW! I bought the very 1st Amcor Ben had & it was $69! They've come down as technology gets better & now it's as tho Amcors are scarce! I have 2 of the Gray Units which are great as my Hubby & I both have allergies. I HAD a Black 1, but it died. It's running on Low 24/7 &, when I stop to clean it out, it's scary what we WOULD have breathed in! Even our spoiled rotten Chocolate Lab can tell the dif! It also thins out that line of dust you see when the sun shines thru in the Morning. I know: "individual results will vary", but they WORK! I also like that quiet white noise hum. GET NEW AMCORS, BEN!!! 10-14-07