4 qt. Kitchen Scrap and Prepping Scoop by MarkCharles Misilli

4 qt. Kitchen Scrap and Prepping Scoop by MarkCharles Misilli
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No need to make multiple trips. This 4-quart scoop is large enough to accommodate all of your food preparation needs. The tapered edge acts as a scraper as well as a scoop, so food falls directly in for easy carrying to your fry pan or stock pot. Stems, seeds, and other scraps are easily scooped up and delivered to the trash can or compost pile. From MarkCharles Misilli.

  • Polypropylene construction
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Measures approximately 11"H x 7"W x 5-1/2"D
  • Made in China

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K33856 - 4 qt. Kitchen Scrap & Prepping Scoop by Mark Charles Misilli 4.9 5 41 41
Hate this is gone We have craft days at my house every Friday and I have bought these for all the ladies and now need more...this is good to keep your workspace always clear and wonderful in the kitchen when you are preparing food...saves so many unnecessary steps....hate that it is no longer available....qvc please bring back and let me know when you have them in again...grandchildren need them for their projects....thanks again. 05-02-12
Uses are only limited by your imagination I have used these to water plants, as a pop corn bowl, as a garbage bowl and I put trash in it to take to garbage can. I have a clean one and a dirty one so I can use one for everything. 04-07-12
So many ways to use! I got three of these. One to hold my kitchen utensils, one for scraps when cooking and one as a salt spreader over the snow. LOVE*LOVE*LOVE these. 04-01-12
USEFUL SCOOP Useful as garbage bowl when cooking & watering plant on the patio. Very useful tool. Only regret, I couldn't get the color I really wanted. 03-27-12
OH MY! There is no way pictures do the size of this scoop justice! I bought it for our 50# drum we store our dog food in. It's just awesome! One scoop fills the bowl. This is alot larger than you think! You'll love it! 03-27-12
Lots of uses for these scoops I got a little carried away and bought 4 of these, but glad I did. Work great for holding rolls of plastic trash can liners, I was able to throw out all the bulky boxes they come in. I used one outside for scooping mulch and putting it around plants. We are building an outdoor kitchen and there was sawdust all over the patio concrete, I swept it up and then used one of these to scoop it up. Worked great as a big dust pan in the shop and garage area. Also worked great scooping water out of our fountain outside so I could clean it. Tons of uses for these handy scoopers. 03-21-12
scoop they are quite bigger then i thought there were. was going to use for the cat litter, but instead i use them as a planter, for putting fake flowers in then very pretty. didnt think it would look good, but it does. Very happy with then. Please make then in a smaller size for cat food and cat litter. 03-15-12
Not just for scrap collections! Bought 2 to use as utensil container.They hold a lot. I only wish they came in a 2 quart size to use as a scoop for cat food as this a just a tad to big to get into my container. Will use them in the garden scooping out bags of potting soil and kitchen sink cleaning brushes container too! 03-06-12
Wasn't sure at first but turned out so useful!!!! I ordered FOUR of these, one in EACH color when QVC was offering ez pays on clearanced items, because of the great reviews, I decided to try this item. When I received them and saw how BIG they are (not realizing how big 4qts is.....but a gallon of milk....yeah, that's how big it is).....I was thinking, what am I going to do with these? I thought, even for prepping and scooping, this was overkill for me. BUT.......there are MANY more uses for these than that. My husband was "complaining" tonight about all the boxes of ziplocks and baggies on the bottom of our built in lazy susan and how it it is impossible to turn it without all these boxes falling and jamming the lazy susan. Well I didn't think about it at the time, but while I was emptying my dishwasher, I was rearranging a couple pans in my slide out drawer, and one of these was on that drawer. I thought, why not empty ALL those boxes, and store the baggies upright inside one of these. Well, it worked perfect! Not to mention will be more convenient to get one out. But not only did I use one but TWO of them! I had two full boxes of those twist tie baggies that had like 75 bags a box (I guess there was some type of great sale at the time.....lol). So I decided instead of cramming them in with the ziplock type, I decided to take out all the bags keeping them bundled as much as possible and stuffing them in one, and keeping the ziplocks in the others. Again, it worked great! AND I had enough clearance to stand both containers upright, and it eliminated about 8 or 9 boxes on the lazy susan so now it is able to turn completely around now. So hopefully, this will give my husband one less thing to complain over! There would be so many other uses for these as well, such as for scooping dog food, soaking wood chips for smokers, scooping out fertilizer....etc. So if you have been sitting on a fence, grab them at this great price before they are gone. They are very sturdy, so probably get more than one like I did. You won't be sorry you did. 03-04-12
Many uses....Pretty colors. Bought four of them and found uses for them all.....Used one to "shovel out" my dog food. One for utencils in the kitchen. One in the bathroom for the bathtub as someone suggested to rinse my grandchildrens hair...also can be a safe bathtub toy. Also one in the bathroom as a "catch all". Great item. 03-04-12
Oh MY Goodness--HUGE LOL I had no idea these are as HUGE as they are----I LOVE them, I am glad I got two. I for some reason didn't see 4 QUART. These have come in so handy in my kitchen as I clean my veggies. I only make ONE trip to the trash to get rid of scraps. I am really happy I got these. I put wash clothes in one that I have in my guest bathroom. When we make our next trip in our motor-home I will take it in there. Guess I better get one more!!!! I think you will like these if you get one. Pretty colors, and very useful for many many things. 03-03-12
CAR TRASH CAN??? I love this product. The uses for this are endless. I loved the suggestion about a scrap bowl (since she does not have a garbage disposal). This is a portable trash can. I carry it around the kitchen dumping napkins, small cans, plastic etc. as I go without countless trips to the trash can. I line mine with a brown lunch bag, then all I have to do is lift the bag and throw it away. This should keep it from ending up in the dishwasher over and over. I am not overly fond of the neon type colors, but I am using blue in the kitchen, yellow in my bathroom and green on my night stand. I will keep one (I've bought about 7 now) for the bathtub area. I think this would even be useful in the CAR. I agree with a previous review that the shipping charges for each one EQUALS the cost of the scoop...not good..but what can you do? 03-03-12