AeroPilates Double Power Cord Pack for Extra Resistance

AeroPilates Double Power Cord Pack for Extra Resistance
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Adding resistance to your workout provides more versatility in reaching your strength goals. Replacing one or two original cords with the Power Pak cords provides up to 40 percent more resistance. Includes simple instructions.

As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Measures approximately 38"L.

90-day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

Made in China.
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Needs these modifications! Replacement cords are ok, I've been doubling up brown/black cords for over 15 years and never really know the resistance level I'm using. Have several machines & am a personal trainer. When replacing cords, it's difficult enough to do by yourself - impossible to know when it's "right". Stamina needs to make the cords longer so you can tie a double knot easily then possibly add another. What is REALLY needed is a line on the cord to show where the knot should end. Simply going by whether or not the cord is straight isn't good enough especially for a 1/2 (yellow) cord. You should at least have an accurate starting point. BTW, always remember to turn your machine on it's side every few months or so (depending on how much you use it) and check for a "sag" in your cords. Add a knot if one sags or leave it if it was too strong for you. Also, ALWAYS REMEMBER to detach ur cords from the end of the machine & push back the sled when not in use so ur cords won't be stretched out. Pushing the sled back keeps it safe when ur Pilates remains open all the time. Can't recommend these cords without the modifications. 12-25-13
great cord i recently purchased this set of cord. i got rid of the old cord because the other cord that originally came with my pilate machine was stretched already. it's REALLY EASY to replace it. if you are strong enough to do it, it's REALLY EASY. i don't understand why it's hard. just have to make a knot after replacing it. 02-24-12
Makes the AeroPilates Experience Even Better! I needed some extra resistance to make my workout more challenging, and boy did I get it! I found replacing the cords very easy (turn the machine upside down), and I also tightened the exsisting cords as they had worked a bit loose. My machine works as good as new! 04-12-10
Installation Tip!!! I ordered these cords shortly after I got my Pilates machine because I needed more resistance on some exercises. I've been pumping iron for close to 20 years and the black bands just didn't do the trick on some of the leg work. But when I went to install the cords, boy was I in for a workout! First, I tried doing it all by myself. When that didn't work, I called my son. He wasn't much help, so I called my bodybuilder friend. We finally managed to get one of the cords on, but I was too exhausted to go for two! Anyway, I recently rearranged my exercise room and in doing so, I released all the cords on my Pilates machine and flipped it upside down (for no particularly reason). It was then that I noticed how much slack was in the cords. So I pulled the one red cord and it appeared to have some slack to tighten it. So I untied the knot and voila! I was actually able to pull up the slack and tighten the red cord all by myself! So I ran and got my other red cord that I had bought over a year ago, removed the black cord and replaced it with the red cord. I flipped the machine back upright, and got the best Pilates workout since I got the machine! If you have the same problem installing these cords, this trick might work for you too. Good luck and good workout! 3 stars due to no instructions...otherwise it would be 5. 12-31-09
Installation Tip I did not need the extra resistance but my husband did and he loves them. He doesn't have to do as many reps to get in his workout. I was having trouble tying the knots when installing so I got out our vise clamps. After threading the cord through and stretching it out, I tightened the vise on the cord so then I could tie the knot without the cord pulling back. Made the installation alot easier. 09-07-09
Better resistance These cords are perfect if you've outgrown the resistance bands that came with your machine. I bought them after I'd been using my machine for almost a year. I would have rated them a 5 but it was really hard to switch them out on the machine for me as I don't have good hand strength. It required two of us to get the stiffer cords on the machine. But they work and I use them every single day. 03-27-09
Great! These really kick up the resistance on the pilates machine. I recommend it for anyone that has outgrown the resistance that came with the machine. 06-16-08
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