Don Aslett's AstroTurf 24" x 32" Litter Box Mat

Don Aslett's AstroTurf 24" x 32" Litter Box Mat
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Save time cleaning up after your cats with this AstroTurf litter box mat. It's soft and comfortable and cleans their paws as it hides and holds the litter. Just use the handles to shake dirt loose and rinse clean with a hose.

Measures approximately 24" x 32".


Made in USA.
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V22344 - Don Aslett's AstroTurf 24" x 32" Litter Box Mat 3.8 5 16 16
Cute but... I have two of these mats. The only reason why I wouldn't recommend these is because the two paw cutouts in the mat counter the functionality of the mat. Litter falls into the holes thereby defeating the purpose of the mat. The idea is cute but I would suggest buying Don Aslett's other mats which is what I did. 06-03-08
Works great! I've had this litter mat for 3 years now. I'm even more greatful since I moved and the litter box lives on tile in the bathroom under the open vanity. Nothing worse than hard litter between tile and bare feet. 06-01-08
Works Great My kitty wasn't sure if she was going to like stepping on this mat, so before using it by her litter box I put it in the living room. I put treats in the middle so she HAD to walk on it, we played with her fishing pole and her laser toy on it. It's not a big deal now that I moved it to her box. Sure helps with the tracking of litter. 05-07-08
Does Not Hold Up In Outdoor Usage I have dogs and purchased 2 of these since they come in and out of the house through a dog door. I loved the design (PAWS) but the dogs did not like the feel of the mat at first but it didn't take long. I placed one in the garage and one outside the patio door on the covered deck. The mat in the garage is still going strong after 2 years but the deck mat is down to stubbles. I have since purchased a few replacements and will now put one inside the house by the dog door and hope this will work. 05-04-08
A designer mat for ME Hello my name is Banditt and my nice Mom got this for me when 1st came to the Q. Mom sat my litter box right on it,so I can dig and no mess. I don't track litter anymore and my feet stay clean. "MMM" And with clean feet I can sit or lounge anywhere. Oh yeah and Mom says clean up is a breeze ,just shake it off and she's done and that makes more time for me. *Carolyn Gracie ,I ask Mom to send u a pic of me. Since I know u love cute critters. I am very handsome if I do say so ;}} Thanks Q Banditt in Indiana 03-21-08
Great Mat I purchased this mat over a year ago for my cat. I tried many of the store bought mats but they never seemed to work. Since I have all of Don's matts at all my doors both inside and out I decided to give this mat a try. Does this ever do the trick. My cat never had a problem stepping on it. I simply put it underneath her letter box. She has one of those closed litter boxes and it fits over the entire litter box. It is plenty big and now I have no more litter tracks. I shake it out everytime I clean the litter box. You won't believe how much litter it retains. Best part is it's not being tracked all over my floors. I love this mat and highly reccoment it. Another great product from Don Aslett. Thanks QVC! 02-14-08
Really cuts down on tracked litter I agree with the one reviewer - you have to train your cats to not be leary of walking on the mat. I fed mine on it for a week and put their toys on it the second week. Once they walked on it with ease I used it by the litter box. No problems at all. It works great and I have so much less tracked litter in the house. 09-02-07
My Cat's Won't Walk on this Mat Unfortunately this mat is useless for my cats because they won't step on it. I do use it to wipe MY feet off when coming upstairs from the basement to prevent tracking kitty litter upstairs to the main level of my home. One of the other reviewers mentioned they were able to train their cats to eventually step on the mat but I have not had any luck and I have tried the same methods in addition to some other methods. If you have trainable cats this mat would work well, however, if your cats are typically not easily trained I would not recommend this mat. 09-02-07
Great Product I was just reading the reviews for this product and had to put in my two cents worth. I think this litter mat is wonderful. It cuts down on at least 75% of the tracking. For those of you whose cats won't step on it - here's what I did since mine wouldn't walk on it in the beginning either. I put an old thin towel on the top of the mat so they were still getting the feel of the mat but it wasn't so prickly. I gradually made the towel smaller and smaller until I removed it completely and we've not had a problem since. It took about 2 weeks but It's really worth the effort. 08-04-07
One of the best purchases ever I bought two of these mats for my daughter as she has two cats and two litter boxes. Boy did they ever do the trick. They catch most of the excess litter that used to go all over the floor and are easy as pie to clean up. Now I have a little kitty and I am ordering a third one for myself. Way to go QVC! 07-23-07
love this mat Bought this mat a year or so ago, and it does catch most of the litter. My cat does not mind it. I helps keep the litter mess under control, especially with a cat who plays in his litter. 07-17-07
Can't do the job I purchased this product to have less litter tracking, my cats wouldn't even walk on it! now it sits under the litterbox and catches some over kick. I would say it is a waste of money if buying to prevent litter tracking. 07-09-07