AeroGarden Aeroponic Kitchen Garden Seed Kit

AeroGarden Aeroponic Kitchen Garden Seed Kit
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Grow even more delicious produce in your very own kitchen with the AeroGarden replacement kit. Each kit includes seven seeded bio-dome pods. The Cherry Tomato set includes three seeded pods and four spacers. For use with the AeroGrower, not included.

Gourmet Herb includes Italian basil, cilantro, mint, dill, oregano, chives, and purple basil. Chili Pepper includes mini jalapeno, red fire, and purple super hot. International Basil includes Thai basil, Genovese basil, globe basil, Marseille basil, Napolitano basil, lemon basil, and red rubin basil. Cherry Tomato includes red heirloom tomatoes and golden harvest tomatoes. Italian Herbs includes Genovese basil, Italian parsley, mint, savory, garlic, oregano, and thyme. French Herbs includes Marseille basil, chervil, sorrel, parsley, sage, savory, and chives. Japanese Herbs includes mitsuba, green and red shiso, skungiko, cress, and Nira chives.

Measure 1-3/4"H x 1-3/4"Diam.

2-month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

Made in China/USA.
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Reviews & Community QA

K5676 - AeroGarden Aeroponic Kitchen Garden Seed Kit 4.1 5 28 28
Like It! I bought a bunch of these seed kits and they grew just fine. Some take longer to sprout and if nothing happens just buy a fresh seed packet and drop a few seeds into the pod. The nutrients seemed to make them grow faster. If they happen to be wet, that only means there is moisture in the air and it got into the packet...you can still use the tablets. I love looking at the bright colors of the Chili Peppers, very decorative. 01-23-11
No Green Thumb for Outside Gardening I am not an outside gardener but had not problem growing herbs and veggies with the aero garden. I followed the directions. I also got confused with the timer...not a problem. I called the company. They were very helpful. They walked me through it and helped me fix the problem. I love my aero garden! My favorite are the cherry tomatoes. 10-17-10
Disappointing Bought the gourmet herb kit. Out of 7 pods only one sprouted, also received thyme instead of the cilantro listed and the nutrient tablets were wet when I received this. Will not buy again. 03-27-10
Worked great for me! I love cooking with fresh herbs but have not had any luck growing them outdoors so I thought I'd give this a try - to my surprise I quickly had lots of basil, parsley, dill and mint (the only herb that didn't do too well was the chives). Next I started the lettuce and that grew even better! I have had fresh greens all summer...more then I can use. Believe me, I do not have a green thumb - just followed the directions, it was super easy and involved almost no work on my part - so I couldn't be happier. I am about to order more seed pods and I look forward to having fresh herbs and lettuce through the winter! 08-28-08
Great herbs - bad tomatoes I have had great luck with all the herb gardens and the lettuce but the tomatoes are horrible. The are half dead and I have not had a single bud. They are too tall and keep falling over. 07-19-08
Herbs aplenty We have had our first Aero Garden for two years now and don't know what I would do without it, In fact we now have two going all the time. When we travel in our Motorhome I always have my fresh herbs. We have tried the Italian herbs, with great results, the gourmet herbs, the hot peppers and the salad lettuce. They all produced wonderfully almost so much we don't have time to use them all up in time. The Peppers were a bit dissappointing in that only one type really produced and they were hot, but we would give them a try again 06-13-08
No Tomatoes I've purchased other kits for my Aerogarden with succcess (other than the cilantro never growing like others have experienced). HOWEVER, I'm very disappointed in the tomatoes, Purchased the tomatoes in March - just gave up on them today (June 9). The leaves on the bottom & middle of the stalks ended up falling off with only a few left at the top - burning the leaves because they were right next to the lights. Never had a bud or one single tomato appear. So - I've cut them back - going to see if anything happens. Not optimistic. Messy & quite a waste of money. QVC should have an extended return/money back policy for items like this. 06-09-08
Having Fun! I received my Aero Garden as a present from my Aunt. I did what the book said but my Cilantro never grew. Called the rep and he said to give it the 6-8 wks and I did. It never grew so I took out the seed and put in my own. I was only able to get one of the 3 seeds to sprout but have a nice crop of Cilantro now. Have ordered the pods to plant my own seeds. Am going to try herbs and green beans and maybe a tomato plant. We'll see what happens! Says it comes with a 72 page book that I hope will offer ideas on putting different plants together. Rep said that watering, light and fertilizer are different for each type of plant and not recommended to mix the types but won't hurt to try. 03-12-08
Best longevity & production ever I bought the aerogarden and tomatoe/herbs last year-started on Feb10....Had herbs in March & tomatoes at the end of April and by June as they began to languish I trimmed them back and planted them outside in earth box and they rebloomed and continued to produce through October!!! I had hundreds of tomatoes during that 7 months!!!! Did the same with herbs and in October brought the Parsley, chives and basil indoors and still have hearty plants !! Can't wait to do it again!! 01-20-08
Excellent Product - love it I have purchased two Aeroponic Kitchen Gardens and have grown tomatoes, salad greens and herbs. They all did wonderfully and it is great being able to grow this in the winter time. Great Product. I plan on purchasing more. 12-16-07
Salad Greens I have grown the salad greens 2 times in a row now... with great results! I cant wait to try the other kits, and hope they come out w/ more! 11-01-07
Japanese Herb Garden I bought Japanese Herb Garden Seed Kit as I do a lot of Japanese cooking. I was very dissapointed to find out green Shiso was not as fragrant as they are if you bought them at the store (I guess the key is it's not grown in soil vs. water) and they included Cress which is not Japanese herb. The Nira (chives) were so skinny they didn't do me any good. If you want grow these herbs to looks at, they were pretty but they are not so good if you want to actually use them for cooking. Very dissapointed. 10-21-07