Ageless eau de toilette 3.4 oz.

Ageless eau de toilette 3.4 oz.
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Age is only a number. This Ageless perfume is designed to give the perception of youth with a sophisticated and energizing take on childhood memories. The fragrance is infused with a blend of tropical notes, leafy greens, and vanilla for a youthful, lighthearted aroma no matter your age.

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A87952 - Ageless eau de toilette, 3.4 oz. 3.6 5 23 23
Really Surprised I was really surprised at how unappealing and cloying Ageless eau de toilette spray is! For the price and the hype I expected a better made, sophisticated fragrance. The predominant notes that lingered were melon, pinneapple and an undefineable metallic-like green note. I made myself try this scent for 3 days and found I had to even wash all my beddings because of the smell of this scent. It's that strong and cloying! As far as a youthful smell.....this isn't it. Every twenty years or so, there's an idea of what youth smells like. Frankly I don't want to smell like I did when I was a teenager and back then we wore very strong, heady scents. I doubt the science behind this product, that woman's natural skin somehow smells offensive as she grows older. That's nonsense. If you keep yourself reasonably clean and use proper hygiene, then you should have no problems. This is headed back for a return and refund. 10-12-09
Fabulous Perfume without a wang!! Ageless is fabulous!! I have been looking for a pure perfume that did not have a wang, a chemical overtone, or a chemical finish; Ageless is it!! Ageless has a pure, stress relieving, comforting, mood uplifting, and refreshing scent. I do not like most perfumes because of their overwhelming, dusky, or cloying aromas with a wangy, chemical overtone, or chemical finish. I tried several of the Marilyn Miglin perfumes, and found the same issues. I went through the Ulta perfume section, I did not find anything more than I had already tried, and they all had the above flaws. I have Inis, and it is good, but it changes through the day with my body chemistry in an unflattering way. The Tova perfumes do not appeal to me, they are for the baby boomers…. The Philosophy and Clean scents are too much like soap for me. Perfume should be an embellishment of your scent, NOT a confirmation of cleanliness. I do not like the smell of most soap and the Italian Bath and Body scents have a Dial Soap overtone, so they do not work either. Ageless is fabulous, subtle, and refreshing without being soapy. The only thing missing are the items to create the complete body/shower experience. A travel size, shower gel, and body soufflé would be amazing and uplifting. Thank you for this product!! 08-16-09
LOVE!!! Thought this was a rather expensive treat - but well worth it. Of all the perfumes I have, this one by far get the most compliments! My dental hygenist even called me at home to ask me where to get it!!! Someone with me on an elevator told me I smelled really good - and he has good taste :) 04-30-09
Not Worth The Money I found the scent to be nice,but not nice enough for the price. 01-10-09
Teenage Fruity Bath Shop-Like Fragrance I found this to smell very similar to many inexpensive fruity fragrances commonly sold by several of the chain bath shops. Right after I sprayed it on, my 16 year old daughter did say that I smelled refreshing and that it made her want to drink lemonade. I, however, found it bubble-gum fruity. It didn't even last an hour on me. No one else commented. I can do a lot better for less money. I can say that the bottle had a nice feel to it. 01-07-09
So-So OK, I love fragrances and all types. This one is just ok. I've worn it for 3 days now thinking my review would change. You know you have a great fragrance or at least one you enjoy when all you want to do is smell your wrist. I wanted to have that "wow, I just love how this smells" with this, but just didn't. It's not real strong or offensive but it does last. I don't smell the vanilla at all in the drydown. Seems to stay "fruity". Nobody has said anything to me. My husband even says it's just ok. It's certainly not worth $98! Sorry QVC, this one's going back. I may have given it 3 stars if it were half the price. 01-04-09
not special at all I heard the science and thought it could work, but there was no change observed by anyone, even after I mentioned what it was supposed to do. I've read other people's good reports, but on me, the perfume smelled less fruity and more heavy, almost musky. On the plus side, it didn't seem to "stay" long on me, so it wasn't overpowering beyond the initial 10-15 minutes. I had hoped 12-30-08
divine Love this; not sure I really expected to like it as much as I do....everyone wants to know what I am wearing that smells so delicious. It is fresh, clean and invigorating. Perfect with casual jeans and office garb. I just feel like life is enchanting when I spritz after morning shower; fragrance lingers all day. 12-17-08
Great idea (I guess)... I guess this was a good idea, but I've been wearing this for almost one month and not a soul has said a thing to me different - which kind of was the point, to have a smell of being 'younger' noticibly enough for your significant other, co-workers, potential lovers, ANYONE to make a comment!? I am blessed to look much younger than my 46 years, but I thought I'd get SOMETHING from someone (anyone!) when wearing this. The smell is OK, fruity, grapefruit is a primary top note, as they mentioned during the sales pitch. Not worth a $100.00 12-15-08
Age is a state of mind Well...what can I say? It is a fragrance ! Just like many other fragrances out in the market. It all boils down to personal preference. In my opinion it does smell fresh. It is a little heavy on the jasmine when I first spray it...BUT later on the scent softens up and smells better throughout in the day..AND the citrusy grapefruit notes come out smelling warm and not too "girly". Overall this is a good fragrance....not something to write home about...but a good daily, clean scent. 12-13-08
Great Scent! When I first heard of Ageless Fantasy, I had to try it and let me tell you that it lived up to my expectations. I love the smell and gotten numerous compliments on it. I've been looking for the right scent for a long time and tried many but when I used Ageless Fantasy I feel I finally found the scent for me. 12-10-08
Not light or fresh This didn't have the kind of scent I expected from the description. I found it very fruity/musky and couldn't wait to wash it off. It's going back. 12-08-08