AeroPilates Premier with FreeForm Cardio Rebounder & 2 Workout DVDs

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Transform a spare room--or spare corner--into a personal Pilates studio with the Premier Pilates Performer. Allowing for both strength and aerobic training, it performs dozens of low-impact exercises that help you tone and sculpt your entire body. The four-corded machine provides the resistance you need to help build lean muscle, while the free-form Cardio Rebounder acts like a horizontal trampoline for a unique sweat session. From AeroPilates.

As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Take a realistic approach: If you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results.

  • Includes Premier Performer, Cardio Rebounder, foot bar, level one workout DVD, cardio workout DVD, and full-color exercise wall chart
  • Four cords for tension adjustments
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Assembly required
  • Run times are approximate: level one DVD 48 minutes; cardio workout DVD 21 minutes
  • Approximate measurements: Open 86"L x 24"W x 27-3/4"H; Closed 45-3/4"L x 24"W x 9"H
  • 3-year frame Limited Manufacturer's Warranty; 90-day parts Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

About Marjolein

Marjolein Brugman

Marjolein began her Pilates training in New Mexico in 1995 and has since then traveled all over the world to broaden her understanding of body mechanics.

Her dedication to the understanding of postural health and whole body fitness plus her vast teacher training makes her an outstanding spokesperson for the Pilates Method.

She was instrumental in producing the first educational advertising about Pilates back in 1997 and has spent the last eleven years demonstrating and educating communities worldwide via workshops and television. Together with Stamina® Products, Inc. she continues to develop affordable Pilates equipment and training videos for home use.

The recent launch of her AeroPilates® Basic Reformer Specialty training through SCW Fitness Education has been received with great enthusiasm by personal trainers, fitness instructors, club owners, and other fitness professionals nationwide.

Marjolein is an innovator in the world of fitness and health and believes that total wellness requires the complete integration of a strong mind, body and spirit. She lives a wholesome life incorporating alternative medicines; eats an organic, natural diet and de-stresses regularly via meditation, massage and rest. With the launch of LighterLiving.com, she has broadened her focus to incorporate the mind, body and spirit with Pilates and as an exceptionally gifted teacher, she shares these special insights with an ever-growing membership that finds her outlook on life to be highly motivational and life affirming. Her goal is to assist in the creation of an independent, well informed and functionally fit world.

“It is a shameful thing to grow old in neglect, without having realized the utmost strength and beauty your body is capable of”. —Socrates

Information supplied by Marjolein Brugman



So often, people worry that they are not performing the Pilates exercises correctly at home when they watch my DVDs or videos. I want to alleviate all concerns regarding this sensitive issue.

Just as most people work out at the gym alone without a personal trainer, I am making it possible for you to work out alone at home. All my instructional DVDs and videos have been developed so you can work along in real time. I emphasize the correct muscles, the correct breathing and the correct set-up without being confusing and intimidating.

As your personal at home trainer, I am, however, aware that there are simple and yet profound subtleties in each exercise that will make an ordinary exercise become deeply extraordinary. In this following article I will attempt to explain those small but remarkable intricacies and will be excited to hear from you here after.

The Warm-up Footwork

The Reason

This series is just as it says—a warm up and therefore is one of the most important sections of your workout. It is designed to warm up the major muscles of your body, especially those in the legs, readying your body for more intense strength and flexibility training.

The warm-up cleverly strengthens the knees so is wonderful for those with weak, dodgy knees. It subtly teaches your core to initiate movement and makes you able to isolate your lower body as move, while keeping your upper body and your core stable and still. If you only have a few minutes in the day do not forget to do your warm-up footwork.

The Goal

The goal in this series of movements is to teach your body how to move correctly, when it is vertical. Because you are lying down the machine is able to simulate a vertical squat BUT without your vertical imbalances. The shoulder pads level your crooked shoulders and the footbar levels your non-symmetrical legs. The platform supports almost your entire weight allowing your neck, shoulders, chest and back to relax. The moving platform forces your core to contract and after a few reps your whole body begins to realize a new, more balanced and better positioned movement. When you stand up and resume your normal vertical position, your body will use the correct muscles, relax the ones it should not be using and realign all your bones so they can once again assume symmetry and balance.

The Mistake

The most important mistake is that you imprint your spine into the platform because the abdominal muscles are weak. In doing so you are reducing the natural curvature of the lumbar spine. This is actually not terrible when you are lying down but since we are trying to teach you how to move when standing, it is important to be able to maintain a neutral spine, with a solid lumbar curve, when lying. That way, when you get up and begin to move around, the spine and the abdominals will know what to do.

The Solution

As you begin to push away from the foot bar and straighten your legs, feel the connection between your shoulder blades and your pelvis (which is touching the platform at the base of your spine). You want to know that there is a little space between your back and the platform, right under your lower back…just enough to slide your hand underneath. More accurately it is the shape of your lower back, midpoint between a pelvic tilt and a pelvic arch. With your back in this position throughout, try to complete the entire warm-up series.

Secondarily, keep heels together and high in the air in the V position, your feet wrapped up and over the bar in the Arches position, toes towards your head in the Heels position, knees over the heels in all positions, knees together using the inner thighs and zip up the space between the legs.

Information supplied by Marjolein Brugman and Stamina® Product, Inc.

As always, check with your physician before embarking on any exercise program.

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Reviews & Community QA

F05191 - AeroPilates Premier w/ Cardio Rebounder & 2 DVDs 4 5 120 120
Love this machine...but it's defective. :( I was so looking forward to using this machine to get back into shape and good health. When I received it, the cords were frayed, stretched out and loose. I had to order new cords from Stamina Products and those cords were also stretched out. The frame started to squeak loudly which is very annoying when you are concentrating on your excercises and cardio. It was so loud, I could hear it over my mp3. Then, just yesterday, my cords on my rebounder broke. After I looked at it, the cord is starting to fray all around the rebounder. I noticed that much of the machine was assembled poorly and cheaply. I've only had this machine for two months and have had nothing but problems, mostly with the cords. I'm really bummed, because I have really saw results but have decided to return the machine, it just has too many problems after having it for only two months. 05-17-12
Collecting dust I really like the idea of it. Problems: I can't handle it alone (even though that was one of its selling points), so I can't use it unless I have help setting it up (not enough room to leave it set up all the time); it takes up more 'exercising' room than I expected; the cords start out even but get out of adjustment over time, requiring lots ot "fiddling" before using. I don't have the proper set up to watch the video instructions while on the machine. Plan your space carefully before investing. 11-15-11
Fabulous Idea, but not in practice When I orderd this, I was prepared to Love it. The cords attached to the machine never matched up, so one arm was always longer then the other arm. I loved the core work out I received, (except my arms not macthing) but I did not like the videos. The woman begins video 1 with warm up and legs, in sync with what you are doing, then she moves very fast throught the arm and core excercises and you either move very fast as well or lose her. In my opinion the tape should match with what you are doing on the machine. Ultimately, it worked my stomach or core the best, but certainly this is not for weight loss, just light tonining in my opinion. We finally sent the machine back as I did not like having my arms never equal in my workout. 10-05-10
GREAT WORK OUT I have had the machine two months now, waited to give a review after giving it a true break in period. Arrived quickly and husband had it set up in 30 mins or less! We also purchased the stand and am glad we did, this makes it easy to get off and on. Husband or myself have never taken a pilates class so this was all new to us, we LOVE it! The DVD is easy to follow, a bit fast at times but after a week or so easy to keep up with. We also had trouble with the DVDs not working in our player but they do work on a laptop. Didnt want to use the laptop all the time so we called QVC and Stamina sent out new ones with in a couple weeks and they work fine. We get a great workout and combine this with treadmill everyother day and watching our diet the weight and inches are coming off but best of all we both feel great. Back aches are gone and we can keep up with the grandkids! Would tell anyone thinking of buying this to do so with no reservations. 07-21-10
First time pilates user and I'm lovin' it! I received this machine and was a bit hesitant about assembling some parts together, but i did it all by myself. Yay! It took me about 45 minutes and then I couldn't wait to try it. I got on it to just get a feel for it and absolutely loved th rebounder. Wow! That rebounder really gets you huffing and puffing and i started to break a sweat. The next day I followed the beginner's DVD at my own pace and it was a bit challenging, but i loved it because your core is always engaged. I felt the stretches in my legs, (quads, hamstrings, calves) and arms (biceps,triceps and shoulders). I was a bit on the fence paying so much for a machine, but i truly think it's a fantastic investment especially if I want to keep my body flexible and taut. You won't regret it! 07-19-10
I like it This is an easy machine to set up. Took about 30 minutes to do. Very heavy, which is a good. I used the machine a few times before I tore my rotator cup again. Will have to wait till I heal up to use the machine again. I liked it though and would recommend anyone to get it. 07-08-10
GLAD I UPGRADED!!! I purchased the Aero Pilates Performer in 2008 and upgraded to the Premier this month and very glad I did. The Performer is a good machine but the risers, wider foot bar, larger carriage and fuzzy handles, for me made all the difference. First, the machine quality is absolutely excellent. I assembled it myself in about 30 minutes. The instructions are clear and simple so don't be intimidated by completing the assembly process. Use of this machine is fabulous. My workouts are smooth and I'm finding that performing the exercises are easier using the Premier mostly because of the risers. My DVD's did not play, but customer service at Stamina sent me new ones which work. I have found that if you have a built in dvd player they don't work, but will work in a detached dvd player. The cords will be somewhat tight at first, but will loosen up. The reformer is pretty quiet, but did squeak just a bit but stopped. Hey, it's a machine for heavens sake! I look forward to my workouts and are seeing deeper results using the Aero Pilates Premier. Love the larger rebounder. I have every single DVD that Marjolein has made so I have lots of variety and mix and match my workouts. I highly recommend this excellent product! 06-27-10
A great product I purchased this reformer at the end of April. Delivery was very fast. Setup was a breeze. Took me a little longer, because I was in the middle of preparing dinner. Had to go back and forth between reformer and not letting my dinner burn. I like to multitask. Anyway, I used it the next day. It was very smooth and I didn't have any problems as stated by other reviewers. I've had back problems due to having the ball of my foot removed. Always on the side of the surgery. Its now been 2 months. My back doesn't have the pain as it did before, and my legs are much stronger. I got on my bike the other day and noticed I could spin at a much higher resistance and for longer duration. I was doing pilates on the ball, so some of the exercises were very familiar to me. I wish I would have not sat on the fence so long before I purchased this reformer. As far as the DVD's go, I've not had any problems with playing them in my DVD. I ride my road bike for 30 min. then I will do pure pilates, and then pure cardio. So, people, get off the fence and get yourself this reformer. You won't be sorry. 06-25-10
Thrilled I cannot believe the changes I'm seeing in my body after only the first week. Plus, the exercises are calming and make me feel great. I could do this every day for the rest of my life and I wish I'd have bought it ten years ago. The machine is good quality, I will someday trade up for the nicer version, but for the money I am very happy with this one. I do wish it was a bit longer, I am 5'9" and hit the top or the bottom if I extend fully. Still, it's not a big enough problem to recommend it any less. **My DVDs did not work in my DVD player either, by the way. I was able to see them on my laptop, but this is unacceptable and not what I ordered. Customer Service is sending me new ones. They ought to throw some extras in for those of us who are having this problem. 06-08-10
Very good quality Very happy with my F05191 aero pilates premier/rebounder. Also purchased the stand and the headrest. The headrest made a world of difference on my neck and shoulder. I use it 4 - 5 times a week , or more. I've been using it for about a month and can definitely see some definition. To answer anyone that has had difficulty with the dvd not working, I had the same problem, so I now play the dvd on my laptop and it works perfectly. Its actually better, because I place the laptop on a small table about 2 feet away from my pilates machine and I feel that its easier to keep up, being closer to the pilates machine and I don't have to have the pilates machine in front of my t.v. I just ordered the level 2 dvd, I like that one the best! 06-06-10
Great Purchase First and foremost, I ordered this machine May 23, 2010 and the delivery date was set for June 1, 2010. This was the fastest shipment ever!!! It was sitting in my house 4 days later, so much kudos to QVC for that. I am pretty lazy when it comes to exercise and equipment because I tend to get bored quickly and it is not fun. This machine is so fun to use. I am on this thing a couple of times a day. My son who is eight and his father get on it constantly and I am yelling at them to get off just so I can get on it. I already have definition in my arms, legs and abs!!!! The only problem that I have with my order is that none of the DVD's that came with the machine work in my DVD players, but this is so not a deal breaker for me since it does come with a exercise chart. It just looks like I have to purchase a new DVD player because the ones I do own are a little bit ancient. If anyone is sitting on the fence wondering if they should purchase this machine, I say go for it. 06-03-10

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