"It Works!" Multi-Stain Remover 4-Piece Kit

"It Works!" Multi-Stain Remover 4-Piece Kit
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They don't call this stain remover "It Works!" for nothing. The paste nimbly removes pesky spatters, smudges, splotches, and spots from fabric, upholstery, carpet, leather, vinyl, and more. Simply apply with a dampened cloth and work into the stain.

  • Includes two 3.38 oz tubes of stain remover and two yellow sponge applicators
  • Read safety warnings on product label before using
  • Sponge measures 3-1/2"L x 2-1/2"W x 2"H
  • Made in Germany

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Reviews & Community QA

V27160 - "It Works!" Multi-Stain Remover 4pc Kit 2.8 5 54 54
Use it daily This is the best spot remover for carpet stains. My wool carpet is 25 years old and I have pet stains almost daily amd it removes them easily with no light spots remaining. I am back for more. 03-29-11
it works ---it really really works I bought this when it came out because I have several stains on things and thought it was just another product that would not work boy was I shock and amazed it took the stain right out you got to rub a little bit that all. all I know is this product sure does work for me.I have used this on several stains through out my house even my husband overalls with grease and it takes it out. 11-08-10
It works on carpet I read a lot of the reviews about this product not working, and I haven't tried it on clothing. But, what I will say is that this does indeed work on carpets. I just came home to buffalo wing sauce (dog got into the garbage!) all over my living room carpet and a white throw rug under the coffee table. I was mortified, but remembered I had this tube of It Works. I diluted some of the paste in a cup or so of water and used a little nylon bristle brush. It completely removed all of the stains on both types of carpet and I hardly had to scrub. Try this on new and old carpet stains, it has taken out black grease from my husbands shoes too. 10-26-10
Buyer Beware After removining several stubborn stains off all kinds of fabric and color of my husbands shirts I tried to remove an unknown stain from another of his shirts, I bleached completely white a spot appx 2 inches in diameter on his dark purple shirt. This started to turn before I put in the wash and continued to turn white after putting in the wash. Now I am afraid to use it on anything but white. Colorfast test on an inner hem first so you do not ruin a 40dollar shirt. Beware using on COLORS please!!!!!!!!!! 09-14-10
PLEASANTLY SURPRISED I bought this product to take out a stain in a Marc Bower top. The top had a dye stain from another top I washed with it. It Really Worked! Yes it smells, like perm solution. At first it does make the stain larger, then after scrubbing some more it removes it. YEAH!! Just that one job was worth the purchase. 09-04-10
It Doesn't Work...It Stinks!!!! My husband accidentally put a pen in his dress shirt pocket without the cap on. He came home with a (smaller than a dime sized) ink stain. I used about 1/3 a tube on that stain, scrubed and scrubed, and it not only didn't remove it, it enlarged the stain as the ink bled. I've had it too long or it would definately go back!!!!! 08-31-10
Smells Aweful The smell of this product will make you leave not only the room you are using it in but the ENTIRE house. Yea...IT Works...But It Stinks! 08-23-10
Disappointed This is the worse stain remover I have ever used...even after using the product as recommended and repeating the process.... it didn't get a chocolate stain out of my new white pants. The odor is obnoxious.....very disappointing....a waste of money! 08-14-10
IT DOES WORK!! I used this on a pair of white cotton slacks that had 2-year old rust stains from my washer. I got a great deal on a pair of slacks and was so mad when I left them in my washer overnight, and then discovered they were covered in rust stains. I tried everything to get the rust out, even plenty of bleach in my wash. Nothing worked. I held on to the pants because I loved them and hoped someday something would get the rust out. So, when I heard this product removed carpet stains and rust, etc. I thought sure it does - I'll prove it doesn't work. I ordered it and when it came I pulled out the white slacks and went to work. I followed the instructions and activiated with lemon juice for rust and I'll be darned if it didn't get every last rust spot out of those pants!! I was absolutely shocked!! Yes, it smells awful but I am so happy to have my slacks back that I don't care. I washed the slacks after removing the stains and there is no lingering odor. I lent it to my sister who got a washed-in mustard stain out of her husband's shirt (compliments of the summer baseball season). FANTASTIC!! 08-11-10
"Wished It Worked"! Plain and simple...despite following the directions...it does NOT work! Unfortunately, as mentioned by many others, you may not need to use it until after 30 days and then it's too late to return! 08-06-10
Do not buy it Doesn't work I purchased this product and for the first time have to say it DOESN'T WORK!!!. I bought because a few years earlier purchased IT WORKS White eraser pad they were really good and did what they said they would do. So I took a chance and bought two sets of this IT WORKS for the laundry product... The problem besides the awful smell was I applied the "It Works" laundry cream to a spot on a favorite Denim and Co sweater and immediately put in the wash when I pulled out the sweater had a white bleached spot on a lovely Lilac colored sweater.... I STRONGLY recommend if you buy this product…. Please, please color test first as the directions do say... I thought I was safe by applying cream then throwing in the washer and wasn’t!!! Plus the orignal spot of coffee was still there on my now white spotted Lilac sweater..... For the first time in 20+ years buying products from QVC I'm very unhappy with this product..... 08-05-10
It Smells Awful and It Doesn't Work I bought It Works a few months ago, and didn't get around to using it until today. Big mistake, as I can't return the product. I spilled large cup of coffee on my offwhite carpet. I quickly grabbed towels to soak up as much coffee as possible, then carefully read the It Works instructions for carpet before applying it. Not only is there still a coffee stain after using the product, the smell of the product is just awful. Now I can't get the smell out of my carpet. 07-26-10